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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Allergy

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Allergy Questions & Answers

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We have a dyson cinetic big ball allergy ... the power head has just stopped working. We have dismantled and reassembled the head and there are no blockages and there are no blockages in the machine. It still has good suction, just the power brush is not working. Any ideas?
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Hey, Make sure it's not tangled with hair or anything like that (cotton etc)Hi Mumof4boys. Thanks, we have done that too with no success.Hi Robert, I am sorry to hear about this. We would kindly ask you to email auaskdyson@dyson.com with your details and our Dyson Experts will be more than happy to help in getting this resolved. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you. Best wishes, Shan

I have a Dyson 214891-01 Cinetic Big Ball Allergy Barrel Vacuum and recently bought a Dyson 920018 Swivel Hard Floor Attachment, but it does not fit my vacuum! This is despite it being advertised as "fits all models except DC01, DC21 Motorhead, DC23 Motorhead and cordless models". Is there an adapter to make it fit?
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Hi Rain, Thank you for your query. In the box included with your Cinetic Big Ball machine at time of purchase, there is an adaptor included to allow use of accessories purchased at store. You can see it in use here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGAgc2Cw6wg If we can assist further, please just reach out via auaskdyson@dyson.com and we will be more than happy to help. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

I have just brought this today, great suction lasted about 10 minutes, it already doesnt suck very well! Emptied it and checked for blockages (definatly not, because i only vacuumed a small area). This is so disappointing! Does anyone have advice?
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I would take straight back to your retailer for an exchange.Hi Catherine, Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry to hear about this, understanding you have checked for blockages, we would encourage you to double check just in case. You can find our blockage checkpoints here: https://www.dyson.com.au/support/cy23_new/dyson-cinetic-big-ball-allergy/my-machine-is-not-working/checking-for-blockages-step-by-step-guide-dmft/removing-blockages-from-the-turbine-head If this doesn't solve the problem, please give our Dyson Experts a call on 1800 239 766 with your machine handy and we will be happy to help. Our team are available Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm and Saturday - Sunday 8:30 am - 4 pm AEDST. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

What am I doing wrong? I have bought a Allergy Cinetic barrel vacuum and it is fantastic on the carpet upstairs but it pushes all the dirt around on my tiles and makes vacuuming so much more time consuming then it should be.. is there something that I am doing wrong??
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Hi Meika, Thank you for your query. Any debris too big to fit under the turbine head of your Cinetic Big Ball Allergy may be pushed along. If you have a large area of tiles, I would recommend considering purchasing the Swivel Hard Floor Tool. This part is designed specifically for cleaning hard floors and can be purchased by calling our helpline on 1800 239 766 with your machine handy. Our Dyson Experts are available Monday - Friday 8 am - 8 pm and Saturday - Sunday 8:30 am - 4 pm EST. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/DysonThank you very much for your quick response. Looks like I'll need to invest in a new head for it to save us going crazyHi Meika, This happens to my turbine head as well. It doesn't seem to perform all that well with anything other than dust or hair and at times will even leave those behind as well!

Has anyone had any luck returning their BigBall Cinetic to Dyson for a refund?
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NO No need to return my great DYSON product and have had this BigBall Vacuum cleaner since October 2016- it is used by myself and the lady who spends Wednesday of each week assisting me in any manner, shape or form. This grand lady gives my home that really big vacumm for the week and it is sometimes not really necessary to vacuum each week. This depends on how much garden THE BOSS (the cat) brings in from the garden as he is. Beautiful long haired cat and even though he sits on a bathmat I spread over the front garden bed he can at times find that extra to bring in. I have had absolutely no problems with DYSON in this regard and stand by my review.That's great to hear. However it's the worst vacuum I've ever owned and I also stand by my review.

Can i use the fluffy vacuum head of the v6 and v8 on my cinetic big ball allergy?
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Hi Ely, Thank you for your message. Apologies for any disappointment, however the Soft Roller Cleaner Head won't physically fit the Cinetic Big Ball Allergy machine as it requires an electrical connection the Cinetic Big Ball machines don't support. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

Hi everyone, I have been tossing up whether to buy a Dyson for a while now. More specifically the cinetic allergy version. After reading the reviews, it seems the earlier versions were better and the new Dyson is more prone to faults. Can anyone recommend a good vacuum for pet hair? I don't want to spend $800-$900 on a new vac if it is going to break in a few weeks or months even. I'm looking for a reliable machine that will stand the test of time.
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The last great Dyson is actually the DC29. User replaceable pre filter and post motor filter (HEPA). both filters can be ordered online from Dyson or eBay or Aliexpress (China). The newer ones like the DC37C onwards hides the HEPA filter in the ball, and takes a lot of patience and special tools to open it up. And the ones without filters like the DC54 is also an asswipe, because the cyclones are not effective at keeping dust and dirt out from the motor clogging up the hidden HEPA filter suffocating the motor and hence motor burnouts. In the end if u want a Dyson the DC29 is the one to buy. Although instruction manuals doesn't tell u how to get to the HEPA filter, many Youtube videos will happily show u how and its easy to replace too.I have a husky who sheds hair everywhere in the house, I recently purchased a Bosch animal vac & it is the best vac I have ever used, pics up everything!! I can highly recommend it.No stay away, the design of the new models is terrible and I am trying to get a refund. You spend more time with a straw trying to clear blockages in the housing than you do actually vacuuming

Hi. I have owned a Dyson for 15 years. I bought a new one yesterday as it finally blew up! I am reading quite a few posts of people being given a discount for owning an obsolete model. Is this applicable to me in any way as the retailer I purchased my Dyson from recognises any discounts for a period of 30 days. No harm in asking.... thanks!
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Hi there, Thank you for posting your question to Product Review. The upgrade offer is only redeemable for customer's who choose to upgrade their retired machine through Dyson directly, as we cannot reimburse/ refund purchases from a third party. We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause. Don't forget to register your new Dyson on the link below or by contacting our helpline on 1800 239 766. Our helpline is open Monday to Friday 8am - 6pm and over the weekend from 8:30am - 4pm. Kind regards, Taryn Facebook.com/Dyson

Hi Dyson, It seems like all the reviews of your Cinetic Big Ball seem to central upon the faulty design of the weak emptying bin cover which accidentally open too easily. Please advise and if a solution has been found. Is the small ball upright a better option?
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I haven't had any trouble with emptying the bin.Hi Djapa0, Thanks for reaching out with your question on Product Review. The issue you have described is not a design fault and is perhaps an isolated issue. The Cinetic Big Ball and Small Ball are also two completely different designs, the Big Ball being a barrel design and Small Ball being an upright design. The Small Ball is also compact and light weight in design, meaning that the bin capacity and motor size are smaller in design than that of a full size upright machine and for this reason we are unable to compare the two. If you would like to discuss this together further please don't hesitate to email us at aucustomercare@dyson.com for more information. Best wishes, Taryn Facebook.com/DysonI don't believe this is an isolated issue. I have seen reference to it multiple times (in fact I counted 9 reviews on this site which mention it) and I have the same issue myself. The catch is flimsy and poorly placed. As soon as you empty the bin, dirt particles become lodged in the rubber seal and make it tricky to close and latch properly. I would definitely say its a design fault; I even took mine back to the store to discuss with the Dyson rep (and the Electrolux rep as it happened) and they both had to agree that it was not the most intelligent design

Is the new Carbon fiber turbine head compatible to Dyson DC 54? Who knows model number of Carbon fiber turbine head of Dyson Cinetic Big Ball? I want to buy new Carbon fiber turbine head and use it on Dyson DC 54. Thanks.
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Hi Baikal, Thanks for your question. The Turbine head that comes included in the box of the Cinetic Big Ball range is virtually the same Carbon Fibre Turbine Head as that which comes with the DC54 range, except for the connection. For this reason, the new Turbine head will not connect onto the DC54. We apologise for any disappoint this may cause. Best wishes, Taryn Facebook.com/Dyson

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