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I have my Dyson mounted in my garage. For the last few days the blue light has been off and the solid yellow light is displayed, and it has not charge. Could this be due to the temperature in the garage?
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Hi Sharon, Thank you for your query. Dyson machines are designed to be charged in temperatures between 3°C and 30°C. If outside this range, the machine may not function or charge as expected. In your particular circumstance, it sounds like the battery is either too hot or too cold and, as a safety precaution, it won't charge until it is within the recommended temperatures. I hope this helps, however if we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Once fully charged, can it stay plugged in?
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Yes. However need to unplug it to turn the machine on.Hi Kenny, Thank you for your query. Your Dyson V7 Animal has smart electronics within the machine, battery and charger to ensure the machine won't overcharge. We recommend you leave the machine on charge when not in use, this will ensure it is always ready for your next cleaning session. The electronics in the machine will ensure the battery charges to 100%, but not over. Because of these electronics, it is also perfectly okay to do quick "top-up" charges without the need to exhaust the battery each time before charging. I hope this helps, however if we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Our dyson V7 animal is cutting in and out. Could this be a faulty trigger or something else?
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Hi Geoff, Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear your machine is cutting in and out. If your machine is making a surging or pulsing sound this sound indicates a restriction in airflow through the machine. We would encourage checking the machine's airways as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpxRl17N03E Should you find the issue persists, please contact our helpline on 1800 239 766 with your machine handy. Our helpline is open Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and on the weekend 8.30am-4pm. Alternatively you can email your details through to auaskdyson@dyson.com and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to assist. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

With the battery time being so little and having a big house. Can i actually buy any extra battery and use it with the original battery.?
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Hi Magda, Thank you for your query. The battery on the Dyson V7 machine is screwed to the main body, and while it can be removed in the event it needs to be replaced, we don't recommend routinely swapping the batteries out. That being said, this machine will provide a 20-30 minute run time on the high power mode (and 6 minutes on MAX), and charges in just 3.5 hours so the machine can be used multiple times a day. I hope this helps, however if we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Our boat house varies in temperature from about 40 to 85 degrees. Is it safe to plug in a V7 with the temp. variations AND if we are not there for possilby 2 months, can the device be left on the charger?
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Hi Mary, Thank you for your query. We suggest that Dyson cord-free machines are charged between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius. Outside this, the machine won't perform as expected. Should the machine not be used for an extended period of time, we would encourage removing it from the charger, and placing back on the charger when you return. I hope this helps, however if we can assist further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Hi there just brought a dyson animal v7 whats the best way to charge the machine do i need to dicharge fulky then recharge?
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We fully charge any new gadget - but you’ll find there’s a bit juice in the battery to operate it. Recommend fully charging it first - doesn’t take long. Then after each use we normally re-charge if we’ve done about 20 to 30 mins of vacuuming. Hope this helps?Hi Joe, Thank you for your question. Because charging stops when the battery is full, we recommend to reconnect the machine to the charger when you are finished vacuuming as this ensures you have a full run time available when you need to vacuum again. However if you prefer to discharge fully before recharging instead, this should also not have any negative effect on the battery. If you have any further questions or if you need assistance please email us at auaskdyson@dyson.com and we will be happy to help. Best wishes, Mira

Hi We got a dyson v7 vacuum very recently. Why does the charging last only 9-12 minutes?Is it something faulty or is it supposed to do so?? Please let me know ASAP.
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Hi there, it sounds like you're using the Turbo function. This is super powerful, so uses up the battery quicker. You should get 20-30 mins (from memory) if using the regular power - the button should be flicked to the left as you look down on the handheld bit. I only use the turbo for the patches of carpet where my dog has been lounging; the regular power does a great job for most areas.Hi Rada, Thank you for your question. If using the machine on MAX mode you will be experiencing a reduced runtime. If this is not the case and you are only getting 9-12 minutes from the machine on normal mode please send through an email to us at auaskdyson@dyson.com with your details and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to assist. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

Hi I have just purchased the V7 and charged it overnight. I can only get it to work for about 4 minutes then it cuts out. There is a flashing blue light.. Any ideas?
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The brush bar is not spinning. Given really good clean but still not spinning. Any ideas?
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Hmm. I'm not sure. My partner removes it from time to time to clean it if lots of pet hair and my hair gets stuck and doesn't it spin.Call DysonHi Dorieone, Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about this. As there could be a number of possible reasons why this might have occurred we would encourage you to contact our team so we can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving this issue. Please email our Dyson experts at auaskdyson@dyson.com including your contact details, the machine's serial number and a description of the issue and we will be more than happy to help. Best wishes, Mira www.facebook.com/dyson

Purchased a dyson v7 from currys-after first charge (over night) lasted 6 mins on normal suction--tried again next day-lasted 14 mins again on normal suction --should i take it back to currys?
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Hi Jimmna, Thank you for reaching out. A Dyson V7 will provide a run time of 6 minutes on Max, or 20-30 minutes on the powerful suction mode. In the event you aren't seeing these runtimes, please give our team a call on 0800 298 0298 and we will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/DysonAlmost the same happened to me.. Is it faulty or something?? Please let me know what you decided about it.

how is device charged
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Hi Brian, Thank you for your question and your interest in our technology. The Dyson V7 Animal will come with a charger you can plug into a standard power point. You can plug the charger straight into the back of the machine or use the docking station that comes with the machine to wall mount it. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

I have a v7 total clean and I want to charge it in my porch but the plug socket is too close to the floor and the charger plug won’t fit in. Would it be possible to use an extension lead and plug the charger into it or would it not be safe? Thank you.
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Hi Dia tu, as far as I know if your extension lead is in perfect working order (not damaged at all) it will definitely be safe to plug in the charger and as long as it's out of the weather, on your porch.Hi Dia tu, Thank you for your query. Our recommendation is to plug the machine directly into the wall socket whenever possible, and to charge the machine inside. If we can assist further, please email askdyson@dyson.com.au and our Experts will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

Vacuum is about 2 months old and started sparking from the battery and user gets shock from handle. Any idea on cause of this? Purchased at Costco, so will likely return there than deal with support from Dyson.
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I didn't experience this. But i do remember reading the manual book that it said not to use it to vacuum anything wet.Hi Steve, Please email askdyson@dyson.com.au with your details and our Dyson Experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Best wishes, Shan Facebook.com/Dyson

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