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8th Gen (2009-2015) and 7th Gen (2003-2008)
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Is it normal to have carbon build up on the exhaust? Honda Accord euro 2011?
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Hi just want to find out what is the amperidge that runs through the starter wire under steering wheel
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Why hasn't Honda Australia contacted me in regards to rebuilding my engine and fixed the intermittent failure of the electrical systems that result in loss of instruments, air conditioning and power steering?
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Hi, my multi info display (trip computer) is not working. The backing lights do, but no lcd letters/numbers. Any ideas?
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How many ltr Honda accord 2005
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All Accord Euro are 2.4L. But if you are talking about Accord, then it varies: - 30th Anniversary 2.4L - V6 3.0L - V6 Luxury 3.0L - VTi 2.4L

Oil leaking from front engine mount. Please help.
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Hi there, My Accord Euro (2005 Auto) has started making a thudding sound as I slowly accelerate (then decelerate). It only happens when I'm driving out of first gear and when I decelerate (still in first gear). To note, it was hit pretty badly on the back right side (hit and run) 3 weeks ago and the noise started after that. Any idea?
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2008 Euro with no screen- just black. Radio and heat/ cool still work. Honda service gave a quote for 5,000$ for a new screen. Any ideas? Also have a pink / red car now. That paint colour was not a good one!
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OMG, five grand for a screen?! May be it is more than just the screen but climate control, disc player and all. If you are referring to the colour screen hence sat nav model then may be they are charging you the whole sat nav system. I would explore getting a harness and mount and replace it with generic infotainment system if that’s possible. Then you have the latest tech and know exactly what you are getting. Factor in installation cost of course.

Anyone have any idea about radio code for honda accord euro 2012? after replaced battery.thanks
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It is set by dealer and is sticker that came with manual. If you lose that, you will have to go to a dealer to get it or get it reset. If I find out how to reset myself, I will let you know.Try this https://radio-navicode.honda.com/ and https://www.rensselaerhonda.com/how-to-retrieve-your-honda-radio-code/

I'm looking at a 2005 honda it's done 260xxx ks what prices are good and anything I need to watch for need sum advice please?
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how's the fuel consumption in honda accord euro luxury sedan 2010???
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Mine say 7.8L/100 on computer. Got from Melbourne to Adelaide in a tank of fuel 60$ to fill up 98 octane a year ago. Mine is a 6 speed manual 2012 standard model.It requires only 98 octane right?It requires minimum 95 octane only but I fills mine up 98 from bp every time. It does not do anything (increase power, increase fuel eco ect.), Just make me feel good so....

mine is a 2010 Accord Euro with 101000km ...on warm days (over 28C) there's a clunk when braking and accelerating in traffic. Got it checked and the mechanic said the steering column u-joint needs to be replaced... My service is coming up so i tried to schedule the repair and service from the dealer i purchased and the guy over there said the entire rack might need to be replaced (he didn't examine the car) cos only the u-joint cannot be replaced. 1. is this true? 2. how much for the u-joint only? 3. how much for the steering rack?
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take it to your honda dealer service dept , and ask them to give a quote to fix this problem , they will get there service tech to check over and take it for a test drive to find the problem , from my experience with the honda cars over the last twenty years as a parts manager for a honda dealership , clunking noises when braking and accelerating are to with engine mounts , suspension and maybe rack mounting bushes ,

Hi. I am going to buy used Honda accord 2009 euro auto luxury with 200,000 kms. Is there any issues in gear transmission of thus vehicle afte 200,000 kms??? Thanks
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Hi, not so sure about that.Hi I would not get one with those kms You can field plenty in the market now with low kms around 80-100k around $10khonda automatic gearboxs over the last six years to ten years have had no major issues in any of there model range here in australia , but you have to remember nothing lasts forever , but saying that , if i had to buy a car with that many klms on it , i would all ways by a japanese model car , more than likely a honda , parts are dear but they last

Honda accord euro 2004 ,2.4 wont rev more than 4000 revs. pls help
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Probably wire from acceleration pedal loose incide cabin. Happened to me once, but i my case car did not rev at all.honda euro have fly by wire accelerator , the pedal is a electric type , if this the problem , the pedal has to be replaced , this is starting to be an issue on high milage honda euro take it to your honda dealer to check it out

Excessive Engine oil consumption!! 1 Litre / 1000kms I recently bought a second hand Honda accord euro 2008 (8th gen), 130,000 kms. Having some issues with engine oil consumption. I have monitored and found out it consumes 1 Litre per 1000 kms. Just wondering if anyone has this issue? Is it considered excessive? and what should I do? because engine oil synthetic is not cheap at all. Thanks
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the canberra dealer told me they put in a different oil when servicing , so as to cut down consumption , still a honda oilI am not a mechanic but 1 litre per 1000 km is a lot.. I would suggest, that you ask the dealer what the deal is, as I don't think that is normal.Thanks for replying. Updates (different views): 1. My Honda dealer (Service manager) said its within the range as per manual (which says up to 1 L/1000kms). 2. Called another Honda dealer - said this was excessive oil consumption - advised to change and flush my current oil (5w30) to 10w30. 3. Friend mechanic said need to check/change the PVC valve 4. My current mechanic said just add oil! Will defo change mechanic for next service

My 2008 Honda Accord Euro hardly used just reach 40000km, now all 4 door central lock all dead, tried many way still can not revived it, I got a quote it going cost about $350 to fix each door. Does anyone have/knew other alternative cheaper way to fix this problem ?????
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Buy door lock actuators from eBay(genuine actuators are very expensive and tend to wear off quickly) and you can install those either by Honda service centre or third party mechanic or better....yourself. Honda service centre will charge you one hour labour cost for a door which is around $160/hour

Seeking some advice... I'm about to purchase a 2003 accord Euro with 180 000 on the clock. Is there any issues I should be aware of since it has so many klm's ? Everything should be fine if service has been kept up etc, just being wary.
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No major dramas, these are well made and very reliable... 4 things to check imho 1)Make sure service history is up to date and you should be laughing. 2)There has been an airbag recall, check VIN with your local dealer to confirm it has been done or get it booked in. 3) As with any car of this age/kms some things start to wear out and need replacing... Budget for an alternator and Ac compressor replacement soon if not been done already. These are the most common parts to give up on this model! 4) The early models are notorious for door lock actuators sticking/failing - especially front passenger side. Easy to replace though ;)

Have had the euro luxury since new in may 09 , reverse camera/navigation intermittently doesn't work , has had a flat battery a few times, then recharged, have ejected the disc in the boot & reinstalled & works again,but wil occasionally not work , but next time reverse is selected is ok, is there some type of reset operation ?
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Sorry I don't have the navi model.

Recently got a 2008 Honda Accord Euro from a Honda dealer, done around 103,000 km. The fuel consumption is really high even drive in frugal style. For day to day drive the fuel consumption average at 12.5 L/100km, in city it can go beyond 14 L/100km. I have driven more than 15 different cars before and this is the highest I have even seen on a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. Have been reading other owners' fuel consumption average at around 8-10 L/100km. What could be wrong with mine?
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I have never experienced that level of consumption.(31,000km now) I am a reasonably frugal driver and I use 98 Octane, but I cannot recall ever getting into double digits. I get around low 7's to high 9's depending on the type of trips; so that is in line with what you read in the manual. I even got into 6's on a run to Brisbane up the interstate. I would get it checked out. You also might ask if it is running stock tyres/rims and if not what impact would might have.That is high. I've done 93000kms. I do drive mine hard, using paddles to keep revs up etc. I get about 10.4L/100km. A little better when I take it easy - low 9L/100km. I do keen an eye on my tyre pressure though. I got amazing life out of my Michelin tyres - about 87000kms.That is very high consumption if you do drive it in a conservative manner . I use 98 octane usually shell, I drive from Goldcoast to Sydney on one tank of fuel. There is something wrong buy the sounds of it weather it's CPU or another thing . Good luck with your investigating

I did a registration search on a 2010 accord Euro manual I'm looking at buying from a Mazda dealership in sydney and it has had 3 private owners not including the car yard as an owner and it's only done 64000km. The vin is JHMCU2580BC201579. I contacted the servicing dealer but they wouldn't let me know if there are issues with the car, is there any way I can find out more?
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Hey shamus79 Ask them for the service history it should have been serviced every 6 months regardless of the kms. Don't buy without service history. Too many owners for my liking. Good luck.Yeah the yard selling it told me the services it had, which was every 6000-8000km which was fine but there was 20000 between the last 2. I rang Honda Australia and they had all services listed but no km readings (all at the same dealer) they also said there was no record of warranty work which is good but doesn't explain the 3 owners in 60000km. Just concerned about the talk of the odd Euro with excessive oil consumption. I have a local mechanic in the area going to have a look on my behalf so he may tell me what owner details are in the service book and I will contact them. The car yard said they can't tell me but I can have a look at the book and do what I want, bit hard being over 1000km away though.

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