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Is the 2L petrol engine powerful enough for family life? Realistically we don't do 4 + luggage road trips very often, and don't tow trailers very often either. How do you find the power of the 2 litre petrol engine for everyday driving? I've previously owned a 1999 Volvo V70 wagon with 2.5L 5 cylinder engine and that was *adequate* at best, but I'm aware that modern 4 cylinder engines are much smoother and powerful than engines from the 90s/noughties.
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The engine is suitable for everday life.Handles city and country driving with ease. Quite quick off the mark at stop lights if that's your thing.

What do you do when your car key battery is flat. Can I change myself or do I need to come into a Service Centre?
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Should be able to change it yourself, if not take it to where you bought it. If it's not a Hyundai dealer just go into one because they would know the most about them ✌Just did it myself a couple of says ago. There are a number of youtube videos on it. But is really straight forward. I was quoted $60 by the dealer where I bought my car. $10 to do it myself. The codes didn't reset (I don't think do unless you leave it without battery for a long period of time). Hope that helps.

Hi guys, could you please tell me from your first-hand experience, what's the fuel consumption like on turbo-diesel version of this wagon? It has got an advertised of 6 litres "on paper" but I'd like to know how this is affected when 7 people are in the vehicle with the air condition working at maximum on steaming Queensland roads. Anyone please?
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There are a lot of variables there. I averaged 5.8 on a long trip with 4 people and luggage. However, my average consumption purely around town was 7.6 ltrs per 100km. The i40 premium diesel wagon has a 1.7ltr engine and has seating for 5, not 7.Wow thanks for your answer! Didn't realise turbo diesel doesn't come with 7 seats.. Appreciate the heads up! I am struggling to find a fuel efficient 7 seater, doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon lol.

What other WAGONS did you test drive before buying the i40 wagon? I'm doing initial research for second hand options to replace our ageing Magna wagon, and so far the Ford Mondeo is just ahead of the i40. Can you convince me to buy an i40 rather than a Mondeo? I'll test drive them all before making a decision, but have largely discounted the Mazda6 (servicing costs and road noise?), VW Passat (reliability concerns) and Subaru anything (I'd love one but they hold their value too well!). Thanks for any feedback.
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Hi If the new model Mondeo had been out we would have bought it instead of the i40. Only thing in favour of the hyundai is build quality, had an i30 and i40 so far and no issues. Ford build quality is a bit patchy based on my previous experience with a new XR6. Apart from that the new mondeo is a great car, got a mate with one and he raves over it. Old model Mondeo has awful road noise on rough chip, OK car otherwise though. CheersI never tested the wagon only the i40 Premium petrol sedan. This has been a fairly reliable car with the main features being a. fully specced technologically...although maps are out of date b. terrific 5 year warranty which has been adhered to by my dealer...sometimes questioning but no real issues. I would consider resale value as well when looking at both cars. Here is a good comparison of wagons for you: http://www.drive.com.au/what-car-should-i-buy/what-car-should-i-buy-20120320-1vh5m.html Here is a good discussion on new versions of both cars you are considering...although not wagons http://www.caradvice.com.au/351043/hyundai-sonata-premium-v-ford-mondeo-titanium-comparison-review/ It seems as if you could find a Subaru at the right price you would go for that...maybe hang out for that. Good luck.

Hi just wondering if anyone has had issues with wheel alignments on there 140 premier wagan?
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I remember reading about the i40 pulling to one side in various blogs BUT my i40 sedan has had no wheel alignment issues in my 3 years of ownership.Thanks my has had 3 wheel alignments in the last 3 mths & been at Hyundai service centre for the last week still with no answer :-(

Has anyone had issues with brakes needing replacing on the i40 wagon? Mine apparently need to be done at less than 24,000 kms. I have read a lot about this online. I think I will go for after market brake pads and discs as the Hyundai ones seem to be designed to last for a very short period of time and cost $470 just for parts for the front. We are conservative drivers and the pads were still at 40% at the front when we bought the car. Do my pads need replacing when they still have 25% left? Wondering if anyone has experience with aftermarket brake pads and discs?
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Hi JaneH, Yes I had the same issue. I have a 2013 140 wagon which I bought new. my break pads and rotors were replaced around the 40,000k mark which I questioned at the time. I was advised by the dealer that the Hyundai metal used for the rotors is quite soft. The replacement rotors is and aftermarket product. Other than that the car has been fantastic. I have a diesel model and can get 1200 - 1300 km's on the open road.Thanks for the info. I ended up going for after market brakes which were harder material,and still going well.

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