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Kmart Oscillating Fan Heater

Kmart Oscillating Fan Heater Questions & Answers

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Bron L.
Bron L.asked

I wonder if anyone has a cost estimate re running costs?

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Does this fan have the option to stop the oscillating and just stay still and blow in one constant direction?

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Nicole Lim
Nicole Lim

Yup you can do that, there's a switch at the back of the fan

Yangjing R.
Yangjing R.asked

It’s been two months it was doing great since this week it only throws cool air.. what to do ?

1 answer

try checking with manual.. maybe something wrong. Still not working? take it back to Kmart, you can get a working one or refund.

Vien T.
Vien T.asked

As one reviewer mentioned my oscillating fan also makes a ricketing/metallic rattling noise, is this normal?

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Nihila A.
Nihila A.asked

Does this heater automatically stop when it heat up then work when the room temperature is cool again as it is working continuously non stop

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It stays on continuously until you turn it off!


Yes it has a thermostat that stops the heater when set temperature is reached and as the room gets cool again it starts back up, constantly cycling on and off.


The heater is no longer heating but the fans still working. What to do?

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Take it back to Kmart for replacement or refund. If you have no receipt they will replace or give store credit.


Why does it have a picture of a fan on it? can you use it as a fan as well does it cost the same as using the heater?

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Is this heater efficient?? How many watts does it use?

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Which part of the fan heater makes noise? Is it noisier than a pedestal fan?

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Mike M
Mike M

Thanks for your questions. I thought long are hard about the answers, and here they are:
1./ unfortunately, the fan makes most of the noise (the heater is silent and the oscillating is pretty quiet -- just makes a little click when changing direction)
2./ I don't know the brand "a", nor have I compared their "pedestal fan"
I do hope this is helpful.


What about energy consumtion ?

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Mike M
Mike M

It's between 1800W & 2000W (2kW). This must be the estimated maximum range for different conditions. It can't mean the maximum energy consumption is 2kW and the minimum is only 1.8kW (fan only, no heat or oscillation, is only 0.2kW less... no way).

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