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why won't my Anko Bluetooth headset connect to my MacBook air please answer

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Graham B.

Graham B.asked

Stupid Anko Headphones, Pair fine with Phone and samsung tablet, wont connect to PC as says requires a PIN, No such feature. :)

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to Graham B the pin number is usually 0000



why can i hear music even though i have none playing and all apps closed

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Adel A.

Adel A.asked

I lost the pin number for the anko palm device, how do i connect it

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i just bought some bluetooth headphones from kmart just received them through courier today.
i have done everything that the instruction manual said to do but only the right ear piece is pairing to my phone the left earpiece just keeps flashing and then turns off.
help i spent a fair amount of money on these then i would usually thinking that they would be great.

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Beta Q.
Beta Q.

thats what is happening to mine except its the left piece turns off

Dayna S.

Dayna S.asked

Do the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connect to an iPad?

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Long J.

Long J.asked

Why is my $19 anko headphones not connecting properly to my Chromebook?

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Sharon R.

Sharon R.asked

Can I replace the battery? I am having issues with the headset not connecting to Spotify for me. I have charged the headset overnight and I’m still having issues

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Cut your losses, throw them in the bin and get a pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones from Target which I have found to be very good, the k mart ones are rubbish.



I've had a anko headphones for a while and they've always worked perfectly, but for some reason they no longer play my music? I know it's not an issue with the sound, because it beeps and has the voice that tells me that it's paired to my phone, but when I play my music I hear nothing. I've tried turning my phones sound up but it's up all the way, I've also tried to turn the headphones sound up but that doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Sharon R.
Sharon R.

I have the same issue. Can we change the battery?



my Anko bluetooth keyboard won't start up at all. there are no lights on. I have it connected to power


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My ANKO headphones KM42806943 connected with my phone easily but won’t connect with my iPad. Does anyone know how to fix this please.

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Rachel D.

Rachel D.asked

My anko gaming headset mic isn't working I can hear fine but can't chat ?

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Anko bluetooth earphones have a constant beeping sound. They are charged and we have reconnected several times. Some advice on how to stop this would be greatly appreciated

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How do you connect Bluetooth mouse to iPad
I need pun

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Tony C.

Tony C.asked

Hello, my bluetooth headphones dont fit my ears and I had to cut open the packet before I found out that out. Will Kmart accept me returning them for different headphones?

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My anko bluetooth earbuds were working fine up until last night where one of the us just stopped working is there anyway to fix this

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Terry K.

Terry K.asked

I hAVE A anko bigdisplay alarm clock my question is does it run on battery alone as I m going overseas and it might not work on their voltage

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Nita L

Nita Lasked

My Anko headphones from Kmart worked for one night and then the next morning they wouldn't connect to Bluetooth through any device. Any way I can fix them?

1 answer

Take them back get a refund then go to Target and get a pair of JBL Bluetooth headphones for $69 they work perfectly.

Waleed N.

Waleed N.asked

My anko headphones' power button seems to be broken is there any way to fix it?

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Throw them in the garbage and get the $69 ones from Target.

Alicia M.

Alicia M.asked

In the instructions for pairing the keyboard manual it says to press fn + 1 and 3s. What does that mean please

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