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I want to replace the engine in my 1.6L 1999 KN Lxi Ford Laser (Mazda 323) with a 1.6L 2001 KQ Lxi Ford Laser. Both 4 door sedans with 5 speed manual transmission. My brother is coming down to swap the motors over, but hasn't done a fuel injected motor before. What does he need to know when replacing the motor on a fuel injected car, in comparison to a motor that doesn't have fuel injection? He has replaced many motors that weren't fuel injected.
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You would need to speak to a mechanic in order to have this question answered.

Battery light on any common causes?
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Does my 2002 Mazda 323-82c Protege need to have the airbags replaced?
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1999 astina auto hback starts fine in the morning and runs smoothly, no problems. When engine heats up car cut off while driving and hard to restart. After few minutes later, it starts fine again like no problems. persistent pattern. Replaced had fuel injectors cleaned out, spark plugs. air filter, fuel pump complete, vacuum set complete, maybe the computer too (mechanic said)and the crank sensor. The crank senor was replaced and it run ok for a while and then the same problem happened again. Can some help me? mechanic do all the above. Crank sensor suggested by auto electrician.
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sounds like not enough fuel getting through fuel line for engine to operate.have you replaced fuel filter?the symptoms you describe could be caused by a partially blocked fuel filterYes, replaced complete fuel assembly. When replaced, car was not running smooth, auto electrician rechecked and found #1 fuel injector pin bended in connector. straighten connector and all good sound in engine. Engine cuts off while driving if for more than 45 minutes. Auto electrician suggested crank sensor. Replaced crank sensor but no change. hard to start when it stops. If you wait for about 15 mins and try again it will start with any problem and run smoothly again.Hi I have the same car and same issue And my mechanic done everything but don’t know the problem

Hey guys mines a 2003 protege.. I lose power cars still running but flat stick ahes got nuthing then randomly she will kick back into full power. New plugs and 2 new leads, new air filter, new intank fuel filter and im atarting to run out of solutions...can anyone help please!!!
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I'm guessing it's an automatic? If so, have the transmission inspected by an auto transmission specialist. I had a car that would randomly get stuck in 3rd gear because a wire was faulty - in 3rd gear at low speeds it's like there's no power at all, you can have your pedal on the floor and it will crawl. The transmission guy attached a scanner to the engine that told him the problem very quickly and it was a quick fix. That's my only suggestion unfortunately!Cheers mate. Shes a manual. Im thinking maybe sum type of sensorI was losing power when accelerating particularly accelerating in 1st and 2nd gear, tried everything until..... The cause was a leaking Air Cleaner Intake Hose, which the rubber has cracked. A quick test is to use duck tape to seal the hose, then zoom zoom....

I need to replace the battery in my Mazda 323 2002, just wondering if the battery can be replaced as normally or do we have to set the computer system in the car? I also own a Ford Territory 2005 and had to go to several places to have the car computer system reset due to replacement of the car battery.
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Good thing with older cars is that there is no computer reset bull..。 The only issuebyou may have is the radio asking for unlock code which you can get from Mazda for free by giving VIN. Try type 68 battery from Century instead of 55D as it has more capacity.

My front and rear windscreen wanders have stopped working, although wipers still work and switch seems fine. It's not a blockage because motors do not attempt to run. I assume fuse but cannot find a diagram to tell me which fuse, what amps, what kind, and how to find it. Can anyone help? I have a 1999 Mazda 323 Astina BJ HBK 1.6l hatchback.
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Get a test light and check every one for power! If they're all good then find the motor at the bottom of the bottle, check the connector and pins for security and corrosion, if they're all good then check power at the connector. If your light illuminates on one wire and not the other you have an open circuit motor, sometime caused by burning it out because of a blockage!Thank you.

Inductors are not flashing, how to repair?
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check fusesAs in they just illuminate steady? Sounds like the indicator relay needs to be replaced

How many kilometers on average mazda 323 astina hatchback runs after appearing-- 1. yellow light of fuel level indicator? 2. red light of fuel level indicator?
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Mine runs 350-400km local and 550 km highway. Sounds Like you need a fuel container if the 55l fuel tank isn't enough for your needs.

Has anyone with a Mazda 323 protege 2003 had any gear box problems?
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If you are having gearbox problems perhaps you could try taking the car to a Mazda Australia workshop or a transmission specialist

Does the late 2001 early 2002 mazda 323 protege shades have front and back airbag sensors and accelerometer? My wife was in a car accident and the airbags didn't deploy.
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Not sure though it depends how fast someone is going / really they should have deployed especially if it was over 25 kilometres an hour / perhaps you should try taking the car to a Mazda Australia workshop to have them look at the car or if the car was totalled you could even try taking Mazda Australia to court if the air bags didn't deploy if they were supposed toTechnically airbags have a lifespan of 10 years then are supposed to be renewed, so no manufacturer will guarantee an airbag will deploy reliably in an old model.You'll be surprised to know that cars are prepped for crash tests and their airbags always deploy. In real life, airbags often fail to deploy because the sensors and there's only a handful of them, didn't get hit, or the central airbag module didn't get punctured by the ball bearing. Even then, many drivers suffer broken ribs from the seat belts... Best thing is to wear a helmet and race harness. And don't believe the 5 star bull... and the apparently non racist Chinese car bashers. A 3 star Great Wall will come off better than a 5 star Suzuki Alto in almost any imaginable accident.

I am looking at a 2002 Mazda Shades Protege. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if they only have a drivers side airbag or a passenger airbag as too. I'm getting different answers when searching on the internet. Thanks
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I can't tell you for sure, but I assume some do have it, depends on the variant. Mine (a 1999 year model Protege) did have both driver passenger airbags, so I assume a later model would have them as well.

Hi Everyone, reading more and liking the mazda astinas my question is do they all come with cruise control and if not tell me the ones that dont. Have a great day
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Hi Bry Bryan, my Mazda Astina 1998 hardtop sedan model does not have cruise control , still love it.

Where is the location of the fuel filter on 1.8 litre 2002 BJ Mazda Astina?
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Hi Rob, check out out this site it will give u more info. how to change and find fuel filter on mazda bj 323 astina ... www.astinagt.com/.../showthread.php?t... From a chick to a guy Gluck:)Under the back seat I think

Daughers 1999 Mazda Astina 323 has intermittent starting problems. Starter working, power to the system., yet will not start. Any sugestions?
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Hi crispy, I haven't had this issue. However I have had stop switch problems twice.good luck

what is the going price for a 2001 protege with 80,000 klm on the clock and rwc?
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you're probably looking around 2000,3000 nothing more.It's better you check on carsales.com.au but I would guess somewhere around 7.000 AUD

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