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Hi there, I am very pale with a cool undertone. Could you please let me know which is your lightest cool toned shade? I can't figure out if it's the Light or the Fair. Thanks so much.
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I have the nude serum oil and can't remember what it was for and how to use.. can any one help please
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Does your Liquid Mineral Foundation contain sunscreen ?
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Hi Ally, The Liquid Mineral Foundation does not contain any SPF. We believe sun care is incredibly important, and as a general rule would always recommend the use of a facial sunscreen as part of a daily skincare routine. Please find products in our range that do contain SPF. - Sheer Glow BB Cream (SPF 8) - Natural Mineral Cover (SPF 15) Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.Thank you , your help is much appreciated. Cheers Ally

Hello! I did not see a skincare section on your Australian website. Do you not sell the serum and oil anymore? Regards Jo
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Hi Jo, Our skincare range, including the Miracle Serum and Nude Oil has unfortunately been discontinued now and will not be available to purchase any more. At this time, we have no plans to release any replacement products.If we can assist you further, please contact our Customer Care team via customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.I have extremely dry skin and most makeup looks flaky on my skin. I liked your products as much for the skin care products such as the cleansing face wash and scrub as much as your foundation and lip glosses. I was not able to keep up with changes as I was overseas but always had someone pick up your products for me if I knew they were flying to Oz. I don’t understand the narrowing down to just makeup products. I might need to switch coz at this rate, you guys might just disappear, leaving clients like me high and dry.

Is the packaging of the concealer and the foundation made of recyclable material???
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Nude by Nature’s product packaging includes cardboard, plastics and glass which are all recyclable materials. With plastics, most councils are now moving away from the plastic symbols as a way of identification. They are now advising that all rigid plastics can go in your kerbside recycling bin (just no polystyrene foam or soft plastics like bags). Plastic that is “rigid” holds its shape when crumpled, and/or would hold liquid. Just keep the lids separate and put both in the kerbside recycling bin.Some local council recycling programs can vary, so if in doubt we recommend contacting them directly for further information. Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.The foundation I have is made out of glass..

What type of packaging does it come on?
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Hi Simone, Nude by Nature’s product packaging includes cardboard, plastics and glass which are all recyclable materials. If we can assist you with anything else, please contact our Customer Care team via customercare@nudebynature.com.au Thanks, Team Nude by Nature.

I brought the package with everything in it years ago and started using it, but with all our moving it all stayed packed in boxes till recently. will the products still be ok to use? more asking about the cleanser, makeup remover etc
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Hi Aroha, its Caz here. In answer to your question, it should be all good as everything's sealed. If it was me I'd give it a go. I wish you heaps of good luck from Caz. I love this productHi Aroha, if the products have never been used and stored in cool, dry conditions, it should be ok for you to use. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend for you to do a patch test first. Thank you, Team Nude by Nature.

When using the Nude Miracle Serum do you then moisturise or is the serum used instead? I really have no idea about skincare :/
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Hi Nikki, the Miracle Serum is great to use underneath your moisturiser to provide extra hydration to the skin. If you have oily skin and prefer a light lotion, you can use the serum on it's own. Thank you, Team Nude by Nature.

does the nude by nature foundation contain sunscreen?
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There is nothing on the packaging to suggest the product contains any sunscreen. The product I use is Mineral cover, which is a loose powder. I usually put my moisturiser which contains sunscreen as a base before applying my mineral cover. If I need better protection from the sun, I use sunscreen under the Mineral cover. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

What expiry time do the products have
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I happen to still have all products and original packaging. There is no expiry date on any. Where should I be looking for it? Mascara potentially has something which could pass for a date. I bought all products at full price at the same time, and started using within one week from date of purchase.

What's happened with the bb cream..I have always used it and now the packaging has changed..smaller..and more expensive..I am not happy you could be losing a loyal customer here..
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I agree Sanlee! This is my experience also. Smaller quantity, different formula and more watery. Smells different too.I hope it still the same formula as I've been using the bb foundation for years. Anyone know what is the new equivalent to the old "medium" colours? ThanksDecided to try and bought my rosacea out ..won't be buying this Again..now looking for a new BB cream.

Hi, I have been using the Miracle serum & the Rolll-on eye gel for years, they are the best products I have used. They very hydrating & i love how they makes my skin feel. I'm so disappointed that you have taken them off the market, will you bring them back? Thanks Catena
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Hi Noots, although these products are not stocked in all retailers, we still have these items available directly from our website www.nudebynature.com.au. Simply look at the SKINCARE section and you'll be able to find the Miracle Serum and Bright Eyes Roll-on Eye Gel.Thank you for letting me know.

I'm an asian girl, yellow skin. Do the medium or light (foundation) suit me ?
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As an Asian myself, with light to medium skin, I can say that the 5-in-1 BB cream in the Light shade did not work for me.Hi Beatrice, we've just launched some new shades in our Natural Mineral Cover foundation. If you have asian skin, you would be considered to have a 'warm undertone' which is slightly golden. The two shades that are suitable for warm undertones are Light and Tan. Depending on tanned you are at the moment (e.g you could be a Light in Winter and a Tan in Summer), we would recommend trying one of these two shades. Hope that answers your question!

I've only ever used the medium skin tones powder for everyday use, I want to transition to liquid foundation but unsure if I would go to the medium skin tones foundation because that's what my powder is. Help?
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Hi Chloe, if you are a Medium shade in our Natural Mineral Cover, we would recommend to stick to the Medium shade when using the Liquid Foundation. This is also the case if you would like to try the Pressed Mineral Cover or BB Cream. Let me know how you go!

How do I get tv trial?
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I don't think they offer it anymore as far as I know it is in the shops and not advertised as a tv offer.Hi Vic, Nude by Nature is under new ownership as of June 2014 and has since transformed its approach to sales and customer service. This also means that since June 2014 we have no longer offered a Free Trial Offer. However, we have now implemented a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all online orders which you can read about here: https://nudebynature.com.au/money-back-guarantee/

My daughter suffers from excema. Is this suitable for her? She is also allergic to nuts and eggs.
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Hi Lindy, sorry to hear about your daughter's eczema and allergies. Nude by Nature products do not contain talc, bismuth, parabens or any other toxic harmful ingredients that can be found in traditional make up, so it is ideal for sensitive skin. Although many of our users love the products because they have sensitive skin, some people can also react to natural ingredients (some ingredients may also contain traces of nuts). Therefore we always recommend patch testing to people who are hypersensitive to products or have allergies to natural ingredients. If there are certain products you are interested in, when selecting the product on www.nudebynature.com.au, select the "Ingredients" tab to view the full list of ingredients. Once you have determined which products you would like to test, head to your nearest Priceline and feel free to use their testers before purchasing. This will give you an idea as to whether or not your daughter will have an allergic reaction to the product. Alternatively you can also take the list of ingredients of any of our products and check with your local GP. Let me know how you go and if you have any other questions. - Ashlee

I am wanting to try the products through the FREE Trial. How do I go about this?
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Hi Loz, thank you for your question and interest in Nude by Nature. Unfortunately the FREE Trial Promotion is currently unavailable. If a similar promotion becomes available in the future we will be sure to let you know.There was a big hype about it awhile ago, If I were you I would buy them from stores first, I'm not sure where you are from, in Australia they sell in retail outlets & online, that would be the best way, by my intro into it, it was too risky, I got burned badly by trying their free trial, cost me a lot (a lot) of money

Urgently need the contact number as I sent trial pack back but have not had my money refunded. Really want to speak to them to get the money put in!! Asap Thanks can anyone send it to me?? anitacachia@gmail.com
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Nude by nature customer service 1300 342 384 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AEST)

I am thinking about purchasing the "free trial" advertised on tv, but have read comments that the products are not full sized. Is there anyone who has purchased it lately that can clarify for me? Thanks.
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You may get a free trial and return them after use! Or keep them if you are prepared to pay over $230. I tried them and got ripped off even though I returned it. The products are probably made in China and way overpriced! The customer service is horrendous as per the Australian Standards!Hello Vanessa, nude is sold everywhere now, so it's easy to test them out in shops first if your not sure. Priceline always has them on sale. Even better if you know what you want nude online has them on special sometimes at great prices. Sorry back to your question not sure about the sizing off TV.Me and my Father's Partner have both purchased products from this free trial advertised on television and we found that it was great! She ordered it before me and absolutely loved it everything was fully sized and great quality so i decided to buy it straight away and not use the free trial. I saved over a hundred bucks doing this it was great! Love the products and love the bargain! Never even heard about the rumors of not properly sized products.

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