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The gap where the stroller folds keeps opening up up a little when not folded every time I push on the stroller. I'm scared it will pinch my daughter's arm. Any help?
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Do you push the two large black clips/plastic flaps on the sides down to lock the frame into place?

Would you put the newborn in the second seat or main? Just querying as I tried my 2-year-old in the second seat on his own and the pram tipped just don't think my 10wo is heavy enough to balance the weight.
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The heavier child is meant to be in front but I never had the problem of it tipping over with this model. With an older model I did see this happen before. You can definitely put the heavier child in the bottom/back seat when using a car seat snapped upfront without any tipping issues. After a year with this stroller I have a love hate relationship with it. I absolutely love how compact and easy it is in the city. Everything is built well. My only complaint is that if it's wet outside my front wheel sticks and requires lubricant and if I'm not on top of that after every wet day I get stuck in awkward places. I suggest buying silicon lube and stashing it below. Good luck.

Can I ask, how much for this twin stoller?
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I paid about $900 AUD with second seat when this new model came out just over 1 year agoAround 1,000USD with the double kit.

Hi there am looking at buying the phil n ted vibe double but not sure weither to go with the vibe 1 or vibe 2. Can anyone tell me the differences between the models please?
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Hey Kirsty, If I was you I would opt for the vibe 2 because the vibe 1 had a few issues with the front wheel that have been resolved in the new version. I don't think all vibe 1's had the issue, so you might get lucky! Apparently the fold with 2 seats attached was improved; I've never had any troubles managing this, though it takes a few practices to master the fold. The key difference important to me was the fact that vibe 2 can take 2 car seats at once; the vibe 1 can only take 1 at a time. If you buy the second seat with vibe 2, this can be used as a parent facing seat, which you can't do with vibe 1. Obviously there are new colours on the vibe 2 as well!

Hi i was just wondering if a phil & ted vibe pram would be suitable for my kids, i have a 16 month old and a 2 year old. My 2 year old would be around 16 kg an my 16 month would be 13-14 kg. I am just wondering if it would be ok for my children as i do not want to spend out money on a pram that i can't use, I also live in a unit and was also wondering if it would be ok to pull up the stairs with the second seat in. Please let me know.
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Hey bevh! I've just had a relook at the specs on the Phil and Teds website - your 2 year old would sit in the front, where the seat holds up to 20kg. The back seat can take up to 15kg, so I'd say you're pretty safe using this pram for the pair of them, knowing that they've probably tested the seats with a much heavier load than this. Compared to other prams I looked at, the Vibe was really lightweight as a double, or at least it was much easier to push around with weight on board, so felt lighter. Carrying up stairs could be a different story, and it could be a little tricky with the 2nd seat attached. Definitely do-able! But if this is a major concern for you, there are probably prams out there that are better suited to this task (mind you, it's always going to be awkward carrying two little humans up a flight of stairs, no matter what you buy!). I'm not sure how large your unit is, but the Vibe folds down really small compared with other double prams, which may be important to you. I just have no regrets with the Vibe, it has been our hero!

Can you tell me if the front wheel is meant to turn please? Is there any trick to fitting it? It just locks in place and only goes straight ahead.
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Sure! It does turn, there's a small knob under the foot rest just behind the front wheel that controls the 'setting'. If you turn this a half-turn (from memory, I think you need to pull the knob out slightly first?), you should be able to set the front wheel to either fixed straight or on swivel :)

Hi, I am looking at the Phil & Teds Vibe Pram to use as a double for a 2 year old and a newborn, I'm just interested to know if it is comfortable for toddlers?? TIA
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I thought it was comfortable and the baby was able to move into the smaller back seat quite quickly. It is very practical and easy to fold. Only the handles are not very ergonomic.Totally! I was worried about the back seat size, but honestly, there's much more space than you might 'imagine'. And they can see plenty from back there. I really recommend the Vibe :)

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