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Looks like quickflix website is down again - This time even the help.quickflix.com.au site is down. For the technically savvy the entire "quickflix.com.au" domain is not registered with DNS. Lets hope its a change of website hosting providers and not the company going bust without notice.
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...and the phone number for Quickflix Limited (1300 138 644) is disconnected...I cancelled my subscription months ago and informed my bank not to pay any more funds to them. I suspect they have money problems but to my knowledge they have not made any announcements!! I do know their movies were getting older and older and I suspected trouble long ago what with competing with newer streaming companies. When you cannot contact a company they do not deserve any business!

Why are you uncontactable???? No phone numbers, website unavailable .... I intend to cancel my debit card on Monday to prevent any more monthly payments being taken out until I know what's going on
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sorry Jude I do not know, it looked ok then it died maybe they are trying to fix it, I hope so.By "trying to fix it" I assume you're referring to the website? That's only a symptom of the real issue, which is why is Quickflix suddenly uncontactable, usually a sign a business is folding. Is there anyone who can actually front up to their offices in Perth and find out what is going on? It seems to me that Quickflix are continuing to take members' monthly payments when in fact they may not be trading any longer.It looks like it working fine today, just sign out each time you visit the site

Not sure what is going on, Website went down monday/tuesday this week, sent messages via their online help portal (which still seems to be working), but to date only received the automated reply that someone will get back to you, a little worried about payments still coming out of my credit card. Might have to cancel the card to stop that if i don't get a reply.
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Yep it looks like they're gone read my review above.Good luck , I’m after 2 years of money but looks like it’s lost .Website is now back up and running but I have cancelled my subscription. Just don't trust them after this episode.

How about we all go to a current affair , my son is a reporter so easily done
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What has happened to your website? have you gone into liquidation
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Unfortunately looks like it as I been fighting for a refund for 6 months so good luckwebsite is back up and running now

Does any one know where Quickflix has gone. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for a few weeks now and including my direct debit. Yesterday I tried to logon to again discuss the cancellation and the website and phone numbers are all disconnected. If they have gone in to administration it would be helpful if they left some kind of message on their website and that all customers affected are advised and ensured that no more funds are going to be fraudulently deducted from customer accounts including mine!
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Hi Darlene Worst company to deal with , I’m taking it further as I demand my money back as in 2016 I emailed them to unsubscribe but they have continued to deduct payments until only couple months ago . Just disgustingwas wondering the same although I did receive 2 DVDs on Tuesday

Help I got a mb promo for free tv for 1 year for FLIX , after signing up with credit card details ! NOTHING ??!! No home page! No url ! Nothing This is illegal fraudulent company how do I sign in to the so called fake account and delete my details ! They are fraudulent ! I want to close my account before the steal from me as I will take action ! Help
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Hi, don't EVER give your details to anybody if it is not a genuine service provider. Quickflix is NOT FLIX. it is Quickflix, so you received a spam, a phishing message. Nobody gives you anything for nothing. Talk to your credit card company, they can stop any payment. Hope this helps.Contact your credit card company to stop the payment. You have to lodge a dispute. https://www.finder.com.au/how-to-reverse-a-credit-card-transaction

Dear Quickflix, I have been trying to contact your customer service team to which it appears there has been none for a long time now. I send emails and get NO response ever other than the automated response that says someone will get back to me shortly. I have an INACTIVE account, I have not borrowed anything in years and yet I am still being charged $22.99 per month. By my rough calculations I have paid well over $1000 for an inactive account and no borrowings. How do I stop the deduction without going to Fair Trade and the Ombudsman - I am so disappointed and cranky. When I go into my account it says my last transaction was 2010 - yet you keep taking my money and it clearly states that my account is inactive. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. Thank You Ariane SImon
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After trying and trying to get assistance from Quickflix when streaming stopped working , and getting only dismal (ZERO) results. I had reason to be doubtful of their ability to cancel services without problems. So When I cancelled the Quickflix subscription I also contacted my credit card company and had them block any more deductions! Worked perfectly.Contact your credit card company to stop the payment. You have to lodge a dispute. https://www.finder.com.au/how-to-reverse-a-credit-card-transaction

When did it change to 19.95 for 2 DVD's? I've been paying 22.95 (which I subscribed to last year) :S
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I asked Quickflix the same question and their response was this: " We pass the cost savings of having a shortter free trial period onto the customer in a slightly reduced subscription fee." Yes, you are reading that correctly; Quickflix actually charges customers for a "free trial"! So if you're paying more, it's because they generously gave you a "free trial".They gave me that answer too ;)

How do I get to talk with someone at Quickflix about a problem I'm having with their service? I've sent three emails - four if I count the complaint sent this morning about problems with returned discs not being acknowledged and all I get back is the same basic email which explains the procedure for returning discs.
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Hi PJL, we've replied to the private message you sent us via Product Review :)I private message them on Facebook and always get a reply within an hour or so.Thanks Bec. I'll remember that for next time.

I'm unsure whether to sign up with you as I only want the DVD system and it says I have 42 days fee trial, but I believe you will charge me 19.99Pm, which is not the price for the DVD service. Also, I have 2 quickflix gift cards not one . How does this work please?
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Hi Andi, if you send us the details of the gift cards you have, we can answer your specific questions :) You can contact us via our Help Centre https://help.quickflix.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new. Generally, free trials are for a set period of time on a set subscription. Before your free trial rolls over onto a paid subscription, you can change your subscription type here - https://dvd.quickflix.com.au/MyAccount/Subscription.

How can I speak to an actual person that works at Quickflix to cancel my service? There are one or two points that need discussion and understanding but there is no phone support. I have been charged for 9 months of service which I essentially did not know about, after accepting a Gift Card and attempting to use it. When I had tried to register it said the transaction could not be complete! I only realized recently that Quickflix had been charging me for 9 months and feel very let down. I would like Quickflix to let me know how many movies I have downloaded or rented (none, not a single one)... I am not interested in a generic email address to solve the problems as I have sent email to the ones I can find on the net and no response. Seems like a scam of sorts and very un-Australian.
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Hi Vee, Sorry to hear that you’re feeling some frustration. I’d like to take a look at this one personally for you. If you could pop an email to drew.beaumont@quickflix.com.au with the email attached to your account, I’ll gladly take a look and we can work towards a solution.Hi Vee. This is typical of quickflix. They charged me for a DVD I never received. with so many other options I don't get why anyone would use these cowboysHI Deancrisapulli, I did eventually manage to get it sorted out. Quickflix refunded some of the money (although not all). This refund was claimed to be out of goodwill and as per advice from Fairtrade rather than any other obligation, legal or moral. If they were a singular person I guess I would no longer claim they were an idiot, they would only be half an idiot... I reckon maybe I am meant to be an idiot for thinking that I could make use of a gift card which would be worth something.

Why do you keep sending me the exact same faulty disc? Three times now, does anybody actually check these discs? I have had ones with huge cracks in them you would have to be blind or smoking something not to see these faults. Also why can't I simply ring quickflix and talk to a real person?
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We shouldn't be sending faulty discs right back to you. Our QA process works in the sense that we test discs upon arrival that have been reported as faulty, and if it works on our players we will continue to send them. If they don't work, we'll attempt to clean them and test them again and if they fail to play, they are marked as damaged and taken out of rotation. We no longer offer phone support however you can submit a request on our Help Centre, which is located at https://help.quickflix.com.au.This a kind of online service which I never rely on. You got what you paid for. Foxtel is much better service.Harry is right foxtel sounds better.

I'm on 1 free trial, if I would try to fast forward any scene it restarting my tv and goes back to local channel. Please help.
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Hi Arnold, please email us at memberservices@quickflix.com.au so that our technical support team can assist you further. They'll need to know what device you're using and what movies/TV show you're attempting to watch.

Why do i keep getting prompted to download the quickflix player before i can watch anything? even though it is already installed!! and the payment has already been taken!
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Hi Sheree, well at least you have got it all installed anyway! During the installation process, there is a final step where it will bring you up with a box to "Accept protocol request" in this box you will need to tick "Remember my choice" so that it wont continue to prompt you to install it. I'm not sure if you are using a PC or a Mac, but here is an article from our Help Centre that will show you the steps and how to make it remember you have already installed it: https://help.quickflix.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/204672939--Do-I-have-to-install-the-Quickflix-Player-to-watch-with-Chrome-on-my-PC- Please let me know if you have any further issues!

How do I unsubscribe from your emails? You have 'Manage your email subscriptions' in the footer this clicks through to your Manage Contact Preferences area where all I see is a bunch of check boxes asking me how I'd like to be contacted?? Part of managing subscriptions is also having the clear ability to unsubscribe from them!! Why does a lot of your marketing seem a bit grey area? A bit fine print, a bit it clearly states (when it obviously doesn't) etc, etc? Here's a tip, make things as easy as possible for the consumer, like a clear Unsubscribe button, like messaging on your so called Free Trial, and it might go some way to reducing negativity towards your brand. Also, how do I close my account? I'm not a paying customer, I just don't want any of my details with you? I imagine there's a Cancel/Delete account button I'm missing somewhere?? You definitively wouldn't be that shady to not offer this function would you?
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Hi Mark, We do comply with the privacy laws in place and allow members to unsubscribe both in Accounts & Settings and within the emails that are sent to you. Also, yes we do have an online cancellation process that's very simple to use, no grey area, just a couple of button clicks. If you wish to unsubscribe from emails in the footer of an email - Once you click "Manage your email subscriptions and unsubscribe" you will be taken to the Subscription Centre - Under "Available Publications" it says "To unsubscribe from any publication, just uncheck the box and click the update button below. To subscribe to new publications, just check the appropriate box and click the update button below." - Uncheck either of the 3 boxes or all of them and click "Update" If you wish to unsubscribe from emails in your Accounts & Settings once logged in to your account. - Log in to your Quickflix account with username and password - Click on the member icon on the top right of the Quickflix website, which will take you straight to your "My Subscription" page. - On the right you will see a menu, select "Contact Preferences" - If you do not wish to be contacted by us simply uncheck all of the boxes available there. If you wish to cancel your subscription online. - Log in to your Quickflix accont with username and password - Click on the member icon on the top right of the Quickflix website, which will take you straight to your "My Subscription" page. - Scroll down to the bottom of the "My Subscription" page where you will see a large blue button that says "Cancel my subscription" which you will need to click. - Confirm that you would not like our bonus offer and that you wish to cancel. All done. Hope the above helps.Okay, when I click on "Manage your email subscriptions and unsubscribe" I'm not taken to a Subscription Centre I'm taken to /MyAccount/ContactPreferences where I'm confronted with this: Manage Contact Preferences Let us know how’d you’d like to be contacted by ticking the boxes below. - QUICKFLIX NEWSLETTER Keep up to date with all the crazy happenings of the entertainment world with Quickflix. - QUICKFLIX OFFERS AND PROMOTIONS Get the chance to win prizes and receive discounts with Quickflix. - QUICKFLIX UPDATES AND RELEASES Subscribe to receive updates about our service – new features, new apps, new releases and the like! - QUICKFLIX SMS Receive SMS from us. If we’re sending a message to your mobile, we’ll make it well worth receiving. Please note, email notifications about your account will always be sent to you. If you could let me know where amongst the above it's allowing me to unsubscribe that would be fab. And under /MyAccount/Subscription there is no large blue button saying 'Cancel my subscription' would this be because I don't have an active subscription (I stated in my original question I'm not a paying customer)? Now, I'm hoping to delete my account I don't have to activate a subscription because that's moving into those shady areas.... All I want is to unsubscribe from your marketing emails and delete my account, something by law you have to offer easily and clearly.

Why cant my ps3 activate my quickflick account?...have logged on for the first time?
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Hey christine05, there is no reason that we can highlight! Feel free to pop me an email so I can take a look for you. I'll just need the email address attached to your Quickflix account. Email address is Nathan.Brunning@quickflix.com.au, thanks!

Why do you think your rating is so poor ?
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I think this is a fantastic question. Our rating on Product Review is poor indeed - A lot of it is valuable feedback though and I'll have to respectfully disagree with an above comment that states we have no code of conduct. We've implemented so many great features because of feedback on here including better free trial communications, better cancellation methods, a more extensive knowledge base for our customers in the form of our Help Centre. Service wise we have been overhauling our major apps and have been in direct contact with Australia Post in regards to postage issues. Thanks!

I gave a donation to a fundraising organization and in return received a voucher booklet. Inside i noticed your quickflix voucher and wanted to give it ago. Im quite a cautious person so I product reviewed your voucher and was quite surprised by all the negative reviews. I would still like to try your 45 day trial however im quite apprehensive about giving my credit card or paypal details. Please help is there any other way to try this without the means of financial filing?
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Hey Mandah, I totally understand your concern! I'll be as up front as I can about it as I feel you've been open with us about your concerns. Product Review is a great place for customers to be informed with the experiences of others, we wouldn't have it any other way because the valid feedback and complaints help us improve the service overall, and we've done some MASSIVE things to the customer experience due to feedback on here. Now, the free trial you've got the opportunity to try is not available to those who simply sign up by the website and unfortunately credit card is needed for a couple of reason I believe your 45 day trial includes DVD & Blu-ray discs, which means we send out physical discs to you which means we do prefer to have the credit card details in case there is obvious signs of theft or damage. A lot of the time you might see a review that says we're threatening to charge for missing discs, but we're generally pretty lenient with it if we're at least contacted and there's a reasonable explanation...Unfortunately some people prefer to come here first. The other reasons we ask for payment details are so it's easy for members to roll on to a subscription without having to worry about adding payment details, which is purely a business decision. We also have Premium content that you can pay for as you go, which requires a payment method to purchase. The biggest thing to remember is, you can cancel online very very easily. It's literally the click of 2 buttons...First button is to cancel, second button to confirm cancellation. We have all the information as to when you 45 days are up in your Account & Settings page and we keep in touch via email. Hope the above information helps and you decide to give it a go - If you have any issues we have a member care team available on the phone as well as a nifty help centre online at https://help.quickflix.com.au NathanI also feel By quickflix taking card details you simply getting conned into charges. No one contacted me to continue services, heck I did not even use services in the first place. I recently found out that I have been charged $30 per month for services I have not used. A clear indication of something being wrong. The fact they want your payment details and then automatically roll over to an account seems very dodgy. In Fact it is dodgy. Why can you not simply pick up a phone and speak to someone. Instead I simply get told to email a generic email. There is no accountability at all. Shocking method of business. Ethics much??!

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