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I already have an MSAC aquatic membership and want to supplement this with a gym membership at Port Melbourne as it is walking distance. They do not seem to advertise any pricing which I find suspicious. Can anyone share some info before I go in?
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is anyone signed up for their 5 days trail membership and want to cancel but they refused to do that?
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They said only the person I signed up with could do it and I had to email him. I emailed and he didn't reply so I cancelled my credit card.

What are the membership prices??
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Which Club are you wanting to join Alexandra?Port melbourneJoin another club

Hi, just wondering how we can get the Pt Melb gym cleaned regularly? There have been many reports by numerous members to reception with no change but to be told there is regular adequate cleaning, windows, walls, surfaces, mirrors disgusting and had become worse over the the last 6 months. Who is responsible? This was a spakling new gym which now looks like a 2 x star motel gym.
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Hi Ange, my name is Nick Corsini and I’m the Club Manager of South Pacific Port Melbourne. I can assure you that our club is cleaned 7 days per week and I’m happy to show you a cleaning schedule that occurs at our club. I do apologise however that you feel this way and I’m determined to change this. Would it be ok to have a conversation with you over the phone to receive your feedback and understand which parts of the gym exactly that you are unhappy with? This would help me understand exactly which areas need the most work and help us make the club a better place for you to train. If so, please feel free to let me know your details by sending them to nick@southpacifichc.com.au or feel free to continue this conversation via email if you like. Thanks.Great will do , aware there is a cleaning program , but dismal effort over last six months , happy to get a contact to discuss thank you3 years later even worse despite ongoing complaints regarding filthy gym....

Can you join for 1 month to try it out but pay cash so not to have any problems in cancelling if you are not happy as revies above ?
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What is the management like? If you have feedback or a concern or question, do they get back to you?
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Hi Allanor, I asked the staff several times to give me the contact details to the owner/gym manager as I was not getting anywhere with the staff. I was again given the run around and no one would ever pass on the details. I was then put onto the PT "manager" who was rude, arrogant and patronising who promised me he would resolve the issue after several emails and phone calls back and forth he dragged the issue out over several weeks, made many false promises and then I did not hear from him ever again, despite my numerous attempts again via email and phone call. I ended up having to call the SPHC St Kilda (again) and having one of the customer service managers there resolve the matter. She was able to have it done in just a couple of days after I had been messed around by several different staff members at the gym. My advice to you, go to another gym. It was quite honestly one of the most draining and time consuming "customer service" experiences I have ever experienced. Yep seems to be a common consensus about this company. More and more clubs coming up so they will have to start focusing on their product and not the result (money) No they don't. You can try email, phone calls or going in there, but you do not get the customer services that you deserve (nor pay for!). If you have the contact details of the owner, that would be great, as I would hope that they would want to hear about some of these types of customer experiences, I know I would if it was my business.

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