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Anna D.
Anna D. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Hey guys would anyone know how much gear box oil in litres a 2015 ssangyong stavic van takes and what oil in gear box auto

Mukhtar Z.
Mukhtar Z. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Accelerator pedal problem, speed get accelerated by itself on starting engine or during driving. Any help?

Challe · Stavic A100.II (2009-2015)

I have a 2014 stavic with a airbag light that came on, turned off for three weeks and has now come on again. What should I be looking for. Some say unplug the wiring from under my seat and others say take it to a dealer(there's no dealers close by)

John B.
John B. · Stavic A100.II (2009-2015)

Love this car but what causes the intermittent beeping?

John B.
John B. · Stavic (2005-2015)

What causes beeping whilst driving?

Peter B
Peter B  

Maybe seat belt not dome up

Ross W.
Ross W. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Where will I find the ssangyong stavic sv270 atf dip stick

William C.
William C.  

It doesn't come with a ATF dipstick, just a plastic cover for the dipstick hole

Neil H.
Neil H. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Hi my 2006 stavic 2.7 runs fine 20,,30 klms and then it will run ruff no power.new fuel filter, clean fuel.dont have access to a scanner.thinking maybe the fuel pressure sensor.

Steve · Stavic (2005-2015)

My Ssangyong Stavic started off with just the battery light on, started fine the started driving after a while all dash lights and speedo went out then stortly later all the lights came back on and now car is starting to lose power just sits under 100 km per hour.

KymScutter · Stavic A100.I / A100 Euro IV Limited (2005-2008)

I have a 2.7lt limited diesel, which has been a great car. My nagging issue is P0108 Boost Pressure Sensor Short: C1051- Defective Pressure Sensor Signal. We have checked the wiring and replaced the boost pressure sensor; the engine comes on, and I lose boost pressure. I turn the car off, the engine light goes off, and I lose pressure, mainly on longer trips.

We covered 99% of the electrical issues and finally took the new pressure sensor off; it had sticky oil in the sensor with a gritty feel. We cleaned the sensor, and the problem was still occurring.

We disconnected the sensor, and the motor worked fine back to 98% boost, no problem.

After three days of testing with the disconnected boost sensor, the car was running well.

I removed the boost sensor and checked for oil and grit. Evidence of the sticky gritty oil was present. Therefore, I cleaned the sensor and waited for the engine to cool.

I put my little finger into the inlet manifold; the oil was sticky, thick, and sticking inside the inlet manifold.

I may have an issue coming my way with any suggestions.



Phillip M.
Phillip M. · Stavic (2005-2015)

How do I check my transmission oil on my 2012 ssangyong stavic

Phillip M.
Phillip M. · Stavic (2005-2015)

How do I check the transmission fluid in my 2012 ssanyong stavic

Brendan J.
Brendan J. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Hello guys i have a 2005 stavic 270 it ran low on diesel with the fuel light on put more diesel then going down the highway i keep losing power not battery power but feels like no fuel getting to it at higher revs because it idles 100% all the time not a problem when idling but get it in gear and drive off and boom no power then it give some then lose again all different timings also give 2 sec then tsec then 8 sec then 1 sec and so on
Any info would be much appreciated

Peter B
Peter B  

You may have stirred up some sediment in the fuel tank as it was very low. I would change the fuel filter first.

Brendan J.
Brendan J.  

Done both
Water spectator and the filter i fprgot to say it in there

FARIZAL H. · Stavic (2005-2015)

H, my sangyong stavic 2.7 diesel the problem is the engine stop completly during driving and it has to restart 2 times during the engine failure. The acceleration reaches maximum full speed 80 km/h and it show the Engine light indicator is active. Can anyone tell me what is the problem & the parts that should be replaced??

Walter L.
Walter L. · Stavic A100.I / A100 Euro IV Limited (2005-2008)

Hi there! My SSangyong Stavic is not shifting gear. It is stuck in 2nd or third. It does shift into neutral, park and reverse OK. When driving the the gear indicator light moves to "D" but does not skip through 1,2,3,4,5 like normal (no number lights up). It used to do that till this weekend. The car is stuck in 2nd or 3rd (it is slow to accelerate and over revs at speed).

My mechanic is talking in the direction of the Transmission oil that can be filled with dirt and might have caused the filter to stuck.

Who can offer advice as to the problem; is it ECU, TCU or transmission? What checks can/should I do first.

Marjet P.
Marjet P. · Stavic (2005-2015)

what is the suspension

Peter B
Peter B  

The suspension consists of the springs, anti roll bars, shockabsorbers(correct terminology is dampeners) and various bushes. the shock absorbers can leak fluid and need replacement. springs can weaken with time and can also fracture. Bushes can wear out and perish over time. Worn components cause poor handeling of the vehicle and can be dangerous as the vehicle will not corner correctly. (This is just a brief description)

Catherine · Stavic (2005-2015)

2011 stavic diesel reviews

Bill Derbyshire
Bill Derbyshire · Stavic (2005-2015)

Just wondering is the belt easy to change on the Stavic

Peter B
Peter B  

It has a timing chain so no timing belt to change

Bill Derbyshire
Bill Derbyshire  

Thanks Peter
It must still have a fan belt though right?
I’m at work and my girlfriend has one and is saying it is making some squealing like a belt is loose. Was going to check it out when I’m home next week

William C.
William C.  

You can spray some water on the belt to see if the squeaking stops, if it stops means the belt is making the sound and should be changed

Bill · Stavic A100.II (2009-2015)

Remove rear seats

Peter B
Peter B  

Unclip the plastic runner insertsx2. Tip seat backrest forward by lifting lever in middle of seatback. Slid seat rearwards. Lift lower lever pull back and lift up rear of seat which will slide seat out of runner. Seat is heavy to lift out and may need two people if not too strong.

Cassandra Q.
Cassandra Q.  

I'd like to turn one one of these into a small campervan. Can the middle row seats be unbolted and removed?

Peter B
Peter B  

The two seats behind the front seats are bolted to individual slide mechanisms. The seat can be unbolted however the slide mechanism frame has captive bolts that go through the floor pan and need to be unbolted from below the vehicle. The driver's side is above the exhaust system which makes it very difficult to remove.

Lisha · Stavic (2005-2015)

Hi I have a 2005 Stavic and I love it but recently I’ve got a problem with power. Going from 80 to 100 is so slow I can’t power and going up a hill is a definite no no, does any body have any advice?


Is the check engine light on? If yes, car is in limp mode. You'll have to take it to ssangyong. They will plug in the diagnostic tool and pinpoint the fault. Has anyone worked on it before this started happening?


My mechanic has done services on it and fixed a broken tie rod and yes the engine lit is on.


I had an issue like this once after servicing the vehicle under the engine cover next to the oil filter there is a vacuum hose with a T piece which should have a cap on it it's easy to dislodge that cap during servicing take the engine cover off and check that the cap on the T piece is in place. Unfortunately there's no option to attach pictures.


Ok thank you I will check

Peter M.
Peter M. · Stavic (2005-2015)

Hi , have just recently changed the automatic belt tensioner on a 2013 stavic, it makes a terrible rattling noise so got a 2nd one thinking it was a maybe faulty part but same noise, there was no noise prior to changing it just noticed the original one the spring was bent bad , how do I get rid of the noise ?

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