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Thomas S-P

Thomas S-Pasked

How do the beans get from the hopper to the grinders? I cannot open the clear plastic blockers between hopper and grinders. Is my alignment of white marks correct when the hopper slots onto the grind collar? In five hours I haven not ground one single bean yet.

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Sorry Thomas to hear of your problems I don’t have this grinder anymore, I took back to Hervey Norman and upgraded to a Baratza, which gives me more pleasure to use, not to mention a better coffee.

Customer C.Sunbeam

Hi Thomas S-P,
Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. If the hopper is locked into position correctly and securely, the hopper gates (at the bottom of the hopper) should open up. When it is turned - the spring connection pulls the gates open and closed. You can see this happen by putting the hopper on without any beans or lid. Kind Regards Sunbeam



Hello, we recently purchased a Sunbeam EM6910 coffee machine and the conical burr grinder. I was wondering what the best setting on the grinder was for this type of machine? I know their are many variables in play here but I wanted a starting point.

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I've had my grinder for about 4-5 months now and I'm still adjusting it. as a start, for a home machine I recommend starting with 14 and moving your way back to 12, using taste as your guideline. Always remember to tap the top of the grinder after each grind to get rid of stale grinds that might get stuck in the burrs. Another suggestion: stay away from supermarket beans if you can. Find a local coffee shop that sells their roasts and you will notice a huge difference in taste and texture of your espresso. Enjoy and hope you can produce great coffee!



I was recently given a used EM0480 coffee grinder. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be something wrong with it. Although the gind is good it is so slow that it is not worth using. About 3-5 mins for a double shot. Anybody have any ideas?
The only other burr grinder that I use occasionally takes only 10-15 seconds to do the same amount.
I don't feel that I can ask the person who gave it to me as she may think I'm ungrateful.

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That's definitely faulty. my EM0440 grinds a double shot on setting 12 in around 8-9 seconds...

don sharp

don sharpasked

Hi my sunbeam coffee grinder no longer grinds the beans fine even on lowest setting the come out coarse Is there a way I can adjust the burr the grinder? It is about 1 year old has had minimal use as I have been getting pre ground coffee

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Hi Don
My machine is used daily on 2nd finest grind. We like Turkish muddy coffee, that is very little known in Australia.
I'm not an expert, but that sound like there is a problem with adjustment mechanism. If that would happen to me, I would immediately take it a part to properly clean it. If that wouldn’t help, I would call Sunbean, especially if you close to, or right after warranty! Sunbean’s customer service is usually very helpful in Australia. Even if your machine is little out of warranty they may help for free. Than again, this is not a cheap machine and payed repair would be still wort to consider.

I wish you good luck Zdenda


You can get some shims (washers) from Sunbeam and install them under the burr to reduce the gap.
I did this with mine about a year ago and it worked well. It is the equivalent to a change of 7 on the dial.
There is a procedure in the web somewhere that tells you how to do the install. It is not difficult and from memory involves removing the nut from on top of the rotating burr putting the washer under the burr then re-installing. You need to hold the burr still by jamming something on to the burr that wont damage the edge while removing and installing the nut (wooden spoon or the like).

Brendan K.Sunbeam

Hi don sharp,

For us to be able to help with your grinder can you please call our coffee helpline on 1300 881 861. We will be able to provide you with a calibration guide for your grinder which should fix your grinding issue.


Sunbeam Customer Service
1300 881 861

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