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Sunbeam Cafe Series Conical Burr EM0480

Latest review: Cannot get a good grind - too coarse no matter where we set it or what coffee we use. Coffee too weak .Will have too take it back for a

Breville Coffee & Spice BCG200

Latest review: I bought the first Breville BCG200 and used it for almost two months, till it broke suddenly, fortunately the good guys replace it with the second one. Then I grind cloves, and it jammed and stop

Sunbeam GrindFresh EM0440

Latest review: I bought this with a sunbeam espresso machine. Spent quite a few days trying to get the thing to grind correctly. Upon doing a little search on google I discovered that it is common for these

Sunbeam MultiGrinder II EM0405

Latest review: Does what it is supposed to do grinding coffee and spices to sometimes. It is a bit noisy but is working at a high speed. Also it cannot grind a lot and you need to give it short tap so that the

Breville BarVista Coffee and Spice Grinder BCG300

Latest review: Bought the BCG300 at The Good Guys, since the salesperson was full of praise for this product. Good: easy operation, grind selector and cup slider control. At first it worked fine, but after a

Sunbeam Precision EM0700

Latest review: I've had my machine for 18 months and have made minor recalibrations twice in that time (an easy operation). It has been consistently excellent definitely gets a five-star rating. Easy to disassemble

Breville Dose Control Pro BCG600SIL

Latest review: We bought a BCG600SIL in June 2016 and have used it each morning to make 2 double-shot espressos, so it has ground only about 3500 shots. The plastic impeller has worn out and the machine now jams.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr

Latest review: The grinder grinds for my aeropress very well, and it's automatic nature makes it very easy to use. The portafilter mode is also useful, although I have only used that mode once. A lot of the parts

Macap M2M

Latest review: OK It's a first world problem, clickbait and a total lie. But the coffee grinder is fantastic and I love decent coffee. Mates who run a Persian food catering business advised me to buy a burr

Mazzer Mini Electronic

Latest review: What can I say about this that hasn't already been said - This is the best appliance you will buy for under $1K. - You will dive out of bed in anticipation of pressing the grind button - Your

Eureka Atom

Latest review: I have owned the Eureka Atom grinder for nearly a year and can recommend it highly. It grinds accurately, is amazingly quiet and is easy to use. The digital controls are intuitive and flexible,

Tiffany CG816

Latest review: sharp edges so everything gets 'cut' the same way very fast operation - and quiet Excellent value for money so this item does exactly what says it will do and very well at that ! I cant

Baratza Sette 270Wi

Latest review: Great coffee grinder starts from 0 for fine grind right up to 10 for coarse grinds. Very easy to use just a press of a button for timing and turning a small wheel for grind numbers. There is a

Fiorenzato F4

Latest review: Works well, grinds very fast into the handle. Measured 20g in 10seconds. No coffee static build up on outlet. Commercial motor, with micro adjustment on the collar. Highly recommended for home or

Quamar Q50P

Latest review: After a couple of failed attempts at finding a burr grinder that grinds fine enough for the perfect espresso shot, and a lot of research, we found this one. Recommended on Coffeesnobs website. It is

ECM V-Titan 64

Latest review: Like Luforge, I bought this grinder to match my ECM Synchronika. I've tried other grinders including the Mazzer Kony-E but keep coming back to the V-Titan as my daily go-to. It delivers a

Breville Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder BES920 / BCG820

Latest review: Great machine... I’m pretty fussy with my coffee and after watching a couple of online videos and tweaking my settings this is producing coffee just as good as my favourite coffee shop. And I got it a

Rancilio Rocky Grinder

Latest review: Just purchased my Rocky grinder and made a comparison with the Sunbeam cafe series EMO 700 series. Firstly the weight and commercial grade quality of the rocky has no similarity to the sunbeam.

Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Grinder

Latest review: If you need to grind beans for one or two cups this works well. If you are limited for room in your cupboard this also works. If you are looking for a grinder that looks hot this is for you. I use

Heller HPCG9101

Latest review: Can you notice a big difference in the flavor of a cup of coffee made from coffee beans you have ground yourself versus the pre ground coffee beans from the same company? That's a tough one. Where

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