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This product has been discontinued by Victa.
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VCS404 (16")

Hi my mum bought a classic cut and doesn’t seem to be catching properly there is a build up of grass in front of the catcher any ideas? Tia

Evykak asked on Dec 23, 2018

VCS404 (16")

What fuel do i use?

Rob G asked on Nov 11, 2018

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4 stroke mowers use unleaded petrol. And you will want to check the oil level as well .... I'm not sure what type of oil it takes though.


98 supreme

Hi, just wondering, I have a victa vantage 500 series 158cc. When I press the red button to for the fuel, it’s not pumping anything in and therefore not starting, any idea what I can do? I’ve lost the Manual

Ryan asked on Oct 08, 2018

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Hi Ryan,

Sorry I can't help you but perhaps you can find the manual on the Victa site.... here is what comes up for model VCS464

If your model is different you can do a search here...

Although I'm not sure if the manuals are basic or technical so may not help with your issue. In that case perhaps it could be worth contacting Victa? (Under the support heading on their website there is even an 1800 number).....

Replace the primer bulb

Hi having problem starting mower (yes has fuel and oil ) it fires up then stalls and the the only to get to fire again is to press red bubble again and it repeats again ( fire up and stall ) I can get it to run with the air filter of and a couple of fingers over the carby so minimal air is going through. Any help? It is a victor vantage , with a Briggs & Stratton 500 series 158 cc

Azza asked on Sep 26, 2018

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I can't really help you. With ours when it started to struggle (on thicker longer patches of grass) I ended up getting my Husband to clean the air filter, and then put it back on, which fixed our issue.
But it sounds like maybe you have some other issue. Could it be the throttle wire?

A couple of questions, when was it last serviced, how old is it and do you have spark (undo the spark plug and reconnect the lead to it and see if it sparks to the body of the motor when you turn the engine over)? It sounds like it might need a new air filter with what you've said.

Hi mate, I'm having the exact issue with the same model!!! I cleaned the air filter and card which didn't fix it.

VCS404 (16")

I need a blade, how much r they?

Jy53 asked on Aug 02, 2018

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Sorry I don't know, we haven't needed a new blade yet.

Hi all. I have a Victa Vantage 450 series and now it wont stop. I have changed both Governor springs but the arm on the Governor wont go all the way to stop engine how can I fix this pesky problem. P.S. it will stop if I push it manually?

adellem asked on Apr 29, 2018

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Adjust the throttle cable. Make sure the outer cable is firmly in place with the screw fixing on the carby side of the mower. Loosen screw then adjust it back and forth until the kill switch is contacted. Tighten.

Hubbie just bought from Bunnings a Victa Limited Edition 19" Rapid Mulcher. He really is not savvy about machinery at all - and I am the one who actually read the limited manual and assembled the parts and now to do the research before use. Thank you for this site as I have discovered that he has put 2 stroke oil - which I will now have to siphon out (doh). Luckily he has not started the engine yet. Question. Some sites say that 4 stroke have 2 types of fuel. What are these - or is it only one?

Chrissy asked on Apr 25, 2018

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One oil is friction modified eg 10w30. The other oil contains no friction modifiers SAE30.

Petrol in the oil tank how do i repair?

Allan D asked on Apr 25, 2018

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Invert the mower upside down, make sure you have drained the petrol first then undo the oil cap and let it drain into a drip tray. The head down to Repco or somewhere to buy replacement SAE30 oil.

Hi everyone.. I have got Victa vintage 500series 158cc,, I just wanna Is it 2 stroke or 4 stroke mower. I have lost my manual book. Thx

Dev asked on Apr 15, 2018

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Mate if it has a separate oil filler on the side of the motor it’s a four stroke. If it only has a fuel tank it’s a two stroke. Hope that helps. has separate oil filter and oil tank .. thank u

I've had my Victa mower (Victa Vantage 4 stroke 148cc Briggs and Stratton 450series) since Feb.2010. It has been brilliant and very reliable. I can not locate my manual, can someone tell me how often the oil should be changed? My grandson says it's like a car and should be done every couple of years.... HI haven't touched it since I bought it 8 years ago, Also my blades are basically non existant but it still cuts, as they are so skinny less than half the width could someone tell me if they are 16" or 18" or something else as Bunnings don't have any idea. Thanking you in advance.

SuzyMac asked on Apr 13, 2018

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I usually drain the fuel first, info the oil cap and tip the mower upside down supported by 2 chairs. It takes approx 600ml of oil. I use the Repco small engine oil that isn’t not friction modified

Mate they say every 50 hours of use, I haven’t changed mine yet and it had any any issues touch wood. Sorry I can’t help with blade issue

VCS404 (16")

My blades do not have an Allen key and the bolt keeps turning with the spanner. How can I stop the bolt from turning with the nut?

George C asked on Apr 01, 2018

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Use 2 spanners

I have a Victa Vantage with single blade. Briggs Stratton 450 Series, 148cc motor. The blade is a CA09508A. Only one I can find to replace is a CA09508A-C. The centre hole is smaller. Does this need to be drilled out?

Grant asked on Mar 17, 2018

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Hi .. I have a Victa Vantage too .... and I had to replace the cutting blade today ... !! so .. The blade is CA09508S ... and you can find it on Bunnings warehouse for $33 .. and come with new screw and washer ..!! .. ...

VCS464 (18")

Hi there Anyone managed to find a manual for the Briggs and Stratton motor on the Victor Vantage VCS464?

Todd asked on Mar 14, 2018

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Hi Todd,

Please forward any enquiries you have to the following email address.

VCS464 (18")

when was this discontinued please? I am trying to sell mine and want to give a fair indication of when I purchased it?

Christa K asked on Oct 06, 2017

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I believe it was around 2012 as I brought mine in 2011 (when I was yr 5 at school) im now almost 17 and it still going strong. And in 2013 the brought out new modals like the cut and catch mulch and catch and victa pro series.

It was discontinued in 2013. I asked the company.

VCS464 (18")

Hi. My mower is badged Victa Vantage 500 Series Rapid Start 158cc. I think it is a VCS464. I'm trying to find the part number for the spring that connects the throttle control plate to the governor. The model number is very poorly stamped, but appears to say 107602 0146. This number doesn't seem to tally with Victa numbering. Any help would be appreciated. TIA. David

velvetkelpie asked on Jun 30, 2017

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Hi david.
what id suggest doing is going down to your local mower service center due to most of the govenor lever springs being made differntly. Or even try finding a mower on the street and pick it up and then pull it apart for the spring. If you lived near me then id be able to assit in this task.

Thanks Duncan.

Mine has just stopped working started and then just. stopped - has petrol has oil what could it be? Is there an online manual?

Michèle Nardelli asked on Mar 25, 2017

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Our lawnmower which is different brand name did the same thing - I'd suggest you firstly check the spark plug and the air filter or if the petrol is more than a month or 2 old I'd recommend you change the fuel or you could always get the mower shop to take a look @ the mower

Try changing oil
air filter
and spark plug
It is an eazy task
go into hard wear stroe with gheair filter andgrab a box set forit that includesoil airfilter fuel stableizer and sparkplug go over and ask for a spark plug soket set and you are able to do it yourself.

VCS404 (16")

I believe unleaded 91 octane fuel is not suitable for the 4 stroke B &S engine. Is this correct please?

Barrajack asked on Jan 16, 2017

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I have been running 91 in mine fr the last 2 years and never had problem.. Starts and runs perfect

i have been running 91 octane in mine for 9 years with no problem.started and ran fine the whole time and even took the abuse i delt it .most modern engines are designed to run on 91 unless stated otherwise

Mine starts after 2 or 3 pulls however the motor is surging, not running smoothly as it did previously. I thought that the lower octane fuel may have been the problem as the air filter is clean and unobstructed. Oh well, back to the drawing board and thank you for your trouble

If your motor is surging the culprit is the carby gasket. Sits between the fuel tank and carby. It’s 2 part . 1part is sold gasket , part 2 is silken gasket.. it’s this gasket that has a “diaphragm “ . Over time it sags hence causes spike in fuel supply resulting in surge.. you can buy a complete service kit from China thru eBay for 5$ includes filter , plug, primer bulb and gaskets or 1$ gets u gaskets. Search “ Briggs Stratton” in and filter by price

I have a new Victa 550 ex I can not seem to find out some very important information Is this a 2stroke or 4stroke?

Pippos asked on Dec 21, 2016

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Its a 4 stroke. That's why there is a seperate oil reserve.

VCS464 (18")

I just bought a victa cut and catch classic cut and my 5 yo put fuel in the oil sump, I have tipped the oil out and refilled with new oil. Will it be safe to start?

Sammy asked on Oct 09, 2016

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Yes, no problem. Store flammable liquids up high in an approved fuel container to stop children harming themselves and your expensive equipment.

Can I use shell 2T motor oil in my victor 35 classic.. if so how do I drain the oil out to do an oil change and how much oil would be needed...? Thanks for your time

Glenn asked on Sep 03, 2016

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Glenn, Shell 2t is a 2 stroke oil, not suitable if you have a 4 stroke. The easiest way to drain the oil is through the filler cap using a Victa siphon oil removal pump from mower shop or Bunnings mower department. Refill oil up to correct level on dipstick using a 4 stroke oil suitable for mowers. Roger.

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