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Ausclimate NWT Medium 20L WDH-716DE-20R
  • Award Winner 2022
5.0 from 53 reviews

The AusClimate NWT Medium 20L high-capacity dehumidifier can remove up to 20 litres of moisture per day for rooms up to 30m², and is ideal for temperatures of 5-32°C.

Outstanding dehumidifying abilities
Removes up to 20L of moisture daily
User-friendly - quiet and portable
AusClimate Cool Seasons
  • Award Winner 2022
  • 2021

AusClimate Cool Seasons

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4.9 from 53 reviews

AusClimate Cool Seasons dehumidifiers use desiccant technology, which effectively dries the air in cool, low-humidity climates just as well as it does in hot, humid climates.

Works great in cold climates
Suitable for large rooms
Excellent at removing condensation
Ausclimate NWT Large 35L WDH-930DA

Latest review: I purchased this item a few months back as we were having mould issues in our home. It has been fantastic in helping us to manage the problem. I don't normally write reviews, but when I decided to

Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L WDH-070EBP

Latest review: This was the best purchase I ever made for my home. We live near Coffs Harbour, and even though it is not as humid as in QLD, we still had mold issues in our closets during summer. I bought the 50L

Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L

Ausclimate NWT Compact 12L

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4.9 from 28 reviews

Latest review: Very easy machine to use - pull it out of the box and turn it on, more or less. I think it probably does raise the room temperature slightly, but not so much that it caused a problem. More

Ausclimate NWT All Seasons 35L WDH-930EDH

Latest review: Very noisy but unable to compare as have not used other systems. Great that it has the option to have drain directly to a drain and not only the tank. I've run it now in a room 6m X 6m and emptied

AusClimate NWT Medium+ 25L WDH-1920EA

Latest review: Our house has large floor to ceiling windows and in winter 3 of the bedrooms don't get any sun. Condensation on the windows was extreme with water puddles by the morning. Mould naturally was