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Dream Baby Retractable

Latest review: It works well it is easy to use and keeps my dog where he's supposed to be but I find it a bit awkward to use if you have your hands full as you need both hands to use it so it has pro's and con's

Dream Baby Premium Deluxe

Latest review: It cheaply made and broke before we could use it. But so poorly designed that we wouldn't have been able to use it even if it didn't break. No room for baby's legs. My five and a half-month-old had

Dream Baby Swing Closed

Latest review: I like the gate in general but when the bar that hooks into the side bracket bent they didn't offer a replacement bar. The only option for me was to buy a new gate. Unacceptable in my opinion! Gate

Dreambaby Duck Bath & Room Thermometer

Latest review: The reader broke after a week or two. So we had to purchase a different one. It was also hard to turn on and use because the on button didn't

Dream Baby Extra-Tall Swing Closed F190B

Latest review: Couldn't express how happy we are with this gate, bought a pair for our staircase, extensions of different sizes are available at Bunnings as well, very sturdy and not easy to open which is good,

Dreambaby Liberty F854

Latest review: I bought this to keep my dogs out of the bedroom. I was dubious about the stay open function as I wanted it to close automatically behind me. It does have this feature but if you open it too wide

Dreambaby Adhesive Mag Lock

Latest review: I purchased this product to prevent from damaging my new kitchen draws. They were reasonably simple to install and the adhesive is strong enough to hold the lock in place. However if my toddler or I

Dream Baby Fold Away F610

Latest review: This product works great for me. Use it in the big bath and baby plays with dials and toys around her. You need two hands to open it, be careful their fingers are free when clipping shut. Suction

Dreambaby Auto Close Ultra

Latest review: I was really happy with this gate. I know and trust dream baby products and they never let us down. Easy to install and use giving you a piece of mind that the toddler won't be snooping in the

Dream Baby Fish Bath Thermometer F161

Latest review: As per title, bought this new but after used for 2 months the thermometer started to not work properly. The water was so hot but the thermometer still shown the temperature is less than 33 degree. It

Dream Baby Hallway

Latest review: Bought the thing tonight came home and installed in out in the hallway to barricade of the stairs. The bottom latch does not line up properly and not that easy to open/close. Save your money for

Dream Baby Roll-Up Car Sunshade

Latest review: My 17 month old has destroyed two by pulling the blind out of its roller and it cant be put back. Also the blind does not cover the whole window leaving gaps for the sun to come in. Liked being able

Dreambaby Flourescent Auto-Sensor Night Light F174

Latest review: Do not buy and waste your money. Ours only lasted a few days, can't actually replace globe in this model f174. Also the light flickers on and off much of the time, even more so when the globe started

Dreambaby Angle Lock F184

Latest review: This product is great to keep kids out of corner drawers. we installed two on the lower kitchen drawers, then installed a few more once our son started walking. we now have 8 of these installed

Dream Baby Dry Egg F603

Dreambaby Drawer Catches

Latest review: It is sad to see that the product has not got any better over time reading the other reviews from previous years. Save your money and don't buy this product. The latches catch maybe 50% of the

Dream Baby General Purpose Latch F145

Latest review: I just wasted my money purchasing this product. They may come with easy sounding straight forward instructions to suck you in to thinking that they are a great solution, wrong. They are a nightmare

Dreambaby 26-Piece Household Safety Kit

Latest review: Outlet plugs are for US plugs and therefore completely useless for use in Australia. Adhesive on the multipurpose flexible latch comes off easily even though we wiped the surface prior to use with

Dream Baby Stove & Oven Knob Covers F141

Latest review: We purchased 8 of these but within days several had broken. They looked good, were very easy to install and did the job if stopping my grandson turning the knobs. We returned one packet and were

Dreambaby F128

Latest review: These are a collection of 12 sea-related bath stickers that change colour to white when the bath temperature hits 37 degrees C. They're non-slip bath appliques that, once stuck to the bath, allow

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