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Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean

Latest review: Purchased this twice. The first one lasted me about 3 years and then the battery started to go. But for around $20 on sale I think 3 year life is very good value for money. Does a great job cleaning.

Oral-B Genius 9000

Latest review: This cleans so well and you'd actually see your teeth shinier after you brush using this toothbrush. You'd feel the difference with freshness and cleanliness with using this and regular toothbrush.

Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean

Latest review: This is is very nice electric toothbrush it is good for the price sand the heads of the toothbrush are easy to change. The battery life lasts for a long long time . I would recommend this to anyone

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 500

Latest review: My teeth is always super smooth after brushing. I appreciate how it divides your brushing into 30 second chunks, so you know when to move onto another section of

Oral-B Vitality Plus Cross Action

Latest review: This is my first time using a electric toothbrush and i love it! You brush your teeths faster and easier and cleaner! You only have to charge about a day to use that for a week, that’s pretty quick i

Oral-B Essential Floss

Latest review: The floss retracts into the container and there is no way that you can open it to unreel it. A shocking waste, and if Oral B thinks that is a way to buy more of its product, it is

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 3000

Latest review: At best, it's ok. Has a few redeeming features but if I'm paying top $, I expect the product to deliver in all areas. I'd be happy with an alternative that has better cleaning results, more

Oral-B Vitality Plus ProWhite

Latest review: After using a manual brush most of my life I tried one of the cheap $15.00 Electric Toothbrushes 1st (I wanted to know if I'd like it B4 shelling out 4 Oral B Professional one. My last one stopped

Oral-B Triumph Black 7000

Latest review: I bought Oral B electric toothbrush at Big W last December. The hard plastic packaging was extremely difficult to open and I nearly gave up. It took ages,strength and strong scissors to open the

Oral-B Triumph (ProfessionalCare) PRO 5000

Latest review: The Oral-B Braun electric tooth brush is a winner in my eyes or in this case MOUTH. With its smooth easy to hold design, and its interchangeable heads throwing away my everyday manual toothbrush was

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 1000

Latest review: Keeps my teeth squeaky clean which is how I like them, don't know why it took me so long to buy an electric toothbrush, it wasn't the most expensive or the cheapest but does a great

Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7000

Latest review: Very happy with it. Charge last for ages - can take it away for a weekend without the charger. Can buy a variety of toothbrush heads to fit it, depending on whether you want to concentrate of tooth

Oral-B Pro Triumph 5000

Latest review: Really this is great, it is easy, i t regulates the time I spend brushing my teeth and cuts out the guesswork. It makes me more likely to brush my teeth because it is so easy. I have got rid of my

Oral-B Pro Health

Latest review: My husband & I developed multiple ulcers & sores in our mouths for approx 3 mths when we switched from Colgate to Oral B toothpaste. At the time we couldn’t work out why, then the ‘penny dropped’ when

Oral-B Gum Care & Enamel Restore

Latest review: Was told I had bad gum disease and needed prompt action. I saw this on the shelves and tried it. Two months later, with improved brushing and flossing, the dentist has told me my gum disease is gone.

Oral-B Clinical Gum Protection

Latest review: My favourite toothpaste. Tastes great. Has a textures .. my teeth feel really clean after using it .. Received a sample in the letterbox but can’t find in any stores u

Oral-B Pro 500 Cross Action

Latest review: I used to use an electric toothbrush years ago but was never impressed by them much if I could brush by hand. I bought this for my dad but ended up using it for myself when it seemed clear he was

Oral-B Pulsar Anti-Bacterial

Latest review: My dentist advised the Oral B Pulsar $10 vs high-powered rotating-head electric brushes. She showed me her (now unused) $300+ brush and said she reverted to the Oral B Pulsar due to its balance of

Oral-B Professional Care 700

Latest review: Amazing product. Cleans my teeth really well. Easy to use. Changing brushes is no issue and lasts about 3

Oral-B Pro 2 2000

Latest review: This is my 1st ever electric toothbrush and I wish I had converted to one of these long ago. I've used old fashioned brushes all my life until I bought this. My teeth are much cleaner and feel as

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