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Lenovo X1 Carbon

LaptopsLenovo X1 Carbon

3.8 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I have been using the X1 yoga and travelled with it. I found it reliable and the battery life has been great with quick charge times. The option to use it as a tablet is perfect and no flimsy

Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

LaptopsLenovo ThinkPad T Series

3.2 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Purchased x2 notebooks (laptops) in Jan 2019 and they are a piece of crap. One just completely wouldn't power up one day in November rang Lenovo to see if I could get it look at under warranty. Still

Lenovo Ideapad 100S

LaptopsLenovo Ideapad 100S

2.1 from 32 reviews

Latest review: I brought this around 15 months ago. The only thing that is good (that It is lightweight). The worse is, the mouse pad is terrible and is very slow. My Acer beats its in every

Lenovo Ideapad 110

LaptopsLenovo Ideapad 110

2.7 from 13 reviews

Latest review: this is a small and light laptop that fits well into my backpack. I take it with me to work and its small enough to use on the train and the battery lasts the whole day. But I don't watch videos, I

Lenovo Ideapad 320

LaptopsLenovo Ideapad 320

1.7 from 13 reviews

Latest review: Lenovo is a brand I have previously been extremely happy with and cannot understand why they would allow a product of this low standard be distributed in their name. Looking at the specifications as

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2

LaptopsLenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: An update prior to this review. I have had this unit less than a month and already the keyboard has failed. The P key no longer works. Inside the first 30 days Lenovo offers a full replacement. So

Lenovo Yoga 900

LaptopsLenovo Yoga 900

5.0 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I was looking for a powerful (for CAD and simulations) also a laptop that could be a tablet and that was light for traveling AND with a touchscreen. I found it with the Lenovo Yoga 900s. I am really

Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming

LaptopsLenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Ordered a Lenovo L340 Gaming during their 35th anniversary specials. Order was shipped and arrived in 2 days! This was unbelievably fast delivery, and totally unexpected. The L340 Gaming has the

Lenovo Watch 9

Smart Watches / Fitness TrackersLenovo Watch 9

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This is a fantastic watch. Figuring out the setup can be a little bit tricky due to the language barrier, however, there are plenty of guides online. It is great looking, has battery life which is

Lenovo 27" Full HD Monitor L27i-28

MonitorsLenovo 27" Full HD Monitor L27i-28

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Looks stylish on the desk, slim base. Nice thin bezel, awesome clarity and response rate. Simple to set up. Does come with power cord and VGA cord, but would be handy if it came with a HDMI cord.

Lenovo IdeaPad S130

LaptopsLenovo IdeaPad S130

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Lenovo comes through yet again with the s130 14 inch laptop. Fanless engineering. 4gb ram. 64gb internal m.2 storage hard drive which is upgradeable. The speed for this machine is fine for everyday

Lenovo C340 Chromebook

LaptopsLenovo C340 Chromebook

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I was skeptical when I bought the Chromebook but hopeful. I'm using it as a teacher and it's been fantastic. It's not a full laptop - that's the thing people need to understand - it's a Chromebook.

Lenovo Yoga C740 2 in 1 Laptop

LaptopsLenovo Yoga C740 2 in 1 Laptop

5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I purchased my Lenovo Yoga C740 2in1 laptop from Officeworks, Shepparton, VIC in Feb 2020. This has a 14” screen with 2in1 convenience. 10th Gen i7-1051OU Intel Core Processor (4C / 8T, 1.8 / 4.9GHz,

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

TabletsLenovo Tab 4 Plus

4.9 from 8 reviews

Latest review: Surfing the website is really convenient and both the resolution and the Dobly sound are excellent for watching movie. No issue with all the apps and all apps work

Lenovo Thinkpad E580

LaptopsLenovo Thinkpad E580

4.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I bought it from Lenovo website...great laptop...its bigger, slightly heavier....I just had to use it at home and it met my criteria....e series as I understand is the thinkpad budget series though

Lenovo Yoga 910

LaptopsLenovo Yoga 910

4.4 from 8 reviews

Latest review: The Lenovo yoga 910 tablet is perfect in terms of speed and features. It is very reliable although a bit expensive. The price is justified by the many features and

Lenovo Tab E8

TabletsLenovo Tab E8

4.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: Brought the tablet hoping it would be better than the competitors tablet. Very impressed with the results much better than the other.Want a tablet with a great speed at a cheaper price this is the

Logitech MK235 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Mice and KeyboardsLogitech MK235 Keyboard and Mouse Combo

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I’m a nerd, and I love my computers and gadgets. Now that Bluetooth has become ubiquitous with electronic equipment, it is an obvious move to use wireless data-entry equipment in place of the t

Lenovo Optical Mouse

MiceLenovo Optical Mouse

4.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This isn't the sort of mouse you would normally go out and buy, as it is normally included with a Lenovo computer package. I use it every day and have found it reliable. It could do with a couple of

Lenovo IdeaPad S145-15IWL

LaptopsLenovo IdeaPad S145-15IWL

3.5 from 2 reviews

Latest review: I bought this to upgrade a 5 year old entry level HP laptop due to consrant frustration. It would take me between 10-40 seconds to open a pdf file.. This pc remedied this but still not as fast as I

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