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Zodiac VX55 4WD

Latest review: I've had the same experience as many have reported here. This is a good cleaner and does a great job....but only for about 18 months. After that the performance goes downhill and now that I've had

Zodiac VX50 4WD

Latest review: After constantly battling with a hose cleaner which persistently missed corners etc. I moved to the vx50 and I love it! Lovely and clean every time and collects a lot of dust too. To not have a hose

Zodiac CX20

Latest review: Was a good machine but then It died just after warranty. I spent $400+ dollars and a $99 fee to a “supplier” to have it fixed only to die 6 months later and be told their repairs are only guaranteed t

Zodiac G2

Latest review: This is the third one in ten years, works well, this time we have a leaf catcher, so we'll see how that works, this winter with all the leaves from the neighbours

Zodiac MX6

Latest review: Ok for bottom cleaning but I have had to use my old aqua buddy to keep the walls clean in My pebblecrete pool. Also gets caught up in corners. Mx8 with reverse would have been a better buy. Now I

Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

Latest review: Had the Flo pro e3 for three years worked efficiently had some major problems all of a sudden initial contact with distributor and Zodiac was a bit noncommittal but possibly my impatience was the

Zodiac AX10 Activ

Latest review: I held off buying a pool cleaner because none of them received great reviews. I researched and hesitated, researched and hesitated - maybe like you’re doing now :) After speaking with my local pool s

Zodiac MX8

Latest review: I've used it now for two weeks and my pool has never looked cleaner. Doesn't miss any areas like previous suction cleaners and cleans around the top perimeter also. Two minor issues, it beached

Zodiac TX35

Latest review: I've owned the TX35 for just over a year now. I was immediately impressed with how well this unit cleaned my 14m pebblecrete lap pool - I trialled more expensive (and MUCH LARGER) cleaners that

Zodiac TRi Series Salt Chlorine Generator

Latest review: Took it into the pool shop (not the one I bought it from and they said “oh, the TRI series” and ROLLED THEIR EYES. Not a very good model. Spent at least as much as it’s original price in servicing and

Zodiac T3 Suction

Latest review: Do not purchase a zodiac T3 - hoses and diaphragm constantly break, paid $365 for this product, which is useless. After having numerous hoses and diaphragms replaced I finally requested a refund,

Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo

Latest review: The instruction manual is a joke both supplied and online. I had to watch YouTube video and the thing still isn't working properly after hours of tinkering. My relatively new Zodiac pump has to be on

Zodiac VX40

Latest review: Our 3 YO Zodiac recently developed a motor block error, it was disappointing that this happened only 3 years into the life of the machine, used only 4 months of the year. We are meticulous about

Baracuda Manta

Latest review: We have mostly palms around the pool and the strands fall in dried up and fresh. We have a few smaller leaves that come from the neighbouring tree and small seeds etc. took a few months to finally

Baracuda Captura

Latest review: I used to have another robotic pool cleaner (Hy-Clor Pro) which did a good job but sadly it died after about 5 years of faithful service. I didn't realise how much I missed it, until I started

Zodiac TRi-XO Saltwater Chlorinator

Latest review: I purchased a ZT650 Pool Filter with Glass instead of Sand and a TR-XO Cross over LARGE the product has been great except the installation. I was away and when I came back a Plumber had installed who

Zodiac Ei2 Saltwater Chlorinator

Latest review: Anyone can install this unit. Its easy to use and does a great job. Love everything about it. Ive had other chlorinators but this one is smart looking with and easy to read display and simple

Zodiac CX35

Latest review: Purchased this cleaner due to a disability which stops me from lifting heavy loads. It is highly efficient and picks up the leaves and bark that accumulates in the pool with ease. I was very

Zodiac VX45

Latest review: We purchasded the VX 45 4wd robot just after we installed the pool. After owning a couple of pools before and using the vacuum pool cleaners we wanted something better. After using the VX 45 or a

Zodiac Baracuda G3

Latest review: My pool is 15mx3.5m with two skimmers and a 3-level pump. I have been using two extra pipes, running the pump at the top suction level and using one skimming box (close the other one) to make the

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