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Ovela (Kogan) Fitted Electric Blanket

Latest review: I purchased my Ovela electric blanket last August. It has only been in use since late autumn. Now it has failed just one month after the warranty elapsed. Although Kogan customer support disagree, I

ALDI Heated Throw

Latest review: I can not think of any bad thing about this throw. At my work I have 6 meter high ceilings and it cost me a fortune to heat up the space. Having the throw around at the moments behind my desk, makes

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Faux Fur Heated Throw TR6100

Latest review: We have a much cheaper fleece heated throw that we bought on Groupon last year for $40. It is amazing. I wanted a second one and was sucked in by the look of the faux fur although was a bit hesitant

Target Fleecy

Latest review: At a very reasonable price, this electric blanket is ideal for couples who are affected by the night cold differently. Being a fitted blanket helps it stay in place

Kmart Heated Throw - Green

Latest review: I got this given as a present as a friend had one .. I now don’t use a heater in winter because of this blanket.. I use it to keep warm while on the couch and if the nights are really cold I have u

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect

Latest review: Loved this at first. I have had it less than 6 months.Now one side has stopped working- the flashing light problem others have listed here. I wont be getting it repaired as other reviews listed here

Jason Fitted

Latest review: I received my Jason Electric blanket - and the next day I had fitted it to my bed to find that the right side of the blanket does not heat up - change the controllers from left to right to check if

Kambrook BZB427WHT

Latest review: This is a very efficient blanket. It is energy efficient, keeps me warm and cosy in winter. I do not need to have the heater on all the time and just use the blanket to warm up my bed before going to

Target Fitted Multi Zone Electric Blanket

Latest review: I thought it would be better than the one i had previously bouhht at kmart but its not as warm by any means, I'll buy another from kmart next winter & put this one on the guest bed i

Sunbeam Sleep Express Fitted

Latest review: Mines on the spare bed so only gets used once a month or so. Its working ok so far. my friend said it was good and nice and warm and heated up

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Quilted

Latest review: I really loved it while it worked ..thought it was best I've ever come across. Well fitted and more comfortable with good features.. except didnt last more than a few of years.. For the high

Breville BZB437WHT

Latest review: Have been reading comments about this blanket and can't understand some of the criticism levelled. The blanket warms beautifully and when correctly fitted is not even noticeable. The cord connection

Breville Body Zone BZB537WHT

Latest review: First blanket had t.o be returned when controls failed now second blanket flashing F after just 5 minutes. Tired of having to return whole item so will not be purchasing this brand again. Previous

Onkaparinga Klikk Classic Quilted

Latest review: I have a failed controller on one side of a queen size electric blanket CEBKLIF. Phoned Onkaparinga: +61 3 8390 3333 this morning 4/10/18 and spoke to customer service. Girl said sorry we dont make

Kingdom Fitted / Tie-Down

Latest review: After 2 years approx the blanket came on by itself. The controller burnt, Luckerly we were home and smelt burning. I had left it plugged in to the power point which was on, but the controller was

Linen House Wool Multi-Zone Electric Blanket

Latest review: We have had a couple of Sunbeams, which didn't last long, and a Breville, which was uncomfortable. Finally, we have a keeper. This electric blanket has 9 settings for each of top and bottom areas,

Ramesses KELBW14

Latest review: Having had one for our Queen bed for the last 3 years, we bought another this year for our new King size. The separate controls make this blanket excellent for individual use. We can have each side

Beurer Personal Heating Pad HKCOMFORT

Latest review: I bought this to replace hot water bottles and microwave heating pads containing rice etc. It's much better than those items. Initially I thought it was not hot enough, but over time I came to

Goldair GEFT250

Latest review: I bought two different brands of heated throw blankets for winter, after reading that they are much cheaper to run than heating. Both were great, and we were able to reduce the hours we ran the

Sunbeam Feel Perfect Snug & Cosy Fleece

Latest review: The sunbeam Feel Perfect heated throw, snug & cosy fleece. It's reversible pale pink one side pale grey the other. Has a 3 hour auto safety off, 6 heat settings, 10 minute heat up, machine washable.

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