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Sleeping Duck Mattress
  • Award Winner 2017

MattressesSleeping Duck Mattress · includes 12 listings

4.8 from 2,728 reviews

Latest review: It is no surprise that Sleeping Duck has been voted the best mattress back to back. I have back problems and have been having trouble getting a decent nights sleep for quite a long time. I bought a

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Support
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Support · includes 10 listings

4.9 from 334 reviews

Latest review: Very comfortable and solved a number of issues. The customer service was excellent and the follow up has been unexpected. The bed and mattress has been well worth the

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Comfort

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Comfort · includes 15 listings

4.9 from 328 reviews

Latest review: Our old latex mattress ( from a different company) needed replacing and as we love latex mattresses we bought this one over the phone without seeing or feeling it. We thought we knew what we were

Ausbeds Sienna

MattressesAusbeds Sienna · includes 15 listings

4.9 from 275 reviews

Latest review: Highly recommend this mattress. Bought Ausbeds Sienna 8 Queen few weeks ago, the mattress is good and comfortable but I used to sleep in a very firm mattress, Karl is happy to give me a new one which

Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesErgoflex Memory Foam Mattress · includes 6 listings

4.7 from 1,371 reviews

Latest review: One week into using this Mattress, The experience has been really good so far! I have back issues from time to time and the moment you sleep in this mattress, it acts like a personal masseuse! I

Ausbeds Cooper

MattressesAusbeds Cooper · includes 5 listings

4.9 from 197 reviews

Latest review: I have a sensitive spine that requires support in just the right places without being overly firm and this mattress delivers just that. I’m very pleased with this beautifully made product as well as t

MicroCloud Mattress Toppers

Mattress ToppersMicroCloud Mattress Toppers

4.7 from 442 reviews

Latest review: Our mattress topper arrived a few days ago, wish we had purchased it a long time ago. It is wonderful no more sore hips and stiff joints when we wake up. Love

Onebed Mattress Original
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018

MattressesOnebed Mattress Original · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 1,403 reviews

Latest review: If you like a firm mattresses then you’ll love this bed. Even with the interchangeable layers it’s still firm. I was hoping this mattress would fix my sore back but instead it’s made it worse. My part

Calming Blanket Weighted Blanket

Sheets & BlanketsCalming Blanket Weighted Blanket

4.7 from 436 reviews

Latest review: This blanket has been a total game changer for our daughter who suffers from anxiety. The first time she used it she was asleep in 10 minutes which is a huge change from her usual 2 hours! Very happy

Marce Blanc Mattress

MattressesMarce Blanc Mattress · includes 10 listings

4.8 from 183 reviews

Latest review: The foam top became very sagging after 1.5 years of use, yes. the mattress was cheap, but only used for such a short time makes it not cheap at all. Asking for a warranty, but unfortunately, they

Koala Mattress
  • Award Winner 2019
  • 2018
  • 2017

MattressesKoala Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.6 from 3,290 reviews

Latest review: We ordered the queen bedbase and unfortunately it was poorly built (creaked while in bed all night) and a very different colour to the picture (very pink). We have tried to follow the return process

MicroCloud Pillows
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2017

Pillows and Body PillowsMicroCloud Pillows · includes 5 listings

4.6 from 521 reviews

Latest review: Great pillow. I've had mine for a couple of years now. It has lost some of its plumpness, but it is still my go-to pillow, I just put another one underneath. Sometimes I swap it out for other new

Therapy Weighted Blanket

Sheets & BlanketsTherapy Weighted Blanket

4.8 from 156 reviews

Latest review: I purchased a Therapy Blanket on a whim after toying with the idea of a weighted blanket for some time. I am a very restless sleeper and take a long time to get to sleep. The first day I was excited

Spinaleze Pillows
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2017

PillowsSpinaleze Pillows · includes 3 listings

4.6 from 546 reviews

Latest review: have had a sore neck fo years. I heard about spinaleze pillow from a friend. I bought it online. High profile pillow. Since first night the feeling was incredible. I woke up the day after without any

Eva Mattress

MattressesEva Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.5 from 700 reviews

Latest review: Thank you. After years of sleeping on an inferior mattress, i took the plunge, and after a lot of research settled on Eva. All i can say is that I am delighted, I no longer wake up with pins and

Zzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label

MattressesZzz Atelier Chiropedic Black Label · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 182 reviews

Latest review: I was so nervous buying this online without trying it out, it arrived in a box which added to my anxiety. I let it expand out, took around 10hrs to get to full size. The mattress is amazing, super

Onebed Mattress Essential

MattressesOnebed Mattress Essential · includes 5 listings

4.7 from 187 reviews

Latest review: Went from a plush mattress, which was giving my wife and I both back pain. Chose one bed because of their kind for the price of a single deal. And in a couple of weeks our back pain went away. I

Latex Mattress Australia Pure Indulgence

MattressesLatex Mattress Australia Pure Indulgence · includes 4 listings

4.9 from 87 reviews

Latest review: This is the second latex mattress I bought and I love it. It’s super comfortable which means I get a restful sleep. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a new m

Zenna Mattress
  • Award Winner 2020

MattressesZenna Mattress · includes 5 listings

4.9 from 86 reviews

Latest review: I can say from my own personal experience that you can purchase a Zenna mattress with 110% confidence that this company will go out of its way to make sure you are happy with your purchase - or will

Chiropedic Eco Kids Mattress

MattressesChiropedic Eco Kids Mattress · includes 3 listings

4.9 from 67 reviews

Latest review: I was searching for 3 KS mattresses for my kids (6, 4 & 4). I wanted something supportive, comfortable, competitively priced and would be suitable for them into their teens. My search lead me to the

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