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Pauline · Platinum Premium Junior

Hello, my baby is 7 months old and she’s been only on breast milk and mashed food. If I start with a2 stage 2 would that be a little harsh on her tummy ?

The a2 Milk Company
The a2 Milk Company   DM   

Hi Pauline, Thanks for your question. a2 Platinum® Premium follow-on formula, Stage 2 would be a suitable choice for your little one. If you would like more detailed information, please reach out to one of our Careline Dietitians on 1800 22 46 32.
Warm regards,
a2 Careline Team

Prabhu M.
Prabhu M. · Platinum Premium

Hi my baby is 8months old, we are currently with NanPro Comfort, but this creates lots of constipation for her and she is crying everytime she relieves and it is very hard and dry eventhough we try to give lots of water. Now we have stopped giving that formula and just breastfeed and solid food. As the breastfeed is not sufficient, I'm looking for other formula milk, read A2 platinum is good. Could any mothers using A2 premium milk for 8months old baby please suggest is it a good decision to switch to A2 platinum formula milk? GP is not advising on which one to go with. Thanks in advance.

The a2 Milk Company
The a2 Milk Company   DM   

We’re sorry to hear that things are not going as planned. Please feel free to reach out to our Careline team for support on 1800 22 46 32. Our Careline dietitians would be happy to help with any questions you may have.

Y Pusp
Y Pusp · Platinum Premium

Hi there, My baby is 12 months old now. She is in a2 formula since she was 6 months. We are still feeding her a2 formula. The instructions to feed after 12 months is 2 serve but, we are still feeding her 5-6 times a day as her main meal. Does it affect in my baby health.


At 12 months, babies should be on solid foods as their main meals with formula supplemented, Please discuss with your Gp/Child health nurse.

The a2 Milk Company
The a2 Milk Company   DM   

Hi, a2 Platinum Premium toddler milk drink (Stage 3) is designed to supplement the normal diet of an active toddler from 1 year when their dietary intake may be inadequate. After one year of age, as the focus shifts to solids as the primary nutrition source, milk should be consumed as part of an overall healthy diet. If toddler milk is introduced to the diet, it should not be used to replace food or regular meals or become the child's main meals but may replace regular cows’ milk. We recommend that you seek help from your child's Health Care Professional to discuss your child's dietary needs. Warm regards, a2 Nutrition team

Linh N.
Linh N. · Platinum Premium

Hi, my baby 10 month old, is using aptamil mix with breastmilk. I would like to let her try A2 formula as I heard it's more gentle on her tummy and help her gaining weight better. May I know if I should start from stage 1 or stage 2 for her? Can I mix it with breastmilk?

The a2 Milk Company
The a2 Milk Company   DM   

Hi Linh, Thanks for reaching out - we have Careline Dietitians to support you through your questions. Please call our Careline on 1800 22 46 32 and we will be happy to help.

Linh N.
Linh N.  

I am not from Australia so i cannot call. Can you please rely me here?


Use stage 2 for your daughter’s age

Bianca.l · Platinum Premium

My 2month old is taking A2 formula but is now doing a poo after every feeding?!! And is very gassy? Is this normal?!!!

lisa · Platinum Premium

Baby was doing well and gained weight , now he is gradually developing lots of gas/wind and crying, I think it’s colic, crying so hard when he pushes poo, constantly for hours, we’ve just changed to a formula specific for colic but will only be temporary, still looking for a good formula in the long term

Ben · Platinum Premium

Is it possible to get a sample pack to see if my baby will like this formula? She is 16 months old.

JEs · Platinum Premium

My baby is on a2 and her poo is very runny. She goes once a day or every other day. I thought formula fed babies’ poos have pasty consistency? Is my baby’s poo normal. She has had this runny poo for a month now.

David C from Mosman
David C from Mosman  

We have had the same problem, with a heap of gas/wind that we have been able to relive 30-40% via infocol. Our child is also on Losec for reflux

Ann L.
Ann L. · Platinum Premium

Are they good for eczema baby?

William · Platinum Premium

What kind of cows does the A2 milk come from?

MaRLeY B. · Platinum Premium Infant

How to transition from Aptamil to a2


How did you go? I have started today doing every other bottle

Jessica M.
Jessica M. · Platinum Premium

Hi I order my formula with my food shopping and I didnt realise they gave me stage 2 instead of stage 1 my baby is 5months (4months corrected) (prem) I have opened the tin and I Given her 2 bottles before realising will this harm her? If not can she finish the tin ?

Sheeren H.
Sheeren H. · Platinum Premium Follow-On

what is the scoop size in ml please

Shantell.c · Platinum Premium

Is a2 good for a sensitive stomach? My little girl had bad reflux, after using a reflux formula it subsided she was no longer projectile vomiting but still vomiting alot. After trying many different formulas we spoke to a midwife who suggested we use nan comfort. Her vomiting wasn't as often or as much but after several weeks it has gotten worse again. Thinking it may be a milk allergy we took her back to the midwife only to be told she just has a sensitive stomach. My poor girl is only 4 months old and has had nothing but discomfort and vomiting since she was born. Any suggestions please?

Ruchi S.
Ruchi S.  

It sounds more like an allergy than a sensitive stomach. Try Goats milk or Soy formula. You may also want to see a pediatrician. Found this useful website - https://www.babylist.com/hello-baby/best-baby-formula

David C from Mosman
David C from Mosman  

The lactose free aptinal plus might be good too
I baby was prescribed losec for vomiting

Chris · Platinum Premium

My child started using A2 from birth and I love this product,its realy good,but my child is starting to get lots of slime on chest,Could this be because of product
He is 2 turning 3 and we use A2 platinum 3

Nav Dhillon
Nav Dhillon · Platinum Premium Infant

My daughter is 2.5 months old she is not gai Ning much weight .Does a2 platinum formula helps in gaining weight?

joyce g.
joyce g. · Platinum Premium Follow-On

I have just transitioned my son to stage 2 follow-on formula and he almost always never finish a bottle. He spews up and cries after feeding halfway through. There were times where he would just drink 30ml-50ml every 4 hours. So, I wait it out for 2 weeks, see how he goes. Still the same. So, I went to see our local nurse and she told me to stay on A2 stage1 as he was happy with it. Is this something you'd recommend? Or should I wait a bit longer for him to get used to it?

Courtney B.
Courtney B.  

So what the doctor recommends!!!

Sam · Platinum Premium Infant

My baby is 3 weeks of age and is a formula fed baby... once I left the hospital I was advised by the nurse to get s26 formula which I did but then my baby got constipated and got some wind too! ... I changed the formula to A2 platinum stage 1 but my baby is still constipated and pooing every 2 days or so which is better than the s26 where he didn’t go at all... I got advised by my nurse to get infacol and colic drops to help but I don’t feel it’s doing much ... any extra advise on what to do? change formula? Use a formula for constipation just until he gets better than go back to A2? First baby so very new to it all!!

Thanks in advance


Hi Sam, congratulations on your new bub!

I wouldn't be too concerned about the frequency of his poo as long as it is coming out reasonably soft. I would consider trying another formula if he was experiencing any pain when trying to go, and it was only coming out in hard little pellets. You could try a gentle massage with lotion on his belly after a bath or if you notice he is trying to go, while he is on his back, gently encourage his knees towards his belly (kind of like a squat), makes it easier for him to push.

Each baby is different so trying to find the right formula is just trial and patience. I have four babes and none of them were the same. I am currently using S26 Gold but I would stick to what you are using if you find it is better than the last. We all want the best start for our babies but don't be fooled by the words 'premium, platinum or gold'. The most important thing is that your baby sleeps well and gains weight well, this makes for a happy mamma. All the best.


Hi Sam,

My pediatrician advised me that “Gold” formulas tend to constipate babies so I would steer clear of those. Personally, I would stick to the A2 and get some Coloxyl drops. These drops combined with the A2 really helped my baby girl. She was a bit older though so I would check with your Doctor first and make sure your bub can have them. I'm not sure why the nurse suggested colic drops and infacol for constipation, I wouldn’t expect them to make a difference.

I hope your bub is feeling better soon. It’s horrible to watch them constipated and in pain. Best of luck.


Hi ladies thank you for your advise I’ll be sure to take it on board ... Shelly I had a auto correct moment happen i am currently using coloxyl drops not colic drops along with infacol as advised by nurse and it’s not really doing much

Isabelle S
Isabelle S  

Your answer is APTAMIL HA!

Very gentle, fabulous for constipation!

It’s all whey no casein. Partially hydrolysed.

Most constipation issues are from iron & casein which HA has lower iron!

It has added prebiotics, is $11 cheaper then a2!

Ridiculous that with a2 you neee to make with boiling hot water!! A baby can not wait for boiling hot water!

APez · Platinum Premium Infant

Hi guys. I have just put my 8 week old on A2 platinum and wanted to know of your experiences. Firstly, I started on Nan gold but had to change due to silent reflux issues. We changed to novalac reflux for 2 weeks but his poos were very hard and the reflux issues seeemd to subside with medication. We have now changed to the A2 formula and he has been on it for 3 days. He is now struggling with bad wind (no diarrhoea though) but just really smelly wind and very unsettled and squirmy (particularly at night). Has this been your experience too? I wanted to know if I should persist with this new formula and put it down to just a change in his diet. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks :-)


I also changed because of those reasons. I do add thickener into each feed too. And also changed my bottles :)

Kath Mott
Kath Mott · Platinum Premium Infant

My newborn was on Novalac Colic formula from about 6 weeks which seemed to ease her colic symptoms. She's now 13 weeks and I think she's grown out of colic symptoms so I decided to change formula due to a small amount of constipation and her vomiting/spit ups being chucky cheese in consistency. I've moved to the A2 for the last couple of days and now she is spitting up more liquidy rather than chucky cheese and the smell is really bad almost putrid. Has anyone experience this? Maybe the lactose is fermenting in her tummy and therefore smells bad? Should I give her A few more days on this formula to see if it settles or perhaps move back to another formula. Bub is relatively happy it's more so that I'm not happy with the smell and the constant washing!!

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