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Our Fanway light has started flickering (it's a few years old). Can the light globes be replaced?
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Hi Greg, Thank you for your enquiry. The light can most certainly be replaced in your Fanaway. Can you please respond with a make and model description so that I can advise on the correct globe for your Fan. Kind regards, Monique BL Customer Service Team.The model is ES0363D E090. Can this be installed without an electrician? You can see it on page 8 here https://www.beaconlightingtradeclub.com.au/media/210905-907_IM_Ver_1_1_2014-12-30_-WS-EN.pdfHi Greg, thank you for providing us with the link. The Fanaway you have has integrated LED panels, and does not take globes. You can purchase the LED panels via our spare parts division, in store only. If you contact/visit you local Beacon Lighting store they will advise of pricing and availability. The light "kit" does plug in so you would not need an electrician however you do need to ensure that the power is off to the fan. If you fan is less than 2 years old, this can be replaced under warranty. Kind regards, Emina - BL Customer Service

The fan has only bern installed for three days. Suddenly, today, it’s making a loud grating noise when running even on low. Fan is not wobbly and can’t see any dirt on the blades or assembly. Hey is it making a noise all of a sudden ?
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Hi Helen, I cannot say why this is occurring. I would suggest, if you live in Australia, to contact our Warranty team on 1800 602 243 and they will arrange a service call for you to see what the issue could be. If you live outside of Australia, please contact the supplier you purchased this from and they will be able to advise on the warranty call out on this fan, Debbie Fanaway Customer Service

Hi I have a EVO 1 and I need to replace the fluro tube how do you remove it. Regards Rob
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Hi Rob, the white plastic diffuser needs to be removed by holding the metal part above the diffuser with one hand and turning the diffuser in an anti-clockwise direction about a 1/4 of a turn. The diffuser should then come back and you just unclick the tube from the wire and take the tube out. Debbie - Fanaway Customer ServiceTHANKS

Hi, I have 5 x Evo one fanaway fans, all fans operate using remotes, one of the fans has start playing up by only circulating the fan speed on high and then only on really low. On low the blades hardly come out from the base. What is the cause and how can it be fixed? Thanks Stephen
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Hi Stephen, Thank you for your enquiry, it sounds like the remote control may need to be replaced or the capacitor in the fan you will need to have your electrician come and check this to fully diagnose what exactly needs to be replaced.Kind Regards, Tina - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

how do you replace the led globe
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Hi Anne C, If you have the version where the LED is integrated this is not changeable , you will find that it would most likely not be the LED that has failed , but the driver and these are available through the Beacon Lighting spare parts division- which can be accessed through your closest Beacon Lighting store , they will be able to advise on availability and costing for you- Kind Regards, Tina - Beacon Lighting Customer Servicethanks

Hello I have this ceiling fan only a couple of months old fan working perfect no light coming on, can you suggest how to change bulb? Why it should have stopped working after a couple of months please
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Hi Felicity, I cannot tell from this forum which fan you so I am not able to answer your question fully have however your fan will be under warranty so I would suggest completing the form on this link https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/warranty-claims and our Service team will arrange a service all for to repair/replace the fan for you. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at webmaster@ beaconlighting.com.au as we can look further into the issue for you, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I have just purchased 2 identical fans and the light in one is much brighter than the other on all 3 tones. I need them both bright. Any idea on how to fix the issue?
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I would ask about that at the place of purchaseHi Paula, if you have the Fanaway Evo1 that came complete with remote control where you can change the colour temp of the light by pushing a button, then the remote also has a dimming function on it. By pressing the light button on the remote, the light will dim or become brighter. if you have tried this and they are still different a brightness, please PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au the details of your purchase, ie. the SKU no. of the fans and you contact details and we will be able to advise further, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hi can you get replacement shades for a fan away?
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Yes, you can get replacement shades through your closest Beacon Lighting store, you will need to advise them of the model you have, ie. what wattage tube and what colour fan you have so that they can get the correct one in for you, Debbie Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I have recently purchased the fanaway EVO1 LED and had it installed by licenced electrician. I turned it on last night and after about 3 hours it the fan shut down. This has now happened twice, is there a setting that needs adjusting or is it faulty?
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Hi Carol, thank you fro your message. Here is the link for the Warranty form to be completed https://www.beaconlighting.com.au/warranty-claims.html. Once completed this goes through to the Warranty team and they will be in contact with you directly regarding the fan. Alternatively, please send us an email with your contact details to webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au to discuss this further. Regards, Emina - BL Customer Service

I have a fanaway EV01. The remote controller has failed again which means a new controller. $100 plus electrician $150 plus.Can the wall control unit work if installed when the controller is not working??
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Hi Bruce, it will depend on the version of EVO1 fan you have as to whether you can use a wall controller. If you have one that has a fluoro circular tube as a light, then you can use a wall controller, the remote would have be disabled fully. if you have one that has a LED light with a remote where the light dims from the remote, then a wall controller cannot be used. if you have any further questions, please PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au , Debbie - BL Customer Service

I am wondering if any LED could be replaced. It is because the Luminous level is not good enough. Original is 40w rated LED.
2 answers
Hi Ming, the LED light in the Fanaway Evo1 cannot be replaced. This has a great light output of 2200 lumens, Debbie - Beacon lighting Customer ServiceThanks a lot. Any possibility that Fanaway could offer upgrade kit to enhance the light level? It seems the current light level may not be satisfied. Many thanks.

Our fanaway turns on automatically, mainly in warm weather. Anyone know why this would happen?
1 answer
Hi Jac, if you use a remote, there is a possibility that someone in your area is using a remote that is on the same frequency as you. Please check your installation instructions for the remote, and you will find where the DIP switches are located so you can change the frequency, Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Hello We have an EV01 in our bedroom and for the third time in 8 years the remote doesn't work for all functions - in this case it is the fan operation. Th light function still works. This is really annoying as it wasn't a cheap fan/light and each time we have to buy the remote/receiver kit for around $85. What are our options please?
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Hi Neil, the only other option you would have is not not to use a remote at all and use the fan wall controller that was originally supplied with your fans when you purchased them as fan remotes are great for ease of installation and easy to use however they can be prone to powers surges/changes which can cause the receiver unit to fail and need replacing. There are fan remotes that retail for $79.95 that are made to help protect against surges however they will not entirely fix the issue that can happen with remotes. Debbie - Beacon Lighting Customer Service

I recently purchased an Amazon Echo. I have 5 Fanaway Evo2 set up throughout my apartment and would like to incorporate bot the fans and the lighting into my smart home. Can anyone advise on what equipment I would need to do this?
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The light on our fan is flickering on and off while the fan is going. we have unscrewed the bulbs for now but would like to know what is causing this problem?
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Hi Brenda, if you could PM us at webmaster@beaconlighting.com.au the SKU number of the fan you have and whether you have a remote on this fan, we will be able to look further into this for you and get back to you with an answer. Debbie - BL Customer Service

I have a fanaway model 9-0003-07/wh can I get a new wall control as mine does not work? steve
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Hi Steve T, Thank you for your question , yes you are able to obtain a replacement wall control, to obtain this you would need to contact your closest Beacon Lighting store as they have access to a spare parts division and would be able to advise of the availability and costing for you. If you are not near one of our stores they could arrange to have this sent to you. Kind Regards- Tina Beacon Lighting Customer Service

Fan blades are coming out very slowley and when out fan runs slow. We do not have the remote option fan turns on from the wall. Is there something we can do to fix the issue?
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when cleaning the blades which I have done numerous times before one of the blades came off. is this repairable?
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If that blade comes off so easily aren’t you concerned it might come off while you have it on? We just had a blade, that had never been loose or come off while cleaning, fly across the room while it was on! Can’t put it back as fitting is broken, not that it would be safe to try.

Hi we have a fan away eco fan. It is controlled only through the remote. We have changed the batteries in it However it won’t switch off. We have turning power off to the house but it’s still on. Any suggestions please
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HI Liz, Thank you for your message , it sounds like your remote control is no longer communicating with the fan , meaning you will need to purchase a new remote ,to avoid the fan from staying on in the future (should this occur again) you will need your electrician to install an isolation switch as per the fan installation instructions. Kind Regards, Tina- Beacon Lighting Customer Service

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