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Honda Buffalo Classic HRU216D

Honda Buffalo Classic HRU216D Questions & Answers

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Hakan S

Hakan Sasked

Buffalo Classic HRU216D

What is the difference between a honda Hru216 and Hru216D ?

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Roslyn O'Meley

Roslyn O'Meleyasked

Buffalo Classic HRU216D

I have a mower (Honda buffalo classic HRU21D,I am wishing to purchase a catcher to fit my mower please

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Any mower shop or you can just buy off eBay will be a little cheaper



Buffalo Classic HRU216D

I’ve just purchased a 2nd hand Honda HRU 216D Buffalo Classic.
Read the reviews here.
Just wondering what type of fuel to use in it.
Someone said don’t use premium unleaded.

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Hi Penny, Ive always used the 98 octane premium fuel. If you want to check just call a Honda mower shop, they will tell you what to use or any shop that sells Honda mowers

Kevin Oorschot

Kevin Oorschotasked

Buffalo Classic HRU216D

love my HRU 216D mower its about 7 ish years old now has cut wet and dry grass without effort and never failed, I am having just now a fuel supply problem and have taken apart the carburetta, cleand it out and reassembled it.
So what is happening is it starts and runs for about 6 mayby 8 seconds and then cuts out not to start unless I drain the fuel and clear out (as it seems) excess fuel in the chamber. Can you advise if this is a float problem or something else.
I like to repair and understand these things my self and look forward to your reply.

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Buffalo Classic HRU216D

What Engine is in the HRU216D Buffalo?

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Buffalo Classic HRU216D

HI, I have just bought a HRU216D self propelled mower second hand and would like to touch up the paint scratches etc. on the deck but can not find the colour of the deck and a paint (aerosol) supplier. Could anyone please advise.
A Australian supplier if possible.
Thanks in anticipation TT

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Have just discovered by accident that Dupli Color Autospray available through Supercheap Auto stocks an exact match for the dark grey Deck on my Australian Honda HRU216 Self propelled mower. Its the same as the Toyota Graphite. My 8 year old mower now looks brand new again after the quick touch up of the scratches on the sides of the mower deck. I don't normally partake in these forums, however I know the pains and dead ends I went through to research the answer. None of the professionals I asked knew the answer. Here is the link to the Supercheap stock item.


Your welcome :o)

sophie bristow

sophie bristowasked

Buffalo Classic HRU216D

Bottom pins to handle have come out every time i put them in one side pushes the other side out

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James H.Honda

Hi Sophie, this is Dylan from Honda's head office in Melbourne. Sorry to hear you've been having an issue with your Honda HRU216. I would encourage you to contact your local Honda Power Equipment dealer, who should be able to help you with this and any other questions you have about your Honda mower.

To locate your closest dealer, head to http://dl.hondampe.com.au/

I hope this helps :)

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