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I was trying to open a trust account, first of all the forms have difficulty downloading and displaying. After we completed the cumbersome forms my partner and I went to the HSBC Randwick branch with the trust account forms yesterday and felt that the representative Miadad was acting more like a police officer than a bank representative, the final straw was when he subsequently asked me what the purpose of the trust account was as I was advised by my lawyer about all the legal structures that is needed and cannot necessarily remember by heart I showed him a page highlighting a sentence which summaries the purpose of the account. He then said I am asking you a question and you are showing me this thing instead of answering me, I then replied I am answering you but pointing to you this highlighted sentence, he then said cant you speak English ? This response was extremely rude, condescending and unwarranted. My partner tried to escalate to the manager but he simply sided with him and was no help. In my partners anger he said he should not work here and go back instead which I agreed was not appropriate and the manager Hugo seized the opportunity to ask us out. Besides the bad experience it was also a complete waste of time filling in the forms that are not easy. We went to CBA and the lady took us through the process instead of handing us a bunch of forms and questioned us subsequently about this and that. Much easier and way more pleasant.

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David G

David Gasked

I have just opened an account and then I read the reviews. I am now thinking twice about transferring some money. What ia the bank going to do to address these issues?

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Steve P
Steve P

The bank does nothing.
Once it has your account that's all that matters.
No customer service from that point on.

fred f
fred f

Nothing because people just use this site only to ‘keyboard complain’ rather than contacting the bank directly to address their issues.

ben dover
ben dover

Ask the bank but my guess is NOTHING



Is HSBC the worlds global bank
is it the worlds rudest bank?

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Definitely the rudest and there are so many better choices out there. From now on I am sticking with the NAB.


The rudest, most inefficient, expensive and most difficult to deal with - and coming from an ex employee. Stick with the local banks with efficient processes and appropriate resources located within Australia.


Rude, costly and incompetent. Hugely frustrating to deal with. A bank getting worse and being left behind.

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