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Do you do inspections at each stage and if so what would an approx price be for a 3 bedroom, 20 square home. Thanks Anna
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Hi I am building with one of the major builder and they reassured me that they have their own 3rd party inspectors to check through all the stages of build from checking of materials used as in contract till handover. But of course I would not take their words for it. Especially when there are so many inexperienced tradies around that go for fast job and fast money! Do you do such full stage inspection? How much will it cost and for which stage? Thanks matey!
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Hi Elle, I totally agree with you, do not trust what the builder says regardless of the size, they always try to cover their fedects unless it’s too obvious or you bring it up. We did not do a full stage review, we only did a final stage inspection but even so lots of defects were identified, some of which you would never be aware of! It cost us only a couple of hundreds and it’s well worth it. The inspector gave us a very detailed inspection report plus lots of advice on how to deal with the builder which is very useful. Hope my answer helps.Hi Ellen, Z. Chen seems to agree with you, and I have to say, so do we. You want someone in your corner. We can certainly help you out here. In order to provide a quote, I need to get the local consultant to reach out to you directly and discuss your exact needs and offer a tailored solution. If you would like me to do this, you can email us at info@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au and provide the property address (lot number is fine) and your best phone number to catch you on.Hi Ellen, I totally again with Z.Chen. My builder promised my wife and I that he would build our master piece, and just before the build started I said I was getting my own private inspector in and said that I'd have to pay a admin fee to allow the inspector on-site. So that scared us off as that fee wasn't in our budget. We do kick ourselves for not getting every stage done, but we are so glad that we did get the final inspection done as there were so many defects that I didn't even see and I would visit the property every 3rd day. We were ment to be settling this friday but thats no longer happening due to all the problems that were found. I highly recommend that you do get every stage checked yes it may cost some $$$ but don't do the same mistake that I did. Hope this can help

Can you put me intouch with Steve Mcbide Noosa for building inspection?
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Hi there Donald. If you'd like to email info@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au with your details (full name, phone, email, address of property) I can have Steve contact you directly.

Hi I would like to get a quote for a thorough inspection for a new build. I tried on your website but it didn't let me summit as the land is a new land in point cook. Thanks
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Hi David, I'm sorry about that - the street addresses sometimes don't pick up new development areas. We'd be happy to help. Could you please send an email to info@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au with: - The Address of the property to be inspected - Your full name - Your best contact phone number - Your email address I'd be happy to have someone in the area quote for this job.

Hi . I am going for an owner builder construction. I need an inspector to do every stage inspection from start to finish. Could you ease provide me an estimate of inspections. Thanks kamal [details removed]
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Hi Kamal, I'd be happy to help you with a quotation. In order to assist you, please send an email to info@jimsbuildinginspections (or reply to this message) with the following details: Your full name Best contact number Email Address Address of property to be inspected (including state please)

Hi! A small piece of asbestos was placed on a out side bed room widow sill by an unknown person. I picked it up and broke it in half then through it in the garden. Should I be concerned about this or am I over reacting? Please could I have your advice and opinion .
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Hi Peter, If it is asbestos there could be fibres that can potentially make it unsafe. Leaving it in the garden is a risk for small children or animals, and anyone working the garden in that area. You can place this (using gloves) in plastic bag. Then place this bag in a second heavy duty plastic bag and take it to the tip. You do pay more to dispose of asbestos, and some tips do not take this substance. However this is the best way to handle the suspected substance. You are able to remove less than 10ms yourself. There is a great link at asbestos awareness that you can review. https://asbestosawareness.com.au/disposal-legalities-nsw/diy-removal-nsw/

Hi there we would like a thorough inspection done of our already purchased house how much will that cost ? Thanks
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Hi there Mano. We offer various types of inspections and our prices vary from state to state and house size. Could you please send us an email with the details below and I can have the local consultant reach out directly to you to quote you. Please send an email to info@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au with the following details: Your full name Full address of the property including state Your best contact number Thanks for your enquiry!

Hi im looking for a review in victoria specifically for clyde north. Thank you Ronald
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Hi Rocky, The best way you can do this is by contacting the Jim's Group Call Centre on 131 546. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us via info@jimsbuildinginspections.com.au Thanks, Emily | Jim's Building Inspections

I am planning to makeover both my kitchen and laundry. We will be spending a substantial amount. I have read some mixed reviews of various kitchen companies (Freedom and Good Guys) and one of the complainants (who has had some very unfortunate experiences with one of these companies) suggested we should get a building inspector. Do you do this sort of work?
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We can certainly discuss your specific needs in more detail. If you call 131 546 you'll be put in touch with the local consultant and they'll be able to discuss this further with you.

Hi, I am building a single story in Mount Waverley with one of the known builders. I am seeking for a independent building inspector to do building inspections. Please let me know the cost?
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One of our independent building inspectors would be delighted to give you a free quote. There are a number of questions that need to be answered first and as we have dedicated inspectors in the Mount Waverley area its best to call Jims on 131 546 and you'll get a quick response to your inquiry.

Hi there. We are planning a new house build from one of the standard floor plan offerings by one of the large builders in Warralily near Geelong. We are seeking input form an independent building inspector on a) the contract specification prior to signing an b) at prescribed inspection times prior to milestone payments to the builder. Any recommendations for an inspector and estimate of cost?
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Hi there! We'd be happy to help you out with this. You can discuss your needs and receive a quote directly from a local consultant in your area. Please contact our national call centre on 131 546 and they will put you in touch with someone!

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