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Has anyone purchased this for their childs bed? Would the microcloud mattress topper be suitable for a 6 year old child to sleep on? We purchased a Sleepmaker kids mattress for our son when he went from his cot to a big bed but it is a bit too firm and has no plush layer so my little one isn't so comfortable. I am wondering if this topper could be a good solution as opposed to going out and purchasing another new mattress?
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Not sure. But they do come in lots of sizes. Check out their site. https://www.microcloudbedding.com.au/mattress-toppersHi Ari, thank you for your enquiry and also thanks Brian for your answer. Many people find our topper an ideal solution for a mattress that is too firm. It takes the pressure off the body by creating a soft, comfy sleep surface. It will be suitable for a 6 year old.

I have a newish firm bed because of lower back problems but have had to put an eggshell foam mattress topper on the mattress because of bursitis on my hips and shoulders. I do get hot with the foam topper and it's not a luxurious feel but it does soften the bed a little. I have a cotton mattress protector over the top of the mattress topper. I would like a softer more luxurious feel but I cannot tolerate any heat. Would your mattress topper be good for me? I would really appreciate an honest answer please. I want to buy your product but can't afford to waste my money if it ends up making me hotter than my current eggshell foam topper. Thanks Gina
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Hi Gina, thank you for your enquiry. We often receive feedback from our customers indicating that our topper provides a soft, comfortable feel whilst regulating temperature well. The fibre in our topper is extremely fine and allows air to circulate easily. The foam products are typically very dense and therefore don't allow air to circulate.Thanks for your response. I will be deciding between your product and a Sheridan mattress topper.

What is the right way to wash and dry my mattress topper?
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Hi Billie, thank you for your question. We recommend you use a commercial washing machine and dryer and follow the below steps. Step 1/ Place in washing machine - cold setting - gentle cycle only - light amount of detergent Step 2/ Run the rinse cycle twice and spin dry Step 3/ Immediately tumble dry on warm/hot setting until completely dry. Step 4/ Give the product a vigorous shake/plump up before using againHi and thanks. When you say commercial washer and dryer what size do you mean? I have a 7kg Washer and 8kg dryer. Is this big enough for a queen toper or would I need to take this to a commercial laundry

Hi, We have a memory foam mattress in our new motorhome which is so hard. We toss and turn all night and end up with sore hips and backs as a result. We have 2 mattress toppers on it now, but the filling inside the pockets of the topper seem to flatten out where we lie, but bunch up in between my husband and I creating a mountain. Does the mattress topper you sell do the same? We are considering buying one, but don't want one that does what our current ones do. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Carol & John
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Hi Carol and John, thank you for your enquiry. Our customer feedback indicates that our topper creates a softer sleep surface for improved comfort. We haven't received any issues similar to what you're experiencing with your current mattress toppers. Our filling is evenly distributed throughout the topper and doesn't shift around. The topper attaches to the mattress using a fitted skirt to hold it in place.

How much is your microcloud mattress toppers queen size?
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Hi Bev, thank you for your question. Our QS Mattress Topper is $290. To place an order please head to www.microcloudbedding.com.au/mattress-toppers or call 1800 95 33 22

Hi I would like to purchase a double bed topper but your site says there is none in stock. How long before I can order one?
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Hi Rona, thank you for getting in touch. The double bed toppers will be back in stock mid next week. We have made back-orders available now via our website. Please head to www.microcloudbedding.com.au/mattress-toppers and checkout as usual or call 1800 95 33 22Please contact the company directly on 1800953322. I can honestly say that they will respond ASAP

Hi I have the queen size microcloud topper on my bed but I am having trouble finding queen size fitted sheets to go stretch over it and the mattress. What size wall should I be looking for in the sheets?
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Good morning Julie, thank you for your question. We suggest measuring the depth of your mattress + the topper. Then you allow for extra room so the fitted sheet can tuck sufficiently beneath the mattress.

How much is the king size topper and do people find it hot at all? TIA... Jan
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Hi Jan. The King size is $310. I have only had it through winter so far, but haven't found it hot at all.

Hello, I am interested in finding the price of your queen size mattress topper I think it was $180 but I can't seem to get that page back. I bought a back support mattress but it's too firm even though the company sold me a $250 mattress topper although I had not taken the covering off I could not change it. I'm only 45kg and suffer from bursitis on my hip I don't want to waste my money as I am on a pension. Also would your pillow topper be different than Adair's? Regards Sherrill Sutton.
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Hi Sherril, thank you for your question. Queen size is $290 as listed on www.microcloudbedding.com.au/mattress-toppers . We've had feedback from customers with bursitis indicating that our topper provides great relief. Our topper is unique in terms of it's dense comfort, superior loft and hence is why it is selected by leading luxury hotels. For further assistance, please contact us on 1800 95 33 22Hello, I sent an email to you I'm interested in the queen size microcline mattress topper do you pay for postage also when you sleep on it does it still give you the space on top of your mattress my mattress is only one year old but it's too firm I am only 45kg going into hospital next week taking bone from my hip plus major foot surgery I don't want to waste my money. I've felt a few matress toppers and when you touch them you can feel both fingers. Thanks Johnathan. Regards Sherrill Sutton.

Hi all, Bought a cloud topper some years ago down filled ,very expensive, had to strip bed and fluff it every morning . This became a real task ,does your topper require that much attention? Regards. Greg
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Good morning Greg, thank you for your question. We developed a unique blend of super-soft fibres that mimic the function of a spring. The topper is designed to hold its loft and shape very well, more so that feather/down. We do not receive feedback from our customers indicating that they have to shake and fluff the topper.Hi Greg. No need to fluff the topper at all. It holds it's shape perfectly.Thanks MJ Glover for your reply

I have purchased a fold out single bed poofe that is extremely hard and does not give. it has a relatively thin foam mattress. Would your type of mattress topper be of benefit or would i need something with a bit of bounce? Kirstin
1 answer
Hi Kirstin, thank you for your enquiry. Many customers purchase our topper as a solution for a mattress that is too firm -- whether that be a regular mattress or fold out. Our topper has proven to help reduce pressure on the body. You should find it will be of benefit to your fold out bed.

Hi, I would like to know if this topper is cool to lie on? I live in North Queensland and bought my present mattress on the proviso that it would always remain cool, which it is. If the topper becomes hot after lying on it for a while I will be very disappointed. I cannot afford to buy it and then have to discard it or give it away.
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Hi LaurineK, thank you for your question. We do not refer to our topper as being cool in temperature. It is designed to promote ease of air circulation and be neutral in temperature.

I have a latex mattress that has deep inverts from where we sleep, would this help?
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Hi Rachel, thank you for your question. We've had many customers purchase our topper as a solution to similar issues as you described. It's difficult to say for certain that the topper would completely fill the divots, however it should help and improve the comfort.

Does the Micro Cloud topper make your skin hot and sweaty the way some foam matress toppers do or does the fabric breath?
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noHi Jane, thank you for the question. Our topper design incorporates an ultra-fine fibre fill and 100% Japara cotton casing. This allows for air to easily enter the topper and promotes circulation to help keep a neutral temperature. As opposed to dense, solid materials like memory foam and latex which lead to overheating.Thank you.

What thickness is the mattress topper?
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The topper doesn't look very thick - looks like a good quality microfibre doona/duvet inner, and to give you more of an idea, when it is delivered, it also arrives rolled up in a bag, of very similar size to a quilt inner. However, when you put it on your bed, I don't know if the Microcloud does expand or it just feels like it does, but the extra comfort you achieve using it bears no resemblance to the non bulky, easy to handle size of the product (we bought a king size).Hi John, thank you for your question. It is approx 4.5 to 5cm thick. Using our unique fibre fill, this is the optimum loft to achieve the best soft comfort results desired without compromising the support of your mattress. As Lynda mentioned, our products are vacuum packed and due to the excellent resilience of our unique MicroCloud fibre blend, the products spring up into shape and loft quickly.Thanks for the feedback I have ordered a Queen size to go in or Caravan that we intend to live in for the next few months whilst we find our new home. I will let you know how it works out as my partner Sue has a chronic bad back Cheers John

Does the Microcloud mattress topper go flat or hard over time?
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I have only had mine for a couple of weeks But so far it has not flattened at all. I did a lot of research before purchasing this topper and many reviewers commented on how it retained its comfort over a period of years.

Does the topper go over or under an electric blanket?
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Hi Aqua, the electric blanket should go beneath our mattress topper.I have put it over my electric blanket but I would suggest asking the manufacturer.

Can I use an electric bland with the microcloud topper? Under or over topper? Penny
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Hi Penny. Yes. We have an electric blanket on the bed and under the topper. We have had overnight temperatures down to just 2-3 degrees and have only switched on the blanket to take the chill off the bed for maybe 15 minutes before hopping in. The topper keeps you warm.Thank you, RichieThank you also to Richie for replying and assisting Penny. Richie's answer is correct, electric blankets can be used under the MicroCloud topper much the same way as they are used under mattress protectors. It is always important that your electric blanket is safe to use and that it it switched off when not in use. If any further queries please contact us via email or phone , we are always delighted to assist. MicroCloud www.microcloudbedding.com.au

How do I go about purchasing a Micro Cloud mattress topper?
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Hi Lox, thank you for your question. You can order by heading to https://www.microcloudbedding.com.au/mattress-toppers and selecting your size, qty and checking out. Alternatively, you can call 1800 95 33 22

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