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Daulis ti
Daulis ti · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

Is the steering always hard on this vehicle 2008 nissan dualis ti,I feel as tho it is way heavier then normal, have replaced cv shaft on left and got a wheel alignment, still heavy, can anyone tell me why

jellybean · Dualis / Qashqai

I am having issues with the Bluetooth connectivity - my phone connects and I can callout and receive calls and hear the other party, however, the other party frequently tells me through our conversation(s) that i am fading in and out, or they lost me....and i haven't lost them, nor are their voices getting faint. I have had my iPhone looked at by Apple and serviced and is great. I have re-connected my phone to the system without any issue. I even checked the audio system - no issues. Why am I having issues with the sound on telephone calls?

Prisparis · J11 ST CVT (2014-2021)

Hi I have a Nissan QASHQAI 2015 auto
Im in Melbourne Australia
I'm just wondering if anybody else has had issues with their CTV transmission? And what did Nissan do about it?
When I initially bought in the car into Nissan there was no problem other than the red engine light appearing. Apparently after 14 diagnostics and $500 later.
Once returned the car engine was loud. It was shaking & juddering when accelerating.
I rang Nissan 10 minutes after leaving the center and they assured me that Nissan would fix it.
The car would losses power once over 70 / 80 KMs or the car bunny hopping.
At the low mileage & at 8 years old this is not okay!
It hasn't been abused & has been serviced according & logged. In my care independent mechanics never touched the CTV!
They gave me back the car and sent me on my way.. Nissan denied any fault or paying for the fault.
I'm appalled! months later still awaiting head office contact me.. I'm a single mum with 2 boys.. without a car
Has this happened to anyone else ??

Sue · Qashqai J11 (2014-2021)

I have just purchased a 2019 Qashqai J11 with approx 89,000k on the clock. My question is regarding a slight surge, almost like a rocking motion, when travelling between 80 & 90k/h. Should I get this checked?

Alan L.
Alan L.  

I have this problem in my 2017 QQ 2L since 20k km.
I just ignore it. Now I am at 65k km.


Ok thanks

Denny J.
Denny J. · J11 ST CVT (2014-2021)

Do all Nissan will have CVT issues at one point ??at the moment my qashqai runs good but don't know whether it's time for a transmission fluid change. I read many articles about it.
Thank you


Hi Denny, as you have probably seen, there are a lot of customer complaints regarding JATCO CVT transmissions as used in Nissan and other manufacturers vehicles. I have provided below my own experiences with Nissan CVT's fitted to a B17 Pulsar and a J11 Qashqai.

I purchased for my wife a new Nissan Pulsar in 2013 fitted with a push belt CVT gearbox. The gearbox developed a rattle at 20,000 kilometres. Nissan Lakeside replaced the gearbox under warranty and the vehicle has now done in excess of 90,000 kilometres with no further problem and the CVT is very quiet. The CVT's fitted to Pulsars have a 2 speed planetary gear set to increase the CVT ratio spread which enables the torque converter clutch to lock up at 15-25 Kph to improve efficiency. When driving it is noticed the planetary gears change ratio at 50-60 Kph. I believe the same model of CVT is used in some petrol versions of the J11 Qashqai's.
My J11 Qashqai was purchased new in 2017 and is the diesel 1.6 DCI version so has a pull chain belt CVT without the 2 speed planetary gear set to handle the higher torque of the diesel engine. The torque converter locks up at 30-50 Kph. When new the CVT in my Qashqai made all kinds of horrible noises at low speed and never felt right in regard to torque converter clutch lock up but these noises have over time reduced and now at 125000 kilometres is reasonably quiet and torque converter clutch lock up is working better.
I permanently disabled the stop/start by loosening the retaining bolt on the bonnet switch, rotated the switch side ways and re-tightened the bolt. A side benefit is the battery always stays fully charged at 14.6 volts.

Apart from tyre and battery replacement and one indicator globe no other repairs have been done to either vehicle. Both vehicles have 10,000 kilometre services done by Lakeside Nissan. They use NISSAN consult to check the CVT fluid. I recently visually checked the CVT fluid on the Qashqai by removing the plug on the filler tube (a bastard to get off) near the battery and inserting a 1 metre length of 3 mm ID clear plastic tube down into the fluid pan, pinched off the tube end and withdrew to collect 350 cubic mm of fluid to inspect. The colour was a darkish green and when dripped onto tissue paper left no visible staining so the fluid appears still to be good.

I do think regular replacement of the CVT fluid will help extend the life of the transmission so I will in the near future replace the fluid in my Qashqai, and providing the exact same quantity is put back in as drained there should be no problem. I will pump out from the top filler tube and refill there instead of crawling under the CVT.

We only ever drive our vehicles on bitumen roads not dirt roads or through water. There is a rubber vent tube on top of the CVT so it is essential to keep the bottom splash guard in place and avoid dirt and /or flooded roads.

Both the Pulsar and the Qashqai have external transmission coolers fitted as standard in the factory which wasn't standard fitment on North American Nissan vehicles . I have read where Nissan Australia are replacing without charge failed CVT's on even second hand purchased vehicles. I believe one of the main issues with early Nissan CVT's was failure of the oil pump pressure regulating valve and from April 2016 I believe a re-designed variable displacement oil pump was used in CVT production.

I suspect a lot of CVT failures are the result of improper servicing such as using regular ATF fluid instead of the Nissan specified CVT fluid.

UPDATE ON QASHQAI. The weird transmission noise at low speed when the torque converter clutch was locking up returned at @ 130,000 kilometres.

I drained out 4.5 litres of the CVT fluid, it was quite dark. I removed the transmission pan and cleaned out the accumulated sludge in the pan and on the magnets. When I removed the pump inlet filter I found the @ 20mm diameter O-ring seal on the inlet pipe from the filter and going into the pump had folded over when originally fitted in the factory and this allowed some air to be sucked into the pump.

Now since replacing the damaged O-ring, adding 4.5 litres of fresh Nissan CVT fluid and replacing the external filter, the transmission is very quiet and torque converter lock up is quicker.

The original front brake pads will shortly require replacement so am looking at fitting DBA pads and rotors to minimize brake dust accumulation on the wheels.

It appears that other vehicle manufacturers using JATCO CVT's recommend fluid changes at 30,000 to 50,000 kilometres.

Denny J.
Denny J.  

Thanks for the detailed explanation Andrew.

bryan m.
bryan m. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

how do i turn the lamps on in the front bar

Merlita W.
Merlita W. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

I am trying to get the back RH rear door open on my wifes 2009 nissan Dualis . Took the rear seat out and removed the inner plastic door trim but just cannot get it to open . You can hear it click when you push the button of the remote but thats it . Cables are ok and to change the locking acuator I need the door open . Any advice would be appreciated.

crankyoldman · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

I have a 2008 Dualis. Right hand headlight bulb failed and I noticed while replacing it that the wiring insulation was deteriorating. Took it to an auto electricitian for attention. He replaced a fuse and covered the damaged wiring. Told me that I would have to replace both headlights in the future. I took this to mean the whole lighting assembly.
Nissan dealer quotes $1500.00 plus. My thoughts are that the part to be replaced would be the the bulb holder and associated wiring. Your thoughts please.

Caff · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

How many kilometers is this car good for?

Pankaj K.
Pankaj K. · Qashqai J11 (2014-2021)

2017 nissan qashqai j 11 model has keep line change assist features as well blind spot and parking assist ( self automatic parking) 360 degree camera ?

Peejay S.
Peejay S. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

change headlight bulb


YouTube is best

Peejay S.
Peejay S. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

HEADLIGHT BULB Part no 49301

Peejay S.
Peejay S.  

Too replace instructions

Martin G.
Martin G. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

Hi I had changed gearbox and now I can’t drive in manual stays in d position staying in automatic manual don’t work

Kevin S.
Kevin S. · Qashqai J11 (2014-2021)

I have a right hand drive 2014 nissan qashqai 1.5dci j11. I can't locate the heater motor which I need to replace. Could anyone please tell me where it is located?

Dee B.
Dee B.  

You need to remove instrument assembly https://www.zinref.ru/avtomobili/Nissan/004_10_00_Nissan_QASHQAI_J11_Manual_ENGLISH/1043.htm

Warren P
Warren P · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

Hi have 2010 Nissan Dualis 2wd/4wd drained battery in car (left light on) recharged the battery with car terminal leads disconnected . car started fine and runs well but now blows 10 amp 4wd fuse.Any one out there have an answer ? thanks

Chris W.
Chris W. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

We have a Nissan dualis 6spd manual fwd - when taking off in first gear car seems to shudder for a few seconds then it is ok, we have changed gear oil but hasn't helped, any ideas

Chris W.
Chris W. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

My Nissan dualis 2010 6 spd manual shudders on initial take off in first gear, changed gear oil but still doing it, any ideas?

kevin s.
kevin s. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

Hi there, we have a 2009 duallis st j10 model. The front uni joint on the tailshaft is u/s and knocking badly. Are we able to remove the tail shaft and drive the car via the front axles until we repair or replace the shaft. Ie will it be safe to drive and not cause any damage to the car drive train Cheers

jacqualine v.
jacqualine v. · Qashqai J11 (2014-2021)

Hi got a 2021 Nissan qasqai the engen light keeps going on when cold and car goes in limb mode Nissan tested it says it is the petrol regulator sensor got it replaced but still have the same problem

Marva G.
Marva G. · Dualis J10 (2007-2014)

I recently bought a 2007 nissan dualis. How can I tell the fuel quantity on the gauge. Is it the clear area or dark area?

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