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I am not insurerd with NRMA. I was in a not-at-fault accident with a customer of yours. Damage done to my car is $3975. I bought my car for less than that. Is it total loss? What does this mean? And will you GIVE ME that money to fix my own car? (I do NOT want to mess around with your "licensed repairers" as i have heard terrible reviews from 95% of people. I want you to pay me the money the damage is worth so i can fix it with a company i trust.) If you pay that total loss money to me will you take my car? It is still drivable and i love it dearly. Can i just get compensation money for the horrible accident? Im tired of dealing with your evasive customer service on call as they never help at all.
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Hi Becky, each claim is managed on it's own merits. Some of your questions require more information in order to answer them specifically. Generally if your repairs cost more then the car is worth it will be written off and you will be paid the value of the car and keep the car. The car can also be written off if it can not be safely repaired. If we deem we can repair the car and you wish to use your own repairer you can ask for a cash settlement and be paid how much our repairers would fix the car for. As I said each claim is managed on it's own merits and there can be other scenarios that affect your options. I understand the attachment we can feel for our cars however sometimes it is not always possible for safety reasons and cost reasons to repair it. If you have been injured in the accident you can make a CTP claim against the vehicle's CTP insurer for compensation for any injuries. If you are not at fault you can also have a hire car arranged for the time you are without a car. You can also claim through your own insurer and have them claim any costs from us. If you would like me to arrange someone from our Settlements team to contact you please Please PM us with your policy/claim details to our Facebook page via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review and include your name, DOB, address and contact details. ~ JonoThankyou for your kind and understanding reply. Re-reading my question i was a bit harsh and i apologise for that. I have contacted you on facebook.

Apparently NRMA comprehensive car insurance is valid for 12 months. If a car is deemed a write-off before that time, why doesn't the insurance policy end at that time as well? Why does NRMA get the remainder of the premium rather than the customer who has paid for that insurance? Can the comprehensive insurance be passed on to the car bought to replace the write-off?
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Hi SeeJay, comprehensive car insurance policies are a contract where we agree to cover your car for its value and liability for the period of 12 months for a certain cost, which is your annual premium. If a car is written off and the value of the car is paid out then we have fulfilled our side of the contract. If payment for the contract is in monthly instalments then the remainder of the unpaid payments will be deducted from the payout in order for your part of the agreement to be met. This is outlined in page 5 of your PDS. It is very important and we always encourage our customers to read their PDS to understand what is covered, how it is covered and how claims are managed. ~ Jonothe PDS can be difficult to understand if you are not familiar with the world of insurance.I appreciate that there may be parts of the PDS that are difficult for some people to understand who may not work in Insurance or may not have made a claim before. That's when it is a good idea to call us on 132 132 to seek clarification if there is anything you don't understand with your policy and PDS when you read it. ~ Jono

I do not understand why I can insure my car for say $10,000 agreed/market value but if it needs repairs, the value of the car is then taken from the Glass Car Guide Australia (apparently used by all Australian car insurers) which tends to give a much lower price and therefore makes a write-off more possible. Why is this so?
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Hi SeeJay, thanks for your question. If you have your car insured for an Agreed Value then the decision about whether to repair the car or pay the Agreed Value is based on the cost of repairs in comparison to the Agreed Value you have chosen and whether it is safe to do the required repair. This is not affected by the market value of your car on Glass' Guide. If you have insured your vehicle for Market Value instead of Agreed Value, Glass' Guide is where the Market Value is referenced from. If you would like further clarification please PM us with your policy/claim details to our Facebook page via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review and include your name, DOB, address and contact details. ~ JonoMy car was insured for an agreed value. The car was deemed a write-off because the repairs were more than the car was worth. I wanted another assessment done but was told that if I took the car for another assessment, whether RNMA, another insurance company or my own mechanic, they would then refer to the Glass car guide, and this price was 2,000 less than my agreed value. can you pls explain this?Seejay, we are not a part of the claims team so we cannot provide information about this. If you wanted to provide your details, we can arrange for claims to contact you to explain further for you. ~Kaz

my son pulled the cover or the roof. Does the comprehensive insurance cover the damage for the interior of the car? If yes. Do I have the pay the full access to get it fixed?
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Hi Yasir, you are covered under comprehensive insurance for accidental damage and would need to pay the full excess amount. You can use this link https://www.nrma.com.au/claims/car-insurance to lodge a claim online. Simply select "Start a claim" and "Claim online". If you get stuck there is a web chat option available there too. ~ Jono

Hi my car was hit by hail, we’ve had the car assessed and it nrma said it is a write off, we want to cancel the claim as the car is still in good condition besides some minor dents, will I still be able to register the car without having to get the cosmetic dents fixed? Can I still insure the car as third party. Any help is appreciated. Thanks also this is in nsw.
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Hi Mattynz85, you can still insure vehicles that have hail damage with us for comprehensive as well as Third Party Property Damage and Third Party, Fire & Theft. However, if you are insuring it for Comprehensive you can only insure it for Market Value and not an Agreed Value. You can use this link https://go.nrma.com.au/carchat to WebChat our claims team to help with your next steps with your claim. ~ JonoSo you write off hail damage but "repair" cars that have flood water in cab?Hi Ranga, each claim is managed differently and according to its merits. Cars will be written off when repair costs are higher then the value the car is insured for. Not based on how the damage was caused. I understand you are still upset your complaint to AFCA/FOS was not ruled in your favour. If you have complaints with their decision you can contact them to find out further avenues you can take. ~ Jono

What is the longest claim NRMA have ever had? Mine is 3 years and 3 months (can provide proof)
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3 weeks thanks to a pro active assessor and we were squeaky wheels even though the wait time was 45 minutes each time we called!3 weeks!! Your just bragging now!Ranga Tang. I think you need to focus on something else in your life. Your problems with NRMA will be the death of you. There are also 2 sides to every story. I’d be interested to see the documentation. Get a life and quit stalking NRMA. If you’ve reported it to the ombudsman like you said, how about an update on that? The way you’re going you will be receiving a cease and desist letter.

Why has it taken 7 weeks for my car to be assessed when you have said 3 times it was yoyr clients fault i was clearly rear ended badly and i want my car fixed this is rediculous know phone calks or updates in 2 weeks
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Hey Turtle, thanks for your question. Each claim is unique so there can be different challenges for why the assessment or repairs of your car haven't yet been finalised. We can help you chase this up though, as we know how frustrating this waiting can be. Can you please PM us with the claim details via our Facebook page? You can use this link: facebook.com/nrmainsurance. Hope we can get things sorted as soon as possible for you! ~JamieI have given you all this via facebook and today got a call back finally saying "still under review cant give anymore details" its a joke its taking this long when i have all the evidence proving im not at faultI am sorry there isn't more we can do to speed up this process for you Turtle. At this stage, while it's under review we will need to wait for this to be finalised. If we can help at all further by arranging a call back again if needed, please reach out to us on Facebook once again. Thanks. ~Jamie

We have a car damaged by hail (bodywork only) it has been deemed a write off by NRMA assessors. Do NRMA allow buy back of the said vehicle if it is completely drive able
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Hey Jus, this is something you would need to chat with our claims team directly about as it needs to be decided on a case by case bases. Did you want us to organise a call back from the team for you? If so, please PM your claim details to facebook.com/nrmainsurance. Thanks for the question Jus! ~Jamie

I have just been told that i am.at fault with the hail storm ,how ridiculous its a force of nature ,and is an act of god or nature and is not the same as a vehicle accident.
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Hi lcm. Are you are referring to having to pay an excess for your claim for hail and storm damage to your vehicle? An excess is the amount paid towards the repair or replacement costs when a claim is made for an at-fault or non-recoverable incident or accident. A hail storm is an example of a listed event covered which is a non-recoverable incident as there is no one else that is liable for the loss. If you want to discuss this further use this link to our Facebook page to reach out via messenger: https://www.facebook.com/nrmainsurance/. Just let us know you're from Product Review. ~ Jono

Completely faultless: someone trying to park damaged my car while mine was parked. If I had the car repaired myself, what is the process of employing a lawyer to sue the driver of the other vehicle for cost of repairs and bypassing my and the other part's insurance?
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Hi Len, if you don't want insurance involved, you would need to engage a lawyer of your choice to pursue the at fault party. You could check the phone book if you don't know of one personally.

What is happening to a once trusted icon = NRMA? Have been a member and purchasing car insurance for the last 45 years. Last year's premium has gone up by GIGANTIC 21.5%. Been looking around for other quotes - best is Woolies with same estimated 11,000km pa mileage. Woolies price is 65% of NRMA. Should I make the CHANGE?
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That's exactly whom i have changed to about two years ago. . BUT i will be checking for lower rates simply because i will no longer automatically allow a continuance of service with any company without keeping an eye on them. I will stay suspicious to all of them. YOU HAVE TO STAY LOYAL TO YOURSELF..No one is loyal to you. Only you can be loyal to yourself. Review all policies anually. Review utilities providers anually. Do not automatically rip yourself off. Trust no one.The so-called "once trusted icon" NRMA is not really the NRMA. In 2002 NRMA Insurance Limited became Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG), and IAG controls CGU, NRMA and SGIO. Only the name NRMA is retained in order to keep the long standing customers. We are being fooled, my friends. And then they have the hide to counsel us that we should be "honest" in answering any questions they ask. Len Attard

Have car that has been assessed by hail Australia who tell me it's a write off and they will inform nrma any idea how long they take to generate the agreed value and deposit in my bank?
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No, Just keep at them for an answer so it progresses. And there are no stall periods waiting for information such as claim numbers, etcHey Robert, apologies for the delayed response, hopefully this should have been sorted for you by now, if not please call the team on 131 123 and ask for an update, sadly there maybe a few delays due to the 50,000 hail claims we have received but the team will do their best to get this sorted as quickly as possible. ~Kaz

Does it matter if the insurance papers describe the vehicle as medium wheel base instead of long wheel base?the concern is if in the case of a claim, insurer rejects venicle identification.
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Vin number should be all you need, but be safe and verify thatHi Noel, you should be insuring the correct vehicle, if it is incorrect, please call the team on 132 132 to have it updated on the policy. ~Kaz

If you have a car accident then your car is hail damaged do you need to pay your excess twice or can it be covered in the one claim?
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Hey Tom sorry for the delayed response, they are two separate incidents. If you are at fault in the accident you will need to pay any excesses applicable to your policy. If you are not at fault and you can fully ID the person at fault, you wont need to pay an excess. In regards to the hail claim, you would need to pay your basic excess for this claim event. Hope this helps. ~Kaz

had Accident and nrma insurer at fault,he agreed.shirt time NRMA organised time to take my car to repairer for 39 mins to take pics etc n make quote and asset,was Friday.monday I called to do cash settlement but NRMA said I should be dropping car today for repair.(LIE)I asked try if can do cash settlement as never driven accident car before.after making some story ABCD I’m lucky he didn’t ordered parts,NRMA replies.but when asked for quite 2 weeks haven’t got so paid from pocket $280 and get quote from another repairer and send following day in calling said $1800 there rapier did make quote.Lucky I have proof that fingure he told was more then double.sorry $1800 nrma send me to another repairer coz $4000 repairer either didn’t send or NRMA HIDE QUOTE.mine is $3400 (approved by certified accessor)first nrma repaier verbaly said around $4k for cash settlement quote another NRMA repaier made $1800.any idea why?
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Hi there, thanks for your question. Unfortunately we don't know the full details of the claim so we are unable to answer specific claims related questions. If you would like to escalate your concerns to the claims manager, please provide your claim number and we can help get some answers for you. ~KazNrm182752127 its firts part,second part also interesting but need some more information.coz lost the other phone where have recordings,with in week time hopefully get recover.$3400 etc was for damage was including everything was extremely reasonable.but only get offered $1800 etc.40 hrs on phone only with NRMA.I wouldnt expect much from this company as they underpay their mechanics, $135 per 8 hour shift, work that out it's crap!!!

Hi. Does comprehensive cover damage to interior caused by dog?
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Either way the repairs, if like my experience, will be sub standard, require 4 different mechanics take 12 months to complete, before again having issues a year after that. You may eventually get your car repaired (mine not yet) but the process would be enough to cut your loses (maybe thats what they do) and change insurance companies. Ps I love dogs. April 2019 back at Auto electricians.Hi Anna, thanks for reaching out to us and sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Pets are not covered as part of the car insurance policy unless the damage was caused in direct relation to another incident. It is always best to talk to the claims team about things like this as we can always investigate the situation and see if there is anything we could do for you. ~NRMA

Hi NRMA. You have replaced the starter motor on my Navara for the third time since it got flooded. How many starter motors am i entitled to have? Also if the cost of the continued repairs would have made it a write off at the time it got damaged, will NRMA back date my claim to the date it got flooded and write it off?
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My car is at an authorised repairer get working down again under the original claim but i have been declined a hire vehicle. Can you also explain the process for hire cars on subsequent repairs?Is it fraud if the repairer you chose and authorised to fix my car used after market cheaper parts but has documented genuine parts used in the repairs? Because the cheaper parts are starting to fail.

How many times does the NRMA fix a flooded car before its written off?
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Hi Ranga, the decision to repair or write off is one determined by our claims team. There are many factors which would determine this outcome so there is no clear answer as every claim is unique.Ok get the claims team to review my case. Because after two years I think enough is enough! Its crap that you fix one thing then wait for the next to break then I have to complain then you fix that or fix something you already had fixed! Oh and its always someone else's fault, the part was faulty or we didnt think that would happen or you didnt mention that or we'll have another look.I agree with ranga tang the nrma is crap the add we are here to help what a joke take the money and then try and do everything not to pay up the agreed value so people just be aware when you take out agreed value insurance they the nrma will try everything to lowball you .

Is there much difference in premium between market value and agreed value? Which is the best these days
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The premium would depend on the Market Value in the system and the Agreed Value that the customer is asking for. An Agreed Value indicates the amount you will be entitled to in the event of a total loss, whereas the Market Value would be determined at the time of loss.I looked on some of the car sites and found that my 2005 Celica was selling between $7,000 to $10,000 depending on Kms and vehicle condition. My latest premium from the NRMA states that my agreed value last year was $8,050 and now this year is $7,350. So to answer your question, not much difference.

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