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Can Spring Flat Plastic be used to paint New Born Baby Crib.
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I would like an honest answer from an experienced tradesman comparing Spring paint with Dulux or Taubmans paint. What is the benefit of Spring Flat Plastic compared to Dulux etc. I have been told Spring is made up of chalk and talcum powder !!! I want a quality paint that will stand up to grandchildren fingers etc and I don't want to be painting again for many years. Please advise as existing painter insists on Spring Paint saying to trust him it is the best though we asked for Dulux brand Julia
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Spring is made by Dulux for Bunnings (just as British Paints is also made by Dulux) and had its price reduced to make life hard for Masters. I have had other painters tell me all sorts of things about Spring but when asked if they have tried it, the answer is usually ‘no, but this guy I know said.....’ So I tried it and used the enamel to spray paint my own kitchen cabinets. Guess how many comments I got on the beautiful finish and which paint I used. I just answer them with, ‘you would faint if I told you how much this specialty paint costs and you can only buy it from one supplier’ All I can suggest is for such a cheap price try it at least for the first coat. If you don’t like it use another brand for the final coat. It’s already saved you money using it as an intermediate coat. Please don’t forget shortcuts have no place in finishing. If the product says prime/undercoat and 2 coats of paint, do what it says. Listen to the manufactures advice, not ‘this guy I know’ Remember Australian standards for paint is a 3 coat system.In my opinion it would come down to the quality and types of binders, pigments, additives and Biocides used. So due to its price range, I would suspect not a long lasting product and also an unhealthy choice

How long will the Spring Interior / Exterior Acrylic Semi Gloss paint last?
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I have used it to paint doors and have had no problems. I expect it to last as long as any other gloss paint.Depends on the situation. Outdoors lasts less than indoors. In the sun lasts less than in the shade, exposed to moisture last less than dry. Key point is, repaint before the paint turns chalky or blisters and peels. Rule of thumb is repaint every 5 to 7 years but keep in mind those points made above.In my opinion it would come down to the quality and types of binders, pigments, additives and Biocides used. So due to its price range, I would suspect not a long lasting product and also an unhealthy choice.

I have a new, never been painted before, ceiling that has just been plastered. Can I use spring flat plastic directly or do I have to use an undercoat first?
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Use a sealer undercoat on bare gyprockDo not paint cieling flat onto gyprock ever

Hello. I used Spring Flat Plastic and Spring Acrylic Undercoat for the small hallway. I was told that this paint will only last a year and start to peel according one of experts at the paint department at bunnings. I also used this for the ceiling as it says "walls & ceilings". She said because it's cheap and thinned down it won't last. Is this true? Another question, would the Spring Low-Sheen be alright to use for the door frames, window frames, skirtings, bathroom, laundry & kitchen? I am on a very very tight budget at the moment and just want to "refresh" unwashable walls with dings and dents. Thanks for replies in advance.
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If Bunnings had told me it would only last a year and then start peeling, I would never of purchased the product. One would hope that Bunnings would not sell products that don't last 12 months. This paint is very thin and may require multiple coats (4 in my case) with makes the coverage less than the more expense brands making it not as cheap as you may think. It also is not anywhere as good as a 'wash and wear' paint and in the hallway you really require a paint that can be wiped easily with a damp cloth when it gets marked. I used this paint on a very long hallway and if I could go back in time I would rethink my decision, I would. I used British Paints 'Wash and Wear' on the rest of the house and am happy with the coverage (only 2 coats required) and the price.Thank you Jackee. I found it okay just worried what bunnings said. I guess I'll find out.2 1/2 years later no peeling, no probs! Happy with the result!

Who is the company that makes spring paint?
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I have no idea Rusty.Dulux makes the Spring paint brand.Dulux make it

Flat plastic ceiling interior can i use on eves outsside or should i get some exterior flat plastic
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I would get exterior paint for outside.

Does the paint need to be thinned for a sprayer?
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Not sure. SorrySorry I can't help you with this one. Be prepared to do 3 to 4 coats or buy a better quality paint.Most interior paints for non commercial use have a “volume solids” rating that is sufficiently low enough to apply by atomisation. ( volume solids is the amount of filler that beefs up the paint, for ease of coverage and to minimise application time). You do not need to thin out. You’ll have no problem with non commercial paints - only industrial protective coatings designed for steel are high in volume solids, and require a industrial paint sprayer- and experienced applicators do not use solvent to thin out these coatings.

How long does this paint take to dry out?
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Two hours, but as with all acrylic paints, to completely cure and harden it takes about a month

Can I see a spring paint colour chart on line? I only want a really light green.
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i dont think Spring have one but i would say pick a colour on one one of the bunnings colour charts and i would say thy can maker it But the staff may try and get you to buy a more expensive more profit in them one just stand your ground and get the spring. And get the tint you want from the color chars in Bunnings and I say give spring paint a go I do have to say I was rather impressed with the paint so at a low price i think give it a go and see what you think that’s all you can do really but when applying it take it slow and recharge your roller about every SQ meter I thinkBunnings can mix the colours from any of their 'big name' colour charts provided that the colour chosen uses white paint (as opposed to a colour base).

can the spring plastic paint be painted on galvanised iron?
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Hello Blair,no,spring plastic is an interior paint that is mainly used on ceilings being a non washable paint.you need a galvanised prima followed by 2 coats of an exterior acrylic either a gloss or low-sheen.cheers.

I'm considering using the Spring 10L Low Sheen White Interior Paint to paint my bedroom. I want to make it grey, so I was planning on using a small tin of black to mix with this. Does anyone have any experience in this paint? Retails for $40 for 10L from Bunnings. Thanks in advance!
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this paint is fantastic, only need 2 coats to cover even the darkest of colour and its washable, however, not sure how you will go mixing a black tin of paint with it especially if its a different brand. best thing to do is to ask the staff at BunningsAgree with Teresa, have had no problems using this budget paint. You can have it tinted a Bunnings but only as far as a white base can be tinted but they of course do not guarantee the colour will be the same as the colour chart but often close enough is good enough.

How much posibul to touch up?
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what exactly do you want to touch up, not really sure what you mean. Please give me more details

Can you use this paint in shower and bathroom?
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Yes, Viscosity ( thickness ) of Spring paint is very good for the price, do not thin this paint with water, use straight from the tin, for Bathrooms use Spring, Acrylic sealer undercoat first, and if possible, have it tinted to the wall color you desire. Follow with Spring Acrylic flat, or Spring Acrylic semi-gloss for an excellent finish. Ensure you open windows for adequate ventilation.Hi,l am a fully qualified tradesman and have been in the trade for 32 years,NO,it is not suitable for wet areas.you need to use a semi-gloss acrylic.

Agree its a great coverage but the odour is pretty overpowering do you have any tips to eliminate the smell?
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Buy a de odouriser from your local paint shop or bunnings. It's not expensive $10, all paint has a shelf life so it can go bad if it sits to long. Enjoy the painting. Any other all questions visit Ceilingrepairsperth.blogspot.comJust good ventilation whilst painting, open windows, if possible leave open over night, the odour will disappear over a couple of days.

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