Best Household Appliances Awards 2022!

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Home is where the heart is. And with these reliable, Award-winning household appliances, home can be where the rest of the body and mind take comfort, too. Based on consumer reviews over the last year, we've picked the best household appliances to buy in 2022, from air purifiers to steam mops.

Air Purifiers · See All

Everyone loves a breath of fresh air, and you don’t need to go outside to get one with a reliable air purifier in your home. Indoor air quality is beneficial for all household members, especially those with asthma or allergies, or those who have low immunity.

This year's awards for Best Air Purifier on ProductReview go to the Ausclimate Winix ZERO Range and the VBreathe Tasman. Both these purifiers have HEPA filters to capture ultra-fine dust and pollen particles, along with bacteria, mould and viruses. The VBreathe has also won a NSW Government Award for being the best antiviral air filtration personal device for Coronavirus. While these units are both over $500, they’re a worthy investment if you’re looking for a long-term air purifier that ticks all the boxes.

ausclimate winix ZERO range
AusClimate Winix ZERO
vbreathe tasman
VBreathe Tasman
All-Time Rating4.84.9
2021 Rating4.774.86
Air Quality Improvement4.584.71
Odour Improvement4.144.26
Build Quality4.944.93
Value for Money4.744.57
Ease of Use4.974.94
Cleaning & Maintenance4.834.94
Noise Level *4.494.06

*A higher score indicates a quieter machine

Dehumidifiers · See All

While little can sap the joy out of hot summer days, that muggy feeling in the air certainly comes close. If you live in a hot, humid climate and don’t have a dehumidifying function in your AC, a dehumidifier can dry the air so you’re not sweating buckets in summer. Dehumidifiers can be just as useful in the winter months, too, if your home is prone is collecting cold condensation.

AusClimate has won itself another gold medal for being thhe best dehumidifier brand this year, with its outstanding Cool Seasons range and NWT Medium 20L model. The Cool Seasons range is a worthy pick for climates where the barometer creeps as low as 1°C, and rooms as large as 50m². As well as dehumidifying, it also releases warm air into a room, making it toastier. Alternatively, the NWT Medium 20L model uses traditional compressor technology and is more efficient in warmer or more temperate climates ranging from 5-32°C.

ausclimate cool seasons
AusClimate Cool Seasons
ausclimate nwt medium 20L
AusClimate NWT Medium 20L
All-Time Rating4.94.9
2021 Rating4.94.98
Build Quality4.955.0
Value for Money4.745.0
Cleaning & Maintenance4.955.0
Noise Level *4.124.5

*A higher score indicates a quieter machine

Irons and Steam Generators · See All

With not a single rating awarded below 4 or 5 stars, reviewers are undoubtedly happy with the performance of their Laurastar Lift Xtra Range appliance. This multi-talented device works as a 3-in-1 iron, steam generator and garment purifier. It doesn't just smooth clothes to wrinkle-free perfection, it also uses hygienic steam that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, dust mites and fungi from clothes and linen. Reviewers are fans of how easy the generator is to use (with a quick heat-up time of 3 minutes), and also appreciate its durable build quality - while remaining easy to carry and store.

Laurastar Lift Xtra Range
Laurastar Lift Xtra Range
All-Time Rating4.8
2021 Rating4.82
Build Quality4.7
Value for Money4.4
Ease of use4.8
Cleaning & Maintenance4.6

Stick and Cordless Vacuum Cleaners · See All

Hail the era of stick vacs - where you don’t have to drag a vacuum barrel round the house like a ball and chain. The Dreame V11 and Dyson v15 Detect are both worthy picks that have garnered praise from reviewers this year.

Both models are equipped with 5-stage filtration and HEPA filters for capturing tiny dust particles. They have both also been earmarked by reviewers as being really easy to use. It may just be a battle of the bank balances.

If you're looking for a budget buy, the V11 Dreame is $800 cheaper than the $1, 399 Dyson v15 Detect. The Dyson vacuum comes with some fancy features that the Dreame doesn’t, like automatically adjusting suction power, a green laser for better dust vision, and an LCD screen displaying a performance graph. However, the Dreame V11’s outstanding suction power, its 5 brushes, and affordable price were major advantages for reviewers.

dreame v11
Dreame V11
dyson v15 detect
Dyson v15 Detect
All-Time Rating4.54.6
2021 Rating4.574.79
Build Quality3.674.91
Value for Money4.04.07
Ease of Use4.264.82
Cleaning & Maintenance3.564.8
Noise Level *3.334.0
Battery life3.384.59

*A higher score indicates a quieter machine

Steam Mops and Hard Floor Cleaners · See All

Hard floors often add a suave look to homes, but they can also be a pain to clean. Having a capable steam mop in your arsenal can work wonders.

The Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner has won the ProductReview Award for Best Steam Mop two years in a row. It can clean wooden floors, tiles, and laminate. Its impressive Bionic dual cleaning functionality means it can sweep and mop at once - halving the time to clean up spills. Wet and dry waste are collected in two separate containers, for easy and eco-friendly disposal. Reviewers reported that this Hizero steam mop is especially easy to use, and is built sturdily.

hizero bionic hard floor cleaner
Hizero Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner
All-Time Rating4.7
2021 Rating4.66
Build Quality4.77
Value for Money4.32
Ease of use4.78
Cleaning & Maintenance4.42

Split System Air Conditioners · See All

Little can ruin the joy of spending a lovely day relaxing at home like melting in the heat can, or shivering as you witness smoke puffs come out of your mouth as you breathe.

A well-chosen split system AC can take the edge off extreme temperatures and be a householder’s best friend. The Mitsubishi Avanti Series and Bronte Series are split system ACs that have won over many fans. Their powerful cooling and heating capacities made homes much more comfortable, and the ACs were quiet and efficient to boot. There’s a correctly sized AC for any room available, as between the two Series, you can take your pick from units ranging between 2.0kW-10kW.

mitsubishi avanti
Mitsubishi Avanti Series
mitsubishi bronte
Mitsubishi Bronte Series
All-Time Rating4.64.7
2021 Rating4.634.75
Heating and Cooling Speed4.574.68
Build Quality4.694.72
Value for Money4.674.67
Ease of Use4.64.67
Cleaning & Maintenance4.524.64
Noise Level *4.524.53

*A higher score indicates a quieter machine

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