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DeWalt 745

Latest review: I am gob smacked. How could you go wrong with DeWalt? After reading all the positive reviews I thought I had found the perfect table top saw. Sounds like DeWalt have recently changed/cheapened their

DeWalt 254mm DWE7491-X

Latest review: I've had the Dewalt DWE7491-XE (with its stand) since June 2017. I rip and crosscut mostly MDF and 4mm thick Alucobond (aluminium composite material). The supplied Dewalt saw blade provides a

Dewalt DCD795-XE

Latest review: Purchased this DCD795-XE Brushless drill kit 2 weeks ago, with 2 x 4AH batteries, charger and case. Initial impressions were good, well weighted and nicely balanced for a mid sized/compact drill, led

Dewalt DW718

Latest review: I believe this is one of the most trusted saws in the market. This model was discontinued in 2008-2010 period. I bought this machine, secondhand, in 2018 from a tradie who had it for severl years

Dewalt DCD985N-XE

Latest review: I bought the 10 piece cordless kit, which came with 3 batteries. Battery life is really poor on all 3 batteries. They are now 12 months old and its getting worse. Drill dies after putting in 10

Dewalt D26204K-XE

Latest review: Intoduction: Some of you might be thinking "5 Stars, isn't that just some form of confirmation bias?" but the truth is, for what this kit can do, the accessories included, and the price charged, I

DeWalt DCV100

Latest review: Handy small unit with enough power to clean up. Nozzle can be taken off and it’s easy to store away. Lasts a while on a charge and not too h

DeWalt DCD796

Latest review: The DCD796 is the next version of the drill. It came in a kit with impact driver DFC887 from Bunnings. The DCZ266TI kit came with a 6Ah battery and charger It appears solid and well made, but the

DeWalt DCS7485N

Latest review: Just recently became the proud owner of a new DeWalt DCS7485N-XJ 54V XR FlexVolt Table Saw and overall I'm pretty happy with it. With a couple of relatively minor exceptions though I can't give it

Dewalt 54V Flexvolt Brushless Grass Trimmer & Brushcutter DCM571X1

Latest review: I purchased this Dewalt line trimmer from Bunnings Warehouse about 2 months ago, since the majority of my tools were Dewalt I thought I would replace my existing battery powered Ryobi with this

DeWalt DW735-XE

Latest review: The DW735-XE thicknesser is a powerful compact unit that can run 330 mm wide material at 3mm each pass. This thicknesser has a 2 speed selector which allows fast or slow runner speed depending on the

Dewalt DCS355D2

Latest review: I just bought this today. Best power tool I have. The 18v battery charged very quickly. I used the wood cutter first up. This was a pleasure to use. It cut through 12mm plywood with no worries. I

Dewalt D51256K-XE

Latest review: shits over hitachi or paslode 16 ga nailers... i have a hitachi nt65m2 , good gun but you need earmuffs to use it.... dewalt can hold an extra clip of nails , so much less reloading........ the

Dewalt DCF895N-XE

Latest review: Nice little compact impact driver. Lots of good little extra feature such as LED light, belt clip etc. Has plenty of power and good control using the trigger carefully. The battery life is good

Dewalt DWE4151

Latest review: After blowing up a second cheap Makita angle grinder I thought I would give a DeWalt a fair go. Really pleased so far with plenty of power for a 125mm with a 900w motor without being too bulky. Feels

Dewalt DW621 Plunge Router

Latest review: I've owned this router for the last several years and would defintely support someone else buying it for its intended use. It's versatile, reliable, and despite being a bit less powerful than other

Dewalt MD501

Latest review: The MD501 is sturdy, with a thick rubberised body that makes it more durable than any other phone I've ever owned except my cat S60. Dewalt has put the handset through Military Standard testing

Dewalt DCR017-XE

Latest review: Bought this as xmas present for my son. Great sound, antenna not great but passable. USB charger and 2 bonus power points make this a very useful site radio.Bought an 18v 4amp battery, much better

Dewalt DW872

Latest review: I was lucky to pick one of these up new at an auction. Wow, as person who does not work with steel on a daily basis, I am always reserved and cautious cutting metals with any high speed tool whether

Dewalt DWE305PK

Latest review: This saw is so flexible and easy to use, with great results thus far. The blade mounting mechanism is amazingly simple. Solid quality and good value that I associate with Dewalt products. Heavy duty

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