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Cooper, Sienna SR4, Sienna SR6 and Sienna SR8
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hi! how much does the cooper queen weigh? cheers caroline :)
1 answer
I’m not sure, I bought the king single

Hi Ausbeds, I am very keen on your mattresses. How can i get one of your mattress if i live in Brisbane?
1 answer
Hiya! As our mattresses have foam wall side support, they are unable to be rolled into a box and shipped. They are substantial items and shipping outside of Sydney is extremely expensive, so we have decided that we will only service Sydney for the time being. We will most likely open a warehouse in Brisbane and Melbourne in the future however we have no solid plans at this point. If you can find a way to transport it though, we are happy to load it up for you on this end.

does this product have a long-term warranty (2, 5, 10, 20 year?)
1 answer
https://www.ausbeds.com.au/our-mattress-guarantee/ This link has the warranty details listed

Hi, Is there anyone here who has had their Ausbeds mattress for over a year and can tell me about how it's holding up? Esp. the Sienna or the Jasper, but also interested in the Cooper. Everyone's reviews are amazing, but I can't find anyone who's reported back a year or two later. (Although, I'm hoping that means thats cos everyone is satisfied and doesn't want to pop their head back in here to complain haha) Thnx :)
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Where can I get an ausbed mattress?
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Their store is in Marrickville, or you can buy online with delivery: www.ausbeds.com.au :)

Hi, I have rheumatoid arthritis and want a mattress which will help me get a good sleep and less joint pain. Can you please confirm if this mattress will suit me? Also, I am looking for a medium firm mattress and I am not sure which option to go for in your mattress range?
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You might have found this out by now, but just in case - they have a store in Marrickville, so if it is possible for you to get there, you could test them in store.

Would like to know what are the other components of the memory foam Sienna mattress? What is the cost of a single mattress and a king single mattress. Do you deliver to Melbourne? Are the mattresses manufactured in Australia? Thank you, Mary
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Hi, Thanks for your question, More information will be coming on our new website in the next month or so regarding the Sienna.. However there is 3cm latex underneath the 3cm of memory foam, below that there is high density polyfoam. Also we use high density polyfoam for the foam wall, this allows you to sleep all the way to the edge of the mattress without rolling off. Regarding prices, they are all on the website homepage www.ausbeds.com.au We are a 100% independent Australian mattress company and have been selling mattresses in Sydney since 2006. We design, develop and test our mattresses in our store in Marrickville - working closely with our manufacturer in China, where the majority of the worlds mattresses are currently manufactured. Due to the cost saving from producing in china, we are able to increase spending on the density of the foams, and also increase spending on the more resilient latex and memory foams. This allows us to bring an extremely durable mattress to you at a very reasonable price.

If you don't like the matress they will pick it up and return your money with no extra costs?
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Hiya! As per our website, here is our policy regarding the mattress trial. What if I try it and it's not for me? We ask that you try the mattress for two weeks as it takes time to adjust to a new mattress. After this time you are still not happy you have two options. option 1 - Swap it for another one Just pay the difference (or we'll refund the difference if it's cheaper). If you’d like us to deliver a new one and pick up the old one, it’s a $50 charge. You also have the option of coming to out Marrickville warehouse to exchange it free of charge. option 2 - Get a refund This process will be complete within 10 days and you will receive the refund as soon as the mattress arrives back to our store. If you’d like us to pick it up pay, there is a $50 pickup fee, or you can drop it off to avoid paying the $50 charge. What If I have moved outside of the Ausbeds delivery zone? If your address has changed and it's outside of our delivery zone (outside of sydney), you will need to find a way to bring it back as we only use our own staff for all pickups and deliveries and we need them to remain within Sydney. What If I live a long way from the cbd? If you are further than 20km drive from Sydney CBD there will be a $40 extra charge for pickup and refund. What If my mattress is damaged? Reasonable damage to the mattress is ok, a few scratches on the corners due to moving etc' will be no problem. However we will not exchange the mattress if there is bio contamination (stains) on the mattress. In other words, Use a mattress protector! Can I swap it more than once? The mattress may only be swapped once, if you are still dissatisfied with the second mattress we will happily refund your money. The 100 days comfort guarantee will run from the time you had your first mattress delivered.

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