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I purchased a king duvet and 2 pillow cases a few months ago for around a whopping $200.00. A lot of money because I thought I was buying the best. But unfortunately not. The quality is very poor, the embroidered birds are a mess and it creases so much. I've bought cheaper and they've stood up a lot better than your expensive bedding does. So very disappointed with this product. Who can I complain to?
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What you could do was to bring it the item to the store, and showed them the quality of quilt cover that you bought. And they could report to their head office.

Why is there no customer service phone contact number for Bed Barh & Table?
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e. customerservice@bedbathNtable.com.au p. 03 8888 8195

Hello recently I bought an erza ivory rust towel set full price at a store and I have now washed them 4 times, how can I make them absorbent? It's like drying yourself with paper! Would appreciate a solution as I paid over $100 for them
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Wash them in a warm delicates cycle with no detergent or fabric softener. If you used fabric softener even once while washing them (or washed them with other towels that had been at some point), the detergent/softener coats each towel loop in a filmy residue that makes the towel feel sticky or flat, as if ironed, and stops them from absorbing water. After washing them free of soap, hang them to dry indoors, or out of the sun for a couple hours, then finish them off in the clothes dryer to help fluff them up and evaporate the remaining water. You may have to do this a couple more times unfortunately, depending on the brand of detergent used. If you did not use softener, it is likely that your regular detergent is designed for stain removal, which is known to also cling to the fibres of the towel.

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