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Why do you scam your customers out of hard earned cash?????
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Why do you not reply to customer complaints?
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I agree, I used their live chat and couldn't actually get an answer out of them, just repeated "we apologise and value your business" but they couldn't even get my name right when it was typed right in front of them!We're overseas and needed to send flowers for my sister-in-laws funeral. Were charged in USD, even though they advertise in AUD. When my husband explained I send flowers to my mother with a different florist and never have issues, some pretend Kelly asked if his sister would also be ordering flowers. Considering it was his sister that had just passed, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Live Chat is useless. They just keep reposting the terms and conditions until you threaten to report them to the ACCC and the bank. Absolutely abysmal service.

So glad I read all this before using them to send flowers to my Mum for her 70th. Thank you, thank you everyone, and Product Review!
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YES, so glad I read the reviews before buying flowers for Mothers Day, I have ordered from this company a few times and the last time I paid extra for a vase and of course no vase turned up with the flowers. Better to pay a bit extra and have the security in knowing what you ordered actually turns up. Thankyou!

You have banned me from your FB and won't respond to messages. I'm waiting for a reply from 5 days ago. You're not that busy sending flowers out that you can't reply....after all you don't send them anyway. Worst company ever. Zero stars..... I'd minus it if I could. Reported your company to ACCC.....let's hope you go out of business
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I will be doing the same thing Lynn. Pathetic serviceMy job is now to share the Bloomex SCAM! Warning!! Scam company!!!I plan on reporting them as well. They advertise in AUD, but as we're currently in Europe, they charged us in USD. So an AUD order of $120 ends up USD 180. Absolutely criminal.

Has anyone actually gotten a refund from this disgusting company?
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no, they didn't bother responding to my email. I think they are a scam.I'm expecting a partial refund in the next few hours. Will let you know how it goes.

Why would you take my partner's money for Valentine's flowers then email at 2pm yesterday that you've cancelled his order. Seriously!!! And no money back in his bank yet
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I do not want a credit....But a full refund?
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Report them online to ACCC and then advise them of this and also contact your bank and ask for them to get the refund as the service wasn’t deliveredI have communicated with ACCC. All noted. Still kerp tryinh.I have communicated with ACCC. All noted. Still kerp trying

I ordered one of the christmas specials and a bottle of wine and box of chocolates for my best friend on the 18th of December. I was told it will arrive there on the 20th of December. But my best friend has not received her delivery and I am a very unhappy customer and would like to know why the hell it has not arrived yet? I did not pay $124 for nothing and I would demand a refund if it isn't there by Christmas
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Oh gosh that's horrible to hear! I have no idea how this company is still running!! They are quick to take our money but that's where it ends! Seriously considering taking this further to be honest. It's completely ridiculousThis company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Their live chat is impossible. As soon as there is a hint on complaint they terminate the chat. Go to their e-mail address wecare@bloomex.com.au and ask why it has not been delivered. It will take them a day to answer and you will probably be brushed off with some lame excuse. Keep at them, Keep a record of all your e-mails and their replies and then if it does not arrive by Christmas, raise a disputed payment with your credit card company and also make a complaint to the Office of Fair trading, and tell Bloomex you have done so. It was only after I had told them I had complained to my Credit Card company and the Office of Fair trading that they refunded me.

Is there an independent body in Australia who will act on behalf of unhappy, dissatisfied and I believe, abused customers?
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You can try reviewing CHOICE, there's ACCC, Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs WebsitesThank you so much. Also wondering about The Checkout?

Would someone like to answer the chat page for Bloomex?. still waiting!!!!!!! Flowers sent to wrong address, email, phone and chat support are non existent! Terrible customer service and I may as well of thrown away the money that I spent on these non existing flowers!
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They are terrible at communication. I have saved a record of everything and I'd suggest you do the same. When the flowers that I ordered didn't arrive on time (sympathy flowers), I advised them NOT to send any flowers and to refund me. They sent the flowers the following day (against my wishes) and there was no refund. I have been blocked from their social media pages. I have lodged a complaint with the ACCC. I have also cancelled my credit card as I do not trust them with my information. I'd suggest everyone else do the same - lord knows where your credit card details will end up!

Has anyone received their full refunds for their valentine day orders that failed to get delivered?
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To be honest Melinda, as this is an international company, I don't think they will be offering full refunds just store credit.That is disappointing, why would you want store credit when they couldn't do the job they were paid to do the first time. I'm shocked they are still in business with the amount of complaints they receive. Thanks for replying to my question.We are still waiting for our wedding flower refund which they failed to deliver on the 2nd Feb. $499.95

Has anyone actually received a full refund back from this company after their flowers were not even sent? They have emailed me saying they will give me a full refund and so they should the delivery was for sympathy flowers for my family members already such a hard time we are facing and for the flowers to not even get sent yet I've been charged is disgraceful I am very unhappy!
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No refund but did offer store credit or a gourmet basket. I asked for the gourmet basket at the same price of my original purchase but as you saw, not worth what I paid. Won't ever use Bloomex again that is for sure.They told me I am getting a full refund and have given me a transaction receipt that looks fake to me but I will wait in hope and if not I will Perdue the visa dispute I've lodged to get it back!You were lucky to get an email back. They refuse to answer us. Still awaiting a $499.95 refund from the 3rd Feb

I am still waiting for a reply of some sort about a pathetic looking order received, after trying calling and emailing with pictures to wecare@bloomex.com.au
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OMG looks like I am one of the disgruntled customers now too. Wish I had read all these complaints before I spent my money and nothing has been delivered. Not getting any answers from their site and no phone number to ring to complain to. I am in Nz and was sending a gift basket to my Dad for fathers day, I am now so upset that he hasnt got it and I cant seem to get any satisfaction or answers from their call centre. What do I do now?
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Me too. We ordered 2 baskets and 2 arrangements of flowers to be sent to a workplace on Thursday. They delivered one bunch of flowers and 2 baskets today. Noone is working today, it's the freaking weekend. And we don't know where the other flowers are. Did you find a call centre number?Thats total rubbish (not allowed swear words I have just been told), I am so angry. Why are these people allow to have such elaborate websites and state all the guff they claim to do and then suck you in and take your money and then not deliver. I have had endless conversations with the "on line call centre" but no luck in getting a phone number. I have sent an email complain to Fastway as their tracking number says its been delivered but the signature is very sus and the name of delivery is nothing like my fathers. I have been "assured" that someone will get to me tomorrow but dont like my chances as tomorrow is Sunday but apparently their managers dont work Saturdays but do work Sundays...not likely if you ask me. I will next go to ACCC with a complaint if no joy with Fastway, who are a reputable company and I hope will give me some answers. Still doesnt give my elderly father anything to open on Fathers Day and I am so disappointed about that. I hope you find your flowers or get some joy out of them someway.I am the same- definitely did NOT get what I paid for. Customer service is absolutely appalling. It's surprising they are still in business!

Has anyone heard anything back from the ACCC about this "company"? I notice on the website they are obviously posting false reviews of the products...
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No Idea about ACCC. My daughter received her beautiful roses on time. I am a happy customer :-)Robyn B you are a very lucky cat if you got what you paid for..... Tazkat, ACCC are "investigating" but like I said to them, what has to happen for a scam company to be shut down? I mean thousands (yes thousands) of world-wide disgruntled customers surely should be enough for these scammers to be shut down. Keep lodging those complaints everyone.I will be contacting them tomorrow- perhaps with the more who complain, something may be done?

Has anyone successfully gotten a refund from bloomex in aus ?
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Not yet but I won't be giving up until I do.I managed to get onto their call centre today (15/02/2017) and have organised a refund for the next 24-48 hours as per the Next Day Delivery promise. No choice but to bash their phone lines until you get lucky unfortunately. Good luck!I spammed their Facebook Messenger chat and got a response at 2.30 am Wednesday morning with an email order status change to refunded. They have until Friday for the money to be back before I log a charge back with my bank

I have had two now terrible experiences with this company - non delivery and appalling customer service. I am placing a complaint to the ACCC and encourage everyone else to do the same. I am also reporting them to my bank, to obtain a refund. If enough people do this, hopefully the ACCC will take notice. They effectively ruined my ten year anniversary. Interested to hear if anyone else has made a complain and the complaint number so that be referenced in my complaint?
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I think I will do the same!! Placing a complaint with the ACC nowI have sent numerous emails asking for a refund and they offered a store credit! Which I thought was a complete joke, I will never order again from this company. I then had to threaten them and say I will take legal action if they don't give me a refund. They replied back and said they will refund items that weren't sent. A week later and I am still waiting for my refund! Unbelievable! I too, don't understand how this company is still running their business with all these bad reviews. Something needs to be done.My order number was: 01274655. The first bunch of flowers I received were terrible. When I rang to complain and sent an email with photos of the flowers they rang the sender to let them know there had been a complaint and did not contact me at all. A replacement was sent and this was in an even worse state; they had to go straight in the bin. They had still not replied to the email and photo I sent about the replacement bunch. I would not use them at all.

Would appreciate if you provide me a main office in Sydney - management contact number have to complain about extremely bad service, and wouldn't recommend to anyone to use this service - customer service doesn't know what are they doing at all. Anyone? MC
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I used the online "live chat "and email to complain. i tried calling them but kept on getting message bank. sorry i can't helpEmail them demanding a full refund & tell them you're contacting your bank. Then contact your bank so they can refund you and chase bloomex for it. Bloomex refunded me before the bank had a chance to investigate. Either way, you should get a full refund. Good luck.Hopeless, I have tried to contact .. Just a call centre with uninterested staff. Best advice, avoid and never use again

Is there someone who they can be reported to?
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Hi Debbie, contact fair trading & choice & if you haven't received the goods as described then contact your bank for a refund because under Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to a FULL refund. Your bank should then chase them. Good luck.I'll have to do this too - looks like we all will need to.Have just called Choice but there is little they can do? If more people call maybe they will be stirred into action.

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