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Breville Boss to Go Plus BPB620

Breville Boss to Go Plus BPB620 Questions & Answers

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Like several others, my base is stuck on the blade housing. I've used it 40-50 times, so it's not like I didn't know what I was doing. No matter how hard I twist, it doesn't budge. What should I do?
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Can I use the grinder to make a paste of chilli, garlic and ginger?
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Depends on the quantity. I regularly use the tall tumblers for making garlic and ginger pastes but atleast in a quantity of 6-8 tbsp minimum. And using a bit of liquid like oil or water to facilitate smooth grinding. But I once used the small steel grinder to make a paste of onion and chilli (because it was very less quantity - about 3 tbsp) and it did not grind it very well. Its designed for dry stuff only not wet.Thank you Chaitali for answering my query. I'll start being creative as soon as the weekend comes around, cheers

Hi, Does Breville Boss to Go BPB620BAL grind coffee beans?
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The little metal pot is a dry grinder pot. I use it to grind dry things like nuts and seeds. I am sure it will grind coffee nicely too, although i have not personally done it since i have a dedicated coffee grinder. The nuts and seeds get ground nicely. Although you should be careful with grinding dry things in this pot. If you grind in a continuous manner the ingredients become sticky with oil coming out of them. Same can happen to coffee. You have to do it in short pulses.Thank you for your helpful comment. I’m house sitting and didn’t have the user manual - needed to make sure! I have found the metal cup and it grinds coffee very well. Thanks again.

Hi breville, I bought my boss to go more than a year ago from myer and was quite happy with it. But today, i cant take off the cup from the blade mechanism as a bit of the plastic of the blade base is broken. I can see some comments here about replacement blade. Do you still do that? Thanks, Maricar
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We have been using this smoothie maker almost every day for 2 years, but last night the cup became totally stuck to the blade base. We have tried everything we can think of but cannot get it to unscrew! Any ideas? Breville can you help? Not sure what we will do for breakfast without our boss to go!
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Did you manage to get it unstuck.. if so how?? Thanks

Same problem, plastic off the base broke off. I don’t have the receipt anymore and it’s about a year old. Can I still request for a replacement?
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Does brevelle boss to go blend veggies like kale, celery, spinach, carrot, beetroots n fruits like pineapple etc which are quite hard to get in smooth consistency?
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Yes to Beetroot and celery. I have not yet tried other veggies or pineapple. I believe the key to blending hard veggies is adding adequate water or other liquid.Yes, for all veggies and it does it perfectly. I used to grind my seeds before I put them into my previous blender, but now I do not need to. I hate lumps and I have never had any in a smoothie which I prepared in the Breville.

Is the breville boss to go plus, 500 ml cup size suitable for blending small quantities (eg 1 pear) for baby food?
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I just cut up a pear into 8ths and it works extremely well. Pear had skin, was cored and raw. I now have some Pear puree to find a home for :) Took about 20 seconds and a little shake to get a larger chunk to go into blades. Probably could have waited for it to go down on it's own, but I'm impatient like that :)Thankyou Nickyloo

Looking at purchasing the Breville Boss to Go, does it blend frozen fruit well? The blender I have at the moment is not powerful enough to blend the frozen fruit for my smoothie and I need to turn the machine upside down to try and move the frozen fruit around so it all blends.
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Hi Brunswick, Yes it does.....I normally throw in 1/2 frozen banana and a 1/4 frozen mango cheek with some strawberries with my protein powder and water. It initially makes a noise when slicing through the frozen fruit, but it blends them extremely well.....definitely no lumpy frozen fruit :)...just a nicely blended, cold smoothie.

Hello, Am I able to use the boss to go plus to process some foods? Can I use the boss to go to make breadcrumbs or pastes for cooking. For example if I wanted to ad ginger, lemongrass and garlic to make a paste, can I use the boss to go?
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I've read through the instruction booklet and recipie book provided...and my answer would be no. The Boss to Go Plus is specifically designed to make and produce smoothies and similar beverages...I don't believe it is designed to be an all purpose food processor like a Kitchen Wizz. While you can use the grinding attachment to process and mill dry ingredients such as almonds, sunflower seeds to make LSA... it is not recommened to put wet ingredients into the grinder attachment. I would think hard root spices like ginger would damage the blades. As for making breadcrumbs, I think a food processor with a cyclonic action would produce better results. And for making pastes for cooking such as a curry paste...a blender or dedicated food processor would be better. Stop me If I start to waffle on.... mmmm...waffles....Hi Lulu - here is a link to the recipe book for the Boss to Go Plus to help you establish what's possible. http://www.breville.com.au/media/mediaappearance/16492/BPB600_ANZ_eBook-A15_master.pdf Thanks The Breville teamThank you Michael W. Very helpful. Youv'e got me wanting waffles now!

Hello we have just bought the Breville Boss to Go BPB620BAL primarily because we wanted a good powerful spice grinder. We have not used the unit yet as following reading the instructions it says " do not use the spice grinder for hard spices like star anise, cloves etc... or it will damage the blades". What's the point. If it is unable to grind these primary spices should we return it or is there an alternative? We outlaid a reasonable sum for the unit as it had the Breville name and 'we thought' the ability to grind spices. As this is what we required the item for Should we now return it. It remains in the box unused. Purchased from Good Guys on 4 Sep 2016. regards TimB
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Hi I haven't used the grinder at all sorry Thought it was for nuts mainly didn't really bother as it's an extra Maybe find out price of a separate grinder so can work out whether worth it I have had to return parts 4 times now So not sure whether would recommend at all

How do I release the cup from the blade attachment? I can turn it but not remove it, it seems to have formed a vacuum
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The problem is not that there is a vaccum but that the plastic locking rim has broken and will not allow the cup to come free. At least that's what it sounds to me like - I had an identical problem...in the end I had to put the blade assembly in a vice and use a hammer and gently tap the sides of the cup where it attaches to loosen the lock rim. Once I finally got it free, the plastic rim fell to pieces! Hope yours is in warranty. We took our Go Plus back to the retailer and I bought a nutri ninja instead with a threaded cup to blade attachment. Much better!Hi Mysti - please contact customer service for assistance - 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Breville teamThank you, I thought afterwards that it my have been the rim of the blade attachment breaking again. I took it back to Harvey Norman and they gave me a new cup and blade attachment

I purchased my boss to go in January this year and after 3 months of use the blade assembly plastic had broken off approx size 1 cm. I seriously thought I had dropped the assembly causing this missing piece but after reading this forum I looked at it closely and found multiple small fractures on the whole assembly. This is serious design problem. I wonder if that missing 1 cm piece had also been blended into my smoothie. I think Belleville really needs to address this.
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Yes, I hear you, it's a law suit waiting to happen. I haven't thrown out my faulty equipment yet as I am unsure of the impact on my families health.Hi Adam - please contact customer on 1300 139 798 to discuss further and request a replacement blade assembly kit. Thanks, the Breville team

hi I received the Breville Boss to go as Christmas present - it is used almost every day.. the last few days as soon as I turned the cup to blend there has been a burning smell and this morning it did not start straight away. Any ideas?
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Hi Kylie - please call customer for best advice - 1300139798. Thanks, the Breville team

Hi. I cannot open the cup from the blde mechanism. I just bought it two days ago and really love it. Now I'm extremely frustrated. How can I open the darn thing?!!!? I have the full size boss and love it too. My son took it to uni. I need this to work ( OPEN) urgently. HELP!!!
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Well I phoned Breville customer service, and they posted out news blades and cup no questions asked. Arrive in 3 working days

My boss to go is terrific but the base on mine also broke. I notice from comments that this is a very common fault. I recieved a new one but I worry about it breaking as well. Is Brevelle going to fix the obvious fault so it just doesn't happen?
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Hi Nonifioni - we feel the issue has been addressed, however let us know if you experience this issue again. Thanks, the Breville team

Hi there i bought this great blender in December and have found it to be great, only issue i have is the plastic around the thread base is breaking off leaving with an unserviceable unit, i would like to return it for a replacement as i really like its capability. only issue is i no longer have the box and want to know if i have to take all the components with or only the base? i bought it from DJ's in Sydney Cheers John
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this has happened to mine also and my replacement which is 2 weeks old. i will be returning for a different model tomorrow. i dont have box and under consumer law i dont need it. i have my reciept and very unhappy. apart from this issue i think it could have been a great blender.Hi John - a new blade assembly kit can be supplied. Please contact customer service on 1300 139 798, let them know you received this advice via product review and provide your delivery details. Thanks, the Breville team

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