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Hi Ihad a lady crash into me on Saturday took the car today for an assessment they say it would take up to 7days to repair even though I don't have hire car on my policy why should I have to be without a car when the accident was not my fault? Spoke to someone from Coles today and asked why doesn't the person who hit me be up for the cost of a hire car why should I have to walk to walk. I then asked for the other persons insurance company which they said they did not no not very happy with Coles Insurance
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Hi Melissa, thank you for reaching out to us. We're sorry to hear of your poor experience with our Car Insurance service. Could you please reach out to us in private message confirming your full name, policy/claim number and contact number? We'd like to arrange for our Customer Care team to look into this with you.Melissa Canova Policy Number COMO-9129-7775 Claim COL 191713318 Contact 0410591000 ThanksStill waiting for someone to contact me

why do you not cover my 30 year old daughter with a clean driving record for an Audi q3
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Hi Sam, thanks for getting in touch. We'd recommend that you contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 265 374 as they'll be best suited to assist you further.

I have started my insurance in 2014 for $ 460 comprehensive and now I am about to renew the insurance for the same car $728. I would not have any clue how they work out the price? As the car depreciate in its value every year but the insurance is getting appreciated How? unlike Health insurance that they are not paying for maintenance unless at the time of an accident. I have no claims for the last 3 years. is there anyone can make it clear for me, please? Ta
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I wouldn't go any near coles insurance any more very bad customer service I still waiting for my claim to finalize after one monthWe're sorry for the hassle, Harry. We regularly review the premiums our customers pay to ensure they reflect the rising cost of insuring your car. If you’d like to understand more about how car insurance prices are calculated, please visit: http://www.coles.com.au/insurance-prices-explained

Having an accident in my car I have been told I have the choice of 1 repairer, I want to go to my repairer but Coles won’t cover me even though they o’k this a couple of years ago. I need confirmation of why I can’t go to my repairer.
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Hi Jan, thanks for getting in touch. To discuss this further, we'd recommend contacting our Customer Care Team on 1300 265 374, as they're best placed to assist you with this.

I would like to know after reading lots of reviews 1 reason from you as to why I should insure with you? If I make a claim will you pay?
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Coles is committed to helping Australians save money every day, from groceries to financial services. So, we're challenging the market leaders by providing low cost insurance products that are great quality too! For more details regarding our Insurance products, please see our website or contact us on 1300 265 374.You have not answered my questions

Will my diesel engine be covered if damaged by contaminated diesel fuel?
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Check your policy

Does anyone know where I can find a list of Coles repairers? I want to make sure there is one in my town before signing up but can’t find who they are.
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Have you not read the reviews? Are you still considering getting ripped off?Thanks for your message. Please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 265 374, so we can look into this for you!Have you read the reviews? These are true experiences. Why would you put yourself thru that?? All the best with your decision.

What happens when coles try to deduct money from my bank account. And each time there's insufficient funds?
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Best advice is stay clear of this insurance company! Especially if u have younger drivers for god sake make sure u insure properly elsewhere

Do all drivers have to be listed on third part property ins . Can someone else drive your car?
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Hi Ross, please contact us on 1300 265 374 and we'd be happy to help with your enquiries.HI Ross I do not have 3party property insurance. I have comprehensive insurance policy, so I can't help you

Will I be covered for petrol in Diesel engine damage?
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Thanks for your query, Jock. We'd recommend contacting our Customer Care Team directly on 1300 265 374 and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.No you won't be

My parked car was recently hit by another car. the other driver did hit a note. I have a market value policy and according to Redbook the private price guide is between $3,800 to $5,600. The car has very low kilometers and excellent condition and yet I was offered a substantially lower offer from the assessor to scrap the car. Can any one advise how to get a fair value? Ideally I want the car to be repaired and the repairer quoted $4,500 for the repair. I am happy to keep the car for another ten years. It is a beautiful car to drive and I have fixed everything and put in four new tyres recently.
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Just got a call from Coles insurance confirming the offer to settle the claim. They somehow plug a figure of $2,750 for the vehicle and have to deduct $700 for the unpaid balance of the annual premium. I have since written to them that I would not accept anything less than the mid figure of $4,800. There is only one car on the market for $5000. I believe I am being very reasonable and I will stick with my figure and take legal action if necessary. Be very aware of market value policy and these unpaid premium business. I am not at fault at all and I seem to be out of pocket by thousands of dollars. I probably would have better off not having insurance at all and demand the other party repair my car. I thought that your comprehensive insurer is supposed to be on your side. Not giving up without a fight.

For a comprehensive policy, would I be entitled to claim if the car is on a parking lot and damaged by an unknown hit-and-run vehicle?
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Hi Wee, thanks for getting in touch with us and we appreciate your patience. We're sorry to hear about this and we'd recommend contacting our Claims Team on 1300 265 374 as they'd be best placed to assist you with this.

Hi i need my car insurance detail. Any help?
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Hi Taylah, thanks for getting in touch with us. We'd recommend contacting our Customer Care Team directly on 1300 265 374 as they'd be more than happy to assist you with this.

I would love to know after reading one complete page of "peoples terrible experiences" with Coles car insurance, how the hell are Coles allowed to operate ANY INSURANCE whatsoever!!! Surely Fair Trading know about Coles Insurance and their sneaky operations trying to manipulate people. Come on Fair Trading, pull your finger out and get rid of Coles completely as an insurer!!
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Good question. Although I rang then when renewal premium arrived and got a new insurance provider it hasnt stopped them sending me messages to renew. The sooner someone gets rid of them the betterHi Helen you must understand, if fair trading started proceedings against Coles insurance, it would take them years to clean them up because of the amount of claims on feedback alone!! JohnI simply would not go past either NRMA or GIO for car insurance. That's it!!

Did Coles car insurance from the start have a loading on top of the base premium for "pay by the month"? I was under the belief that they did not but was informed by their phone support people that they have always charged extra for this service. It is not itemised on any policy renewal documents I have but now is clearly shown on any online new quotes. Could it have changed with past takeover by IAG?
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Hi Phill, our Insurance pricing is set by IAG and reflects the increasing costs of providing insurance cover. We are confident Coles Car Insurance remains competitively priced with a great range of benefits.

My wife had an accident and she had a head injury and was taken to hospital by emergency services. Her car was completely damaged due to the hit from back by another truck. We gave them reference number given by the cops and I was told by coles customer care that they cant get incident report from Victoria Police. If all insurnace company can get information from Victoria Police why not for coles insurance?
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We're concerned to hear this. Can you please respond to our private message so we can look into this for you?Unfortunately, we're unable to message your profile on Product Review, Joshy. Could you please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 265 374, or alternatively contact the Coles Financial Services Facebook page?

Hi, how soon after keyhole surgery can i drive please?
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Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by. We'd recommend contacting a doctor regarding your query as they would be best placed to assist you.If your with Coles insurance NEVER!!

Which company do you use for roadside assistance?
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I have been an RACV member for 55 years.... I would call for assistance almost daily with my 1st car I now drive a Lexus and NEVER need their assistanceDear Jen... I immediately re insured with Woolworths without searching for best deal. I suspect Bingle might be a good optionJen, I am with NRMA. Luckily my cars don't break down and I have never used them.

We have placed a claim 10 weeks ago .content insurance payed out in 2 weeks , same incident , but Coles still waiting Quick to take your money , but don't want to honour their policy. Has anyone else waited this long? 10 weeks without a car, they can't even take our calls . Absolute disgrace
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Email to complaint to financial ombudsman service. Email them whatever has happened.Consult your solicitor.Hi Inda, we're sorry you've had a difficult experience with us. Please respond to our private message if you'd like for us to look into this for you.Yes... I am facing the same situation. A car with COLES insurance hit my car. The guy accepted the fault and informed the Coles at the time of lodging the claim in front of me. When I called to get an update and to repair my car, Coles telling me that I have to wait till they get the excess from their customer. Bloddy Joke?? That is their problem, we are third party, if they are at fault need to act quickly to rectify the issue. Still I am waiting for an answer almost week gone, I am spending $57/day every day for hire cars.

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