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Hi Elite Owners, Has anyone purchased a Silk Road 1810 recently? I would be interested in your experiences, good and bad? If you are near Sydney where did you purchase it? Many thanks Robert1303
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Do yourself a huge favor and don’t by anything from elite or ballistic as they are called now

Hi, has anyone had a 100 series turbo diesel towing these vans please?
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We have a 200 series and tows very wellWe tow with a hundred series...perfect match!

Looking at the Ranger off road made by elite. Anyone have any thoughts on them? Cheers
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Hi Jeff, We don't make a RANGER model. Visit our website www.elitecaravans.com.au for all our models. Kind Regards Elite Caravans

Hi, we have an Elite Atlantic 24ft caravan, I was wondering if you know what the ball weight is on your elite caravan & is this why you did the gmv up grade as we are looking at the same. We also love our van. Cheers
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Our ball weight is about 340 kg, we have not made any changes to the gvm of the van

We are considering the purchase of an Elite off road van. Besides the somewhat mixed reviews about service & warranty issues we gather their vans DO stand up 'on the road?'
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Hi, we have an Elite Hume Series 2 Off Road (triple bunk). It is awesome! Had a few minor warranty issues (screens in windows, shower rose, electric step), but all fixed. Biggest drama was the repairer we used to do the work. Had no problems with dealing with warranty staff and when we took van in for first service (whilst warranty work was being completed) I asked staff at Elite what things to look for to make sure the service was completed correctly (as I had little faith in the repairer). One of their staff called me and talked me through everything. Our van is now out of warranty for about 12 months and whenever I have had an issue (ie sticker on side had cracked and cupboard handle broke), I called elite and offered to pay for these things given we were out of warranty. They simply sent everything to me I requested. On the black top, no problems at all. We tow the van with a 200 series (which we also had a gvm upgrade). The van is about 24ft. This van is so much easier to tow than the last Expander we had. Only drama we ever had towing was when we picked it up from the 'then' Brisbane dealer. Worked out when we got home that perhaps either in the sale years or travel from Melbourne the DO35 had taken a knock and there had a very slight bend (only picked up with measurements and a spirit level). A new hitch was couriered to us and we received it the next day.Thanks Rk5 & Sally, We have, after 3 trips from Adelaide to Melbourne for conversation & carefull decision making , ordered a 25 foot off road van, with various modifications. Michael & Karen (particularly) provided us with excellent assistance...after a fairly hard sell @ the Adelaide Camping & Caravan Show. It seems that's the way of things these days. We look forwards to taking delivery. Will let you know when we do!Make it a condition of the handover that you will have professional inspection prior to paying . also make sure you have it weighed. Once they have your money they will b very hard to deal with for any rectifications. Good luck and hope you have a better outcome than we did.

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