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We have been with Frank for 3 years and they have been very professional when ever I need to find out anything to do with our policy and claims would recommend them to anyone. The only thing I don't know is if our policy is from January to December or does it restart from financial year.
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Hi....well i guess you are lucky. I had a terrible time with them

Is everyone’s excess going up by 50% on the 1st April 2019? Or just ours? Friends with different providers are not experiencing an increase.
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yes from the first of AprilHi Lisa, I can't speak for all health insurers, but as I understand it a large portion of providers are electing to increase the excess level on certain policies. The reason that Frank has chosen to increase the excess level, is that we are committed to keeping premiums as low as possible. Generally speaking, a higher excess means a lower premium! Thanks for getting in touch. Zac - Team Frank

Hi, if i was to transfer over to frankinsurance from defence health does the wait period still apply for transfers? Thank you
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yesAsk Frank, they may have a no wait clause or the like which may be beneficial.Hi Amri, Thanks for your question. When you transfer to Frank, we will honour any waiting periods you have already served with your current fund for a similar level of cover as long as you have not had a gap longer than 30 days in between health funds. Regardless of the level of extras cover you have with them, we will give you continuity of cover, it will only depend on how long you have held your cover with them that may have an impact. The hospital cover is different, however, if you transfer to Frank on a higher level of cover than what you held previously, you will have waiting periods for the procedures that you were not previously covered for. If you have any further questions I would suggest contacting us via phone, web chat or email our contact information can be located here https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact. Regards, Melanie Team Frank

I live in South Australia and have been advised about this health insurer by I-select. We have never heard of this company in Adelaide and I'm wondering how difficult it would be to use this fund with health providers in South Australia?
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I hadn't heard of them either however if your health providers use HICAPS then I can't see any issuesHi, it's an online branch of one of the big health funds, www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au no reason for it not to work in SA

do you cover colonoscopy operation ie day surgery? also cancer treatment in hospital clinics? Thank you
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Hi Ann, Thank you for your recent question. I can confirm most of our hospital covers offers benefits toward inpatient admission for colonoscopy’s and cancer treatment. To review our cover options please visit https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/ Frank also offers support via Phone, Web Chat and email interactions and we are open 8am-6pm AEST. It would be best to contact us by one of the above methods if you would like to discuss our cover options and premiums further with you. Our contact information can be located: https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Team Frank

Hello, I am currently on overseas health cover. I pay 75$ for my health cover per month. I have disc herniated from my spine, The doctor has suggested for me a surgery, So my question is will all my bills for surgery including hospital bed charges include..?? Am in critical situation.
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Hi, I’m no expert on it but if possible get any proof too say it was accident, and if you have been emitted to hospital straight away, that will be proof, with police and doctors reports. It will depend on your cover but it sounds like you may have the cheaper option so accident is the way too go as that’s where they got out of paying my bills as mine was cause from a accident decades before, so no records. Hope this helps, and hope it pans out the best for youHi Jenesh, Thank you for your recent question. I am sorry to hear you need to have surgery. We are happy to look into your Frank cover but we do not currently have enough information to access your policy for privacy and we would need to obtain a medical item number for your possible upcoming surgery. Frank offers support via Phone, Web Chat and email interactions and we are open 8am-6pm AEST. It would be best to contact us by one of the above methods so we can review your cover and discuss this further with you. Our contact information can be located: https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact We look forward to hearing from you soon. Team Frank

Do you have any branches in Brisbane? Is it possible to talk with any representatives in person ? I am if online methods( email& phone call) are the only way to contact you? Thanks
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Hi Jingjing, thank you for your question. Frank is an online Health Insurance fund. There are no physical offices for you to visit to speak with someone in person. Frank offers support via Phone, Web Chat and email interactions. Frank are open 8am-6pm EST. If you click on this link it will take you through to the Frank contact page. If you are a member please include your membership details, if you are not a member of Frank please contact on one of the methods and we can discuss if it is the right fund for you. https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact Thank you Team Frank

What's your cancellation policy ?
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Hi Zoe, There are no lock in contracts when it comes to Health Insurance. This means that you are able to cancel your cover at any time and will refund any premiums that you have paid in advance of your cancellation date. There is also a 30 day cooling off period for new members so if you are not happy with your cover within the first month we can backdate your cancellation to the start date and refund any premiums you have paid (provided you have not made any claims within that time). I hope this is helpful, if you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact the team by emailing frank@frankhealthinsurance.com.auHi Zoe, There are no lock in contracts when it comes to Health Insurance. This means that you are able to cancel your cover at any time and will refund any premiums that you have paid in advance of your cancellation date. There is also a 30 day cooling off period for new members so if you are not happy with your cover within the first month we can backdate your cancellation to the start date and refund any premiums you have paid (provided you have not made any claims within that time). I hope this is helpful, if you need any further information please don't hesitate to contact the team by emailing frank@frankhealthinsurance.com.au

I am new to this but I've just been diagnosed with a heart condition that will in future require surgery and hospital stay in ICU for approx 3 nights and than a further 7-9 days in hospital with follow ups with a cardiologist. Could you tell me what would be the best option for me. I'm a single female aged 41yrs living in Eastern Melbourne. I understand there are wait times, that is fine. I have no interest in pregnancy or anything relating too but I also will need to have a tummy tuck and breast lift due to excessive weight loss which is causing me great discomfort and pain. Do you have a policy that will also benefit me for those procedures? I am interested in hospital and extra cover. Thank you.
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Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have recently found out about your heart condition, at least now that you have a diagnosis you will be able to receive the treatment that you need. None of Frank's products exclude cardiac related treatment. However, these types of procedures are usually performed in a Private Hospital so it is best for you to steer clear of our Basic hospital products. In terms of your tummy tuck and breast lift, we could only cover those procedures if they are being performed for a medical reason (cosmetic surgery is not included on any of our covers). As long as the procedures are medically necessary they would not be excluded on any of our covers, basically that means you would be able to take out any level of cover and it will include both of the treatments that you have mentioned (again steer clear of the Basic Products as both procedures are most likely performed in a Private Hospital). As you are already aware of the condition you have, it is classes as a 'pre-existing condition' which would be subject to a 12 month waiting period. To help us assist you in choosing the right level of cover to suit your needs, we would need some more information about what extras services you would use. If you would like further assistance in choosing a cover please don't hesitate to contact the team on 1300 437 265 between 8a.m. and 6p.m. Monday to Friday.

I just enter emergency services in Bunbury hospital due to trip and fall onto broken glass. What are the cover do I get please? I on a OVHC cover.
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Hi Clyde, Frank OVHC cover will only provide benefits if the patient is admitted to hospital as an in patient for procedures included in the cover and subject to the member serving their waiting periods (it does not cover any charges associated with emergency attendance). Before we can confirm cover or benefits, we will require specific information from you. If you can submit an online enquiry here https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact-form, we can check your cover and get back to you with further information. Regards, Christina

I am on a 457 in Australia (since January 2017) and am covered by Medicare. The OVHC looks fine, but do I need that specifically? Or can I buy a "normal" insurance and extras such as optical and dental? Thanks! Saskia
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Hi Saskia, If you're on a 457 Visa, Medicare will only cover you in the Public Hospital system. A “normal” or domestic insurance would not cover you if you go in to hospital. You would need to take out a specific OVHC Cover to be covered as a Private Patient for any in-patient medical treatment. Check out Frank's cover here https://www.frankaustralia.com.au/ When it comes to extras, you can buy any separate extras cover - Frank has two different types; Some Extras and Lots Extras where you can choose either 50% or 80% back on treatments (up to annual limits). If you take out Frank OVHC and Frank Extras you will have two separate covers with Frank - OVHC for hospital admissions and Extras cover for things like dental and optical. If you have any further questions, send them through to Team Frank here https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/contact-form Regards, Christina

I've a specific colorectal health concern. I would like to know if your Better Hospital (no Co-Payment) product covers Medicare item numbers from 32000 to 32221? Thanks.
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Hi Peter, Thanks for getting in touch with Frank. I can confirm that 'Better Hospital (no-Co-payment)' does not exclude the items you've referenced. As always, standard waiting periods ( https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/help/products/waiting-periods ) and pre-existing condition rules ( https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/help/products/pre-existing-conditions ) would apply. If you want to find out more about the cover or waiting periods, jump on a web chat with one of our team https://webchat.memberarea.com.au/Frank/WebChat.html and they'll be able to give you all the details. Regards, Christina - Team Frank

With my current health insurer we get 2 pairs of glasses each year with no out of pocket expenses. would this be the same with Frank. Can I go to any optometrist or do they have to be frank approved?
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Hi Jen, At Frank, we don't have preferred providers, so we pay the same amount back to any provider (as long as they're registered within their field). The % you get back will be based on the type of Extras cover that you take out (up to your annual limit). When it comes to Optical, Frank members who have optical as part of their Extras have access to the following optical discounts https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/members/optical-discounts. Visit us at https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/ for a quote. Thanks, Christina - Team Frank

Hello, Could you please tell me if you are registered under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007? Thank you, Milena
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Hi Milena, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes Frank health Insurance is a registered Health Insurance provider under the 2007 act. Information on our legal can be found here - https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/legal Regards Danielle

Hi there, I am currently with AHM on one of the top hospital covers for more then 7 years. So all waiting terms being served far ago. Probably I will need some minor hand surgery which currently covered by existing AHM cover. Would it be the waiting period for surgery waved if I switched to similar level hospital cover at your company ? Thanks. Michael
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Hi Michael, The waiting periods you served long ago with AHM transfer to us. You would only have to serve waiting periods for services not covered with AHM, so if you need surgery on your hand and its covered with them it will be covered with us. Call us on 1300 4 37 265 to discuss plan options or Alternatively check out a quote here - https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/quote#step/about-you Kind Regards DanielleHi Michael. Before you decide to switch your cover beware the Frank Health is the equal lowest paying health fund, so you can expect to have more out-of-pocket expenses for surgery than compared with AHM.Thanks Don ! I decided to stay with AHM. Just adjusted my hospital cover to exclude things I don't need.

Hi , Currently with GMHBA looking for cheaper cover @ 72 looking for top hospital cover for myself and my wife. Please advise?
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Hi Paul, To give you an accurate quote we need to ask you a few questions. Please contact us on 1300 4 37265 or Alternatively get a quote here - https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/quote#step/about-you Regards Danielle

Hi I'm looking into private health policies now with the view to be adequately covered for my specific future requirements. Does your policies cove spinal surgery at St Vincents hospital Sydney ? If so what policy level will I need as a single male 62 years old .what will be the monthly premium and what is the out of pocket expense for Dr fees Hospital fees etc Thank you Mark
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Hi Mark, Thankyou for your enquiry. If you are wanting private hospital cover with the benefit of a single room I would recommend having a look at Frank's Best Hospital cover (no pregnancy option). In regards to spinal surgery as long as the procedure you are looking at having done has a medical item number assigned to it by Medicare then you will be able to claim on a cover that includes this service. St Vincents is a participating private hospital with Frank. Unfortunately I don't have enough information to provide you with a quote but we can certainly get one for you if you send us an email at frank@frankhealthinsurance.com.au. In the email please include your date of birth, residential state, Australian government rebate tier (more information on this is here if you are unsure https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/help/health-insurance/government-rebate), if the cover is just for yourself or for a family, if you have had cover previously or if this will be your first time taking out health insurance (this is so we can calculate the correct amount of Lifetime Health Cover loading to apply - https://www.frankhealthinsurance.com.au/help/health-insurance/lifetime-health-cover-loading) and also mention that you are wanting a quote for Frank Best Hospital (no pregnancy). It's a lot of information but all these different factors can affect the cost of the policy. Regards, Kim Frank Health InsuranceHi Mark. Unfortunately the Frank Representative did not answer your question regarding the out-of-pocket fees for your surgery, as it is very important to understand the source of out-of-pocket fees. It is your treating doctors who will determine what your out-of-pocket fees will be. For spinal surgery you will almost certainly have at least 3 doctors involved and each of them may charge you out-of-pocket fees. You may also be liable for out-of-pocket fees for any pathology or radiology services that you use, and off course your health fund will also charge you an excess to use it's policy. The health insurer that you choose also has some bearing on your out-of-pocket fees because the health funds reimburse doctors at different rates. I won't go through all the reimbursement rates for the individual funds but I can tell you for a fact that Frank insurance has the equal lowest reimbursement rates for doctors, so this might equate to higher out-of-pocket fees for Frank members. If you want to read more about the sources & reasons for out-of-pocket fees then visit http://surgery.netau.net.

Hi, I am currently with Australian unity but with terrible customer service and huge price rise would like to make a switch, do I get instant cover with no waiting period? Regards, Paula.B
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yes but you need to ask for a clearance certificate from your insurer and pass it on to new one - but check with them BUPA certainly do it

What is the claiming process? Can i swipe my card at the dentist and pay the difference?
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Due to frank being a new insurance company, I have found that not everywhere has it on their system. At the dentist they did and I just paid the gap where as at my optometrist they didn't. I just paid the balance and lodged a claim online with frank and scanned a copy of the invoice and receipt. It only took a couple of minutes. I received the payment from frank within a couple of days.

Could you please advise the difference between the Basic Hospital cover and the Better Hospital cover. We are a couple aged 56 and 65 in excellent health and at this stage are leaning toward the Basic Hospital as it appears to cover many services but only in a Public Hospital. Your advice please.
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Hi Jan! You've spotted the key difference- Basic Hospital cover you in a public hospital only. Better Hospital covers you in a private hospital with some exclusions. We also have the option on Basic Hospital (Some Private), which I would recommend as an option. Your best bet is to get in touch with one of our awesome customer service advisors on 1300 437 265 and they'll be able to have a chat to work out what's going to suit you best. Thanks!

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