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Are any of the reviews for some who has had the Koala mattress for say 2 to 3 years. i have not found any ongoing reviews for that as yet. Thank you ( interested buyer)
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Does the mattress only have foam and no springs?
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yesYes. The finer details can be found in their website.Only place to get the answers is by checking their website or ringing them.

Hi is my koala mattress cover supposed to turn yellowish? We’ve slept on it for a couple of months and noticed the white is turing yellow all over the mattress cover. We’ve narrowed down that it could be sweat as the summer has been very hot here in Sydney. Cheers
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we had the same thing and we use mattress protector. the mattress protector is still white with no stains whatsoever but the mattress and the cover both turned yellow/orange . we've only slept on it for couple of months and we don't have pets. it's definitely not sweat related as we have aircon .Hi James and Mimi, This issue has occurred for a few customers. It is to do with the weather and a reaction between the packaging and the mattress during transportation (prior to opening) In saying that, it's in no way an issue that you should be having to endure, we will gladly look into this for you and replace either the cover or the entire mattress. If you can please call our customer service team or send us an email, we will be able to start the process for you. This is absolutely covered under our warranty. In the meantime, please know that the discolouration isn't harmful at all. 1800 K SLEEP or support@koala.comyes it may be off due to the weather condition and it is very easy to remove try this https://www.treasurebox.co.nz/furniture/bedroom-furniture/mattress.html

Does the koala mattress retain the heat in summer?
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I’ve been able to sleep well so far on warm nights. Have not had any issues yet

I am using "magnetic underlay" with my current spring mattress. I've intended to buy Koala memory foam mattress. Should I use my magnetic underlay with Koala memory foam?
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Hi there! You can put anything on top of your Koala, from electric blankets to toppers, and protectors, though because you can wash your cover, protectors aren't necessary. It's really all about you and what you like! We do suggest, however, that some toppers and protectors will detract from the natural breathability of the foam and reduce its effectiveness in keeping your cool while you sleep. The mattress is made up of 2 different densities of polyurethane, which is different to memory foam and latex in a couple of ways. Typically memory foam and latex eventually mould to your body, and allow you to sink in, providing minimal support to the areas where you may need it most. The Kloud layer is supportive and pushes you up, supporting your entire body. During testing our foam was shown to be 20% cooler than latex/memory foam. I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions. e.simmance@koala.com

Hi, a family member has encouraged me to buy a Koala mattress, however as I live on the Central Coast it would seem that the pick up return policy does not apply as we're outside the Sydney metropolitan area. What would be the cost of arranging a pickup should the mattress not be suitable?
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Hi Fiona, great question - unfortunately the cost depends on which freight company you use, I am more than happy to give you a list of our freight partners and our closest warehouse to you so you can look at a quote. However, it is very unlikely that you would like to return.Thanks Koala, I guess I thought you might still collect it and charge a fee yourselves. Just a little risk for me without trying first. I'll think about it.

Hi So our koala mattress just got delivered and as soon as we opened it I noticed some light yellow coloration on the white area of mattress. It just gives the mattress a very old look. Is this normal and would it go away?
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Hoping to get a reply soon from koala companyHi Malik! Oh no that does not sound good at all, are you able to send an email to support@koala.com and we can get a new mattress cover out to you, sometimes this yellowing can occur when the cover and the plastic get a bit hot, it is completely harmless but we understand unsightly!

Hi Is there a way to make the koala mattress firmer with a topper or the like?
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Short answer yes.. but that will obviously depend on the topper in question. Although we find the mattress lays much firmer than the standard, so you may also find this the case. NSI wouldn't put a topper on as I think it would spoil the effect of the mattress and also its thermal qualities. It is actually quite a firm mattress anyway but has give for your body shape.We actually have one and my wife finds it to soft and her back is not great now. We found that a firmer mattress helps

I read in the FAQ's that this mattress is suitable for any type of bed base, including slats. Does this statement encompass all types of slats? The slats on my IKEA bed base are slightly curved and so can flex (very slightly). Is my bed frame suitable? Also if I wanted to rotate the mattress - would it have to be a two person job for a double mattress or could a woman of small stature do it solo?
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Hi Shell, Thanks for your great questions! A few girls on our office have Queen Koala mattresses at home that they have no trouble turning alone. The mattress is suitable on any kind of bed base, slats are great as they allow lots of ventilation. It just pays to note that flexi-slats ( the ones you have) may affect the zero disturbance feature of the mattress because the base itself isn't flat and solid. It doesn't change the support or the comfort of your mattress Koala mattress though :)Thanks Koala, would it be possible for me to view a copy of the warranty information prior to purchase?

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