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Can you use pawpaw ointment on cracked corns
1 answer
Hi Brian. Try it & see. You have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. It worked on the deep, painful cracks on the corners of my mouth, due to my auto immune disorder. I haven't had to put up with the cracks ever since. It is wonderful. As well as using pawpaw ointment on your corns, try using goat soap when you shower. I've found the goat soap seems to have healing properties in it, & is much better than the other soaps that are full of chemicals & additives. I don't use any other soap now. Only goat soap. Any brand of goat soap is as good as another, I think. Good luck :) I hope my suggestions help you.

Can you use on cracked corns
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I hv scars on my legs .due to itchy skin Is this papaw cream work on it
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maybe depends, if your scars are young it will help healing but if scars are old, you will have to try and see,Ok thanxHi Roshni, I would try the pawpaw ointment on your scars. You have nothing to lose, & everything to gain. If it doesn't work, I'd suggest you go into a chemist shop & talk to the girls behind the counter at the pharmacy. They usually have lots of good advice on what products to us for this & that. Their advice is always free, too :)

How long do I continue to use the ointment on a small burnt area? Thanks Michael
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Just apply while healing occursHi Michael, just keep applying for as long as you think is necessary. If you have any problems, just discontinue using it. This pawpaw ointment may help minimalise the blistering that can occur from a burn, too.

Please advise if this can remove dark spot due to insect bites? Please answer. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Isha, Dark spot from insect bites? I don't know. Try the pawpaw ointment & see if it works. If it doesn't, it can be used for many other things. Lucas Pawpaw OIntment is a bit expensive, so if you haven't bought any already, I'd suggest you just buy a small tube first to see how you get on. Its about $6, I think.

Will this help dog skin cancer?
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Hi Jim, I'm not sure if Lucas pawpaw ointment could work on your dog's skin cancer. If it was me, I'd be talking to a vet about it. If your vet doesn't embrace complementary treatment options, try to find a holistic vet who does. There should be plenty found online. I've heard that conventional & complementary treatment options can often go hand in hand, in animals. Animals often do extremely well on holistic treatment. There is a lot of interesting reading online. Type skin cancer in dogs. If it was me, & I had a dog, I would be doing what a holistic vet tells me to do. Good luck with your dog. I hope he/she gets better soon.She had two surgeries to remove the tumor. I’m using Paw Paw as an after treatment ointment.

Can paw paw be used for thrush?
1 answer
I'd see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment If it is Thrush, a Canesten prescription should do the trick, as Vanessa stated. I wouldn't be using any kind of Papaw ointment for this condition on myself.

Does papaw ointment can heal or treat ringworm?....
1 answer
No, you need a steroid cream

Can I use Lucas ointment to reduce my old acne scars? Also keep skin smooth?
2 answers
As scars are permanent, you will need to see a dermatologist to reduce them. Depending on the scaring, they may be able to reduce or get rid of them through either laser surgery and possibly through filler. However, the ointment will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.Thank you ..all the way from Qatar

Can I use lucas papaw oitment to my chicken pox?
1 answer
It won't heal your chicken pox during the contagious stage, you will have to use the right medication for that. However it may help reduce scaring and reduce itchiness during the healing stage.

Can I use papaw, on dry mouth?
1 answer
As your question can be taken 2 ways, I will respond with 2 answers and hopefully I answer your question. 1, If you are referring to dry / cracked lips, then yes, the ointment will definitely help heal and keep your lips moist and provide a protective layer. 2. If you are talking about the condition called dry mouth, then no, this is an internal problem where the salivary glands in your mouth don't make enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Dry mouth is often due to the side effect of certain medications or aging issues or as a result of radiation therapy for cancer.: Tips for controlling dry mouth include: 1. Chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free hard candies to stimulate the flow of saliva 2. Limit your caffeine intake because caffeine can make your mouth drier. 3. Don't use mouthwashes that contain alcohol because they can be drying. 4.Stop all tobacco use if you smoke or chew tobacco. 5.Sip water regularly. If your medication is giving you dry mouth, it will go away once you stop the drug. ... Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer can cause dry mouth. When the treatment stops, dry mouth usually goes away. Conditions that affect the salivary glands and cause dry mouth, such as Sjögren's syndrome, are usually lifelong.

Can papaw ointment heal mosquito bites scars?
No answers

lucas papaw can cure yeast infection?
No answers

Is this good for treating insect bite marks? I have tons of them all over my legs, feet and sometimes arms. I'm starting to loose confidence
1 answer
I have the same issue, can someone answer this question? Thanks :)

Can Paw Paw cream be used on piles?
1 answer
Yes, but if its painful you are best off using the appropriate cream to help with the pain which is very easy to get from any chemist. This ointment wont take the pain away, its more for rashes and to re-hydrate dry skin. It may help soothe, but if you want to alleviate pain, get the appropriate ointment from the chemist.

I have a tube of pawpaw ointment and love it. For the first time when I squeezed the tube the bottom came unstuck. Will I be able to have the tube replaced at the supermarket? June Hirst 21 Dalwood Close Eleebana NSW 2282
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can you put paw paw cream on leg chafe??????
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Will Paw Paw ointment stop te itch from pruritus?
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Can Lucas' Papaw be used for warts that were cauterized in place of Fucidic Acid?
3 answers
Sorry, I'm not sure. Have never tried it on a wart. It can go on an open cut so it can heal. I always try it first on any cut but go to prescription ointments if it doesn't work. However, it does work on minor cuts.I would recommend to go to the doctor for a wartI tried it on a few. I did not see an improvement.

Can i use pawpaw to treat thrush?
2 answers
Hi No I don't think it will get rid of thrush. See your Dr or pharmacist to verify if it suitable to treat thrush.You sure can

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