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Hi there, Could OmniBlend blend bones? Which model is the best to do this job? Thanks. Milee
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My Omniblend failed after blending frozen bananas (and I was made to pay for a new drive socket). Bones? Not a chanceHi Milee, Apologies for not responding sooner Product Review has just updated there platform and we stopped receiving notifications. I have heard of customers blending cooked chicken and fish bones but I think you will run into problems depending on size particularly anything larger and denser like beef or pork bones. If this is something you are still considering please call us on 0266856360 and we can discuss it further. Also please note Joel's machine failed due to blending a tamper (misuse) which is the stirring stick normally used through the lid. Kind Regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

hi I have a jug that is leaking maybe a washer? cheers John
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Hi John, Please call our team on 0266856360 tomorrow 9am-5pm and we will work out what is going on and get it fixed ASAP. We are closed for the public holiday today. Thanks, Raphael OmniBlend AustraliaHi why can I not get a reply from email? as it seems excessive to ring! cheers JohnHi John, In order for us to determine what is causing the leak we need a little more information on the issue. This was the reason for the request to call our office. We usually request a number of photos of your machine (this is the quickest and most accurate way to get an idea of the condition of the machine). This is also very use full as you may only need to replace a part of the jug and not the entire unit. The most common causes on a leaking jug are: 1. A crack in the bottom of the jug or wear on the straight edges of the hole that the blade set fits in. Have you removed the blade set and inspected the jug shell? 2. A damaged bearing on the bottom of the blade set causing it to take in liquid then releasing it again giving the impression of a leaking jug. Is the liquid that is leaking out, the contents of the jug or is it a brown or black liquid coming from the bearing? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Josh

Hi, I was using omniblend I for smoothies since the early of this year and it work all good. But recently it become very noisy when blending. It was start getting noisy after I used the pulse fuction on my frozen fruit which I believe it too hard to blend. What is getting wrong? Blade or motor??
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Hi there. I have bought the same product and occasionally have the same problem. Usually the issue is that the frozen fruit is too dense (frozen) and that there is not enough liquid to make the ingredients circulate properly which could in turn be wearing out the motor as it might not be blending anything. Possibly add some more liquid to the mixture or change the order in which you put the fruit into the blender itself, this I have found can make quite a difference.Hi Rezona, It sounds like possibly the drive socket (coupling between the motor and blades) may need to be replaced. It is a $29 part and is covered under warranty as long as there has been no misuse. The OmniBlend machines should not have any issues blending frozen fruit and the motors never burn out which is why we cover them under warranty for 7 years. James is also right in his advice if there is only frozen fruit in the jug and the machine is put to high without the use of the tamper the blades will float the ingredients and spin freely. The tamper is designed to help with really thick ingredients allowing you to do more food processor tasks, a bit more liquid also helps. Please email us on info@omniblendaustralia.com.au or call us on 0266856360 and we will assess your machine, making sure it is running at 100%. Kind Regards Raphael OmniBlend AustraliaGet used to the noise getting worse. It's ok for smoothies if not too much frozen fruit in there but try and make nut butter or other recipe's that comes with the recipes and it struggles. Noisy and the burning smell does not go away. What other new blender or electrical item comes with the proviso that a burning smell is normal and will go away with use? Mine certainly didn't. Good luck getting your warranty honoured!

Hi, i have my omniblend V since a few days but I am a little bit disappointed about the results because my noname Veama cb 608 blender has a lot more power and better results. The biggest thing i dont like is that jtc says the motor would have 3hp but this is physically impossible because the, max power consumption is 950W. Also the TM 767 would have the same motor, but here no one can read something about 3hp. How can this be? T think this is a 950w blender and not a 2200w one??
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Hi Daniel, firstly did you purchase your machine off OmniBlend Australia? I can not see any recent orders in your name, if so please call us on 0266856360 so we can properly explained wattage/hp etc. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase as our customers normally love their OmniBlend. Also their are some fake machines sold in a few markets that look like our blenders but do not come close in performance or quality. Regarding the Max power of 950 Watts on our label. This is based on blending a half a carrot with water and is a standard test done in a US laboratory for the purpose of certifying that the product meets all regulations for the country it is to be sold in. The marking on our label are a requirement based on the certification testing. Some blenders that are put under the same test may use a higher amount of power/watts to get the same result this does not mean it is better in fact it can show that the blender is not as efficient. JTC OmniBlend power blenders are 100% complainant in Australia and where sold globally. OmniBlend power blenders are designed to draw more power to maintain blade speed and will draw theoretically up to the 2238Watts/3HP. The reality is when blending thicker ingredients they draw up to about 1950Watts which is based on how much resistance the blades encounter. There are many companies out their that make claims that their machines run at the max power that the motor is rated at but it is simply not how blenders operate. What you should really look for is real world reviews showing that the machine can do what you require from it. This topic can get very technical and their are several articles about it online. I would be more then happy to discuss it further please call me on 0266856360 if you have any further questions? Kind Regards, Raphael

How minutes can put to work blender without stop on hight?
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I’m sorry I don’t understand your question.

The light on my OmniBlend doesn’t switch on. The motor doesn’t start. Is it stuffed?
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Dear Gabby, The OmniBlend machines all have an inbuilt safety switch that can be triggered if you are blending something really thick such as dates without any liquid or it can simply be set off with a power surge/fluctuation on the circuit it is connected to. Simply turn over the base and push the clear plastic button firmly and you should be good to continue blending. If you are unsure please call us directly on 0266856360 and we can help. Kind regards, Raphael

Can it blend dough/thick batter consistency? I make paleo desserts of these consistencies in my Nutri Ninja Pro but it is now dying and O need to replace it. I am considering this high speed/power blender.....
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Hi Ton I have used to grind nuts dates that sort of mix and it works well. Also pancake type mixtures work. Hope that helps KymHi Ton, Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, the OmniBlend V can handle dough and batter with ease. We have loads of raw/vegan chefs and home cooks that use our machines for just that! If you require more information please don't hesitate to give our office a call. Kind regards, Josh

How does owerload function?
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Dear Stoner, That is a great question and often is a confusing one for many blender buyers. Firstly we need to clarify a few things. OmniBlend Power Blenders have a motor that is 3 Horsepower or 2238 Watts. HP and Watts are simply two ways to measure power like the Metric and Imperial measuring systems. OmniBlend machines during normally operations will use about 950Watts which is based on the machine blending 2/3 of a carrot with water until blended to measure the Watts used. This is a benchmark test recommended by the U.S.A UL Laboratory and shows how efficient the machine is by using the lowest amount of power to effectively blend the contents. However OmniBlend machines will draw more power to compensate for thicker/heavier mixtures drawing theoretically up to the 3Hp or 2238Watts. The overload switch is a 5Amp switch that will cause the machine to switch off if it draws too much power for an extended period of time over the 5Amps. Many companies will use higher operating Watts to trick people into believing one machine is more powerful then another. The main thing to take note of if the size of the motor and the PCB or computer that controls the machine as it is one of the major factors that makes a blender good. The only way to really know is through real world testing. OmniBlend machines have thousands of reviews and testimonials globally. OmniBlend power blenders have been perfected over the last 20 years and are sold in over 90 countries. Our machines are used by large commercial chains because they not only blend extremely well but they are also very durable. In Australia only OmniBlend branded machines are genuine JTC power blenders. Kind regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia 02668565360Tank you very much!

is there a way of finding out how many times the blender has been used - ie the number of individual runs?
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Hi John, Thank you for your enquiry. I'm afraid there is no memory system in the machines to record the number of times the machine has been run. You can get an idea of how often the machine has been run by checking how worn the carbon brushes are in the motor. However we strongly advise against opening the base of the machine as it will void your warranty on the product. Can I ask what the nature of the enquiry is? If you require further information please do not hesitate to call our office on 02 6685 6360 Kind regards, JoshHi Josh - we run a smoothie business and place blenders in outlets on a free of charge basis in return for them buying the smoothie fruit sachets from us. It is always good to be able to compare how many runs they are making compared to our sachet sales figures - just in case they are using the blender for other purposes - which would not be in the spirit of the agreement. Looks like that is not a possibility here though, but thanks for getting back to me Regards John

Hi! Can you still use 1,5 L jug for dry stuff like nuts, coffee, parmesan cheese, making dips etc? Any recommendations how to make the result more smooth and similar to what one can obtained with 2L jug?
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Dear Ilona, You can blend most things in the 1.5L that are done in the 2L. However there is a big difference in how it is done. For example due to the larger room around the blades in the 1.5L jug you will need to use a much larger amount of mixture when blending thick things to get the same results to the 2L jug which is why we recommend the 1.5L for wet blending and the 2L for both wet & dry. You also need to keep in mined that an OmniBlend heats with friction from the blades and many things that would take under 60 seconded in the 2L jug will take longer in the 1.5L and the longer it takes the hotter it gets so if your doing a nut butter you may need to stop after a couple minutes and let in cool so you do not over heat the mixture where as you can make a nut butter in the 2L jug in about 60 seconds. We strongly recommend the 2L for all home users as it is the most versatile jug. Please check out the product information here which has our recommendations on what they can both do: http://www.omniblendaustralia.com.au/omniblend-product-information/ Also please call us on 6602856360 and we can go over the difference in greater detail. King Regards, Raphael

Hi I got the omniblend year ago. I hardly use it. I mostly make coconut milk. Recently have seen smoke coming out and change in sound of the motor. I just use it for 35 sec twice. Now scared to even use it. What if it bursts!! What's wrong with it?
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Hi Pij, There is obviously something wrong with your machine please stop using it and contact us on 02 66 843 837 so we can get this resolved for you ASAP. Rest assure the OmniBlend machines are very tough and easy to fix. Kind Regards, Raphael

I bought the Omniblend to make tahini, hummus and nut butters. Started with sesame seeds to make tahini and it didn't do as well as my food processor. I had to constantly scrape down the sides and loosen the stuff at the bottom to get it to move at all. Is there something wrong with the machine?
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That's actually very common. I don't think there is anything wrong with the machine in those terms. I had to do the same when making almond butter.Hi Diana, The main thing to remember is that what enables power blenders like OmniBlend and Vitamix to do the more food processor tasks is not just their powerful motors it is in fact the tamper/stirring stick that can be used through the lid while blending. It is important make sure in have enough in the machine so that the tamper sticks into the mixture by at least a few centimetres this will allow you to move the contents around while blending and will not just stick to the sides. Here are some help tips: 1. Make sure you have enough contents so you can use the tamper through the lid to move the ingredients around while blending. 2. Add oil which will not only help the contents circulate but we have found it assist in drawing more oils out of the nut themselves. 3. Pre-roasting will draw out more oil and create great flavour. 4. Soaking over night will make many nuts easier for your body to digest and to blend into nut butter. Please call us on 0266843837 when your free as we would love to assist you further and make sure that there is not anything else going on with your machine. Kind Regards, RaphaelThanks for your response. I think my main problem was not enough seeds in the jug. On the positive side, the Omniblend made absolutely smooth and lovely hummus with whole sesame seeds - so no need to make the tahini first. I've read other blogs that say that soaking nuts before blending creates too much water in the mix and causes the nuts to clump. So if nuts are soaked, they have to be dried and then roasted before going into the blender.

Hi, i bought an omniblend I a few months ago, i use it every day to make frozen green smoothies and they were great and smooth with a perfect consistency. all of a sudden, my smoothies started coming out gritty, not well blended and quite annoying to swallow. what seems to be the trouble? am i doing something wrong? do i need a new blade?
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Dear Slevi, I am sorry to hear you have an issue with your machine. This is clearly not normal. From what you have explained it sounds like your drive socket has failed. It can easily be replaced. Please call us on 0266843837 or email at info@omniblendaustralia.com.au and we will look after you. Kind Regards, Raphael

OPTIMUM 9200A VS OmniBlend V™ Could I know please what are the difference between these blenders?
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Dear xokxokxok, We can not comment on our competitor’s machine. All I can tell you is the 9200A is not an OmniBlend and it is made by a different manufacturer in China. The OmniBlend blenders are made by our manufacturer JTC who have been making them for the last 20 Years and they are now sold in over 90 countries. JTC are the originators of the OmniBlend V design have put two decades of research and development into it. All OmniBlend machines have a heavy duty 3HP/2238 Watt motor, full stainless steel 6 blade assembly, metal drive coupling, BPA free jug with tamper and a 7 year warranty* as standard. The OmniBlend V has both automatic and manual controls allowing users to set & forget or be hands-on creative. The OmniBlend is an extremely versatile food preparation machine that can be used for smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, pesto, nut butters, nut milk, ice cream, grind grains into flour, coffee beans & more. For more information please call us on 02 66 843 8367 Kind Regards, Raphael

I would like to know how the Omniblend caters for recipes that require dates to be used? Eg, making bliss ball or similar. I have previously used a food processor and the dates just get stuck in the blades!! help Thankyou Mel
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Hi Mel, Bliss balls and similar raw slices are defiantly one of the more channeling things to make in any blender and you cannot simply use a recipe designed for a food processor. However we do have many customers both home and commercial who make them. What needs to be taken into account is the amount of liquid added while blending. If you just add a cup of dates like all blenders it will struggle but if you add it with half a cup of water and also soak your dates overnight which brings out even more flavor you should not have any problems. You can substitute the water with coconut oil just make sure it is liquid and not solidified. It is also important to make sure your total ingredients (total 3 cups minimum) is enough so the tamper can be used through the lid to move the contents while blending as it is what allows the blender to do food processor tasks. If your mixture is a bit too wet after blending just leave it in the fridge for an hour or two and it will firm right up allowing you to shape the perfect bliss ball. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 02 66 843 837 Thanks for your great question, Raphael OmniBlend Australia www.omniblendaustralia.com.auHi Mel, i use my Omniblend V to make recipes using dates, my trick is to put bananas in first then the dates. It keeps them moving around and also creates the most delicious base for many cakes and slices and loafs using dates. try substituting some other ingredients for the bananas, i have made recipes substituting the butter and sugar for banana and date mixes. My ratio is about 4 bananas to 1 cup of dates. Hope this helps. Suzi

Is this suitable for making nut butter?
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Hi Lyn, Thank you for your inquiry, The OmniBlend can easily make nut butter in about 60+ seconds when following our recipes. We have created two pages “The Art of Making Nut Butter” and “What Can The OmniBlend Make”. Please check them out here: http://www.omniblendaustralia.com.au/the-art-of-making-nut-butter/ http://www.omniblendaustralia.com.au/what-can-the-omniblend-make/ Like the Vitamix the OmniBlend is design with a tamper/stirring stick which allows you to move thicker mixtures around while blending giving a consistent texture. This allows you to do many tasks that are normally only done in food processors. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 02 66 843 837. Kind regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

What is the difference between a food processor and the Omniblend?
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Hi DB1, Great question, The OmniBlend is first and foremost a blender. However due to its design and powerful 3HP/2238Watt motor it can do many tasks that would normally be done in a food processor such as nut butters, dips, baby food, purees and much more. What allows these tasks to be done is the use of the tamper/stirring stick which enables the thicker mixtures to be moved around while blending. Food processors have much wider bowls with longer slow sweeping blades which works very well for many things but when it comes to making a smoothie and in particular breaking down leafy greens, seeds and F&V skins the food processor simply cannot give you a smooth result like an OmniBlend. I hope I have answered your question, If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 02 66 843 837. Kind regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

What is the difference between 1.5l and 2l? Just a size? If so, why the containers looks different at 1.5 and 2l version? May I get a contact to importer to Czech Republic?
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Hi Pavlina, Thank you for your enquiry about the OmniBlend V 1.5 Litre & 2 Litre jugs. We recommend the 2L jug for home use as it is more versatile allowing both wet and dry blending. The 2L jug has a narrower base, the blades sit millimetres from the edge making it great for thicker recipes like nut butters and dips. The 2L jug is better at blending small amounts due to its shape. We recommend the 1.5L jug for commercial use as it is compatible with the OmniShield (noise cancelling barrier). It is easier to clean as there is more room around the blades and is used for wet blending. The definitions for Wet and Dry blending are below: Wet Definitions - Anything liquid, smoothie's, frappe's, nut milks, sources etc Dry Definitions - Anything Dry, coffee beans, rice (flours), nuts. Both jugs are commercial grade and can be used commercially or domestic. There is an OmniBlend distributor in France who could service the Czech Republic. The email address is info@omniblendfrance.fr If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us on +61 2 6684 3837 or info@omniblend.com.au. Kind regards, Emily

Does anyone get airpockets while blending a smoothie?
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Hi Max, Thank you for your question. I am not exactly sure what you mean by air pocket? All I can say is that the OmniBlend power blenders will give you a professional result the same as what you would expect from a bought smoothie. OmniBlend is a commercial grade product that has been developed over the last 19 years and has been truly tried and test. It is now sold in over 90 countries, used globally by cafes, restaurant and smoothie bars. I hope this helps. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0266843837 or through our website www.omniblendaustralia.com.au if you have any other questions. Kind Regards, Raphael OmniBlend Australia

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