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Hi I have a Oricom PMR 1280 which has been sparingly (not more then twice) used, It is over 6-7 years or may be older however when i am now trying to charge the sets they wont power up. Is there an issue with the batteries?
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Hi there, thanks for the message. For this one, we would suggest that you give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as the team will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue with you and will work to provide you with a solution. All the best, Oricom Baby Care.

I have a pair or PMR 1280's. One of the has continual has, the other is fine. All settings are the same, CTC, DSC, are off on both. How do i mute the hash on the one?
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Ken, what is your question? I don't understand your sentence mate....Hi Ken, I do not understand the question. Could you please give us a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as we will be able to troubleshoot and sort out this issue for you. All the best, Oricom

My handsets won't transmit. Upon pressing the trans button it Beeps at Me 3 times.. Bought them 2nd hand. Can't seem to find a way to change the Setting? Keen to Use them.. Help? Anyone?? Lol Thanks... Gaz
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Hi Gary, thanks for the message. We are sorry to hear of your experience and would suggest the following in order to rectify the situation. It could be low battery, so we would recommend that you try new batteries and it is also worth trying a reset. To do this, please turn the radio off, then press and hold menu while turning radio on. If the reset is successful the radio will revert to channel 12. If you continue to experience the issue, please give our locally based Oricom Support a call on 1300 889 785 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm AEST, as they will be able to assist in troubleshooting the issue. All the best, Oricom.

Hi picked up a pair of 2190s with desktop charger 240v to 9vdc; is there any where I can get a car charger to suit?
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Hi Coger, You can order a 12v charger online at: http://www.oricom.com.au/oricom-uhf-cb-radios/uhf-cb-accessories/car-charger-uhf2190-2195.html or call our Customer Support Team for assistance on 1300 889 785. Kind regards, Oricom UHF CB

I have an Oricom PMR1280 and it used to work fine but now when I press the PTT (talk) button it shuts off. And on one of them when I press the menu button it makes a three beep noise. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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Hi Sam, Sounds like you may need to replace the batteries. If you want you can call our Customer Support Team, they can diagnose the issue with you over the phone and get it sorted. Call 1300 889 785 (AUS) or 0800 674 266 (NZ). Cheers, Oricom UHF CB RadiosLow voltage from tired batteries cause all sorts of odd things to happen Sam. Have you tried some fresh AAA's in it yet? If this isnt the cause, I'd suspect moisture has gotten into it maybe. Battery would be my first option, though. Thank you both for answers but these batteries are rechargeable that are wrapped together. Will it work with normal batteries?

I have purchased a 2190 pack online. The batteries did not charge over night by the charger. Red lights. I need them for work and purchased 8 Eveready Eenergisers. One died with minimal use. The other was dead at the end of the day without use. Am I doing something wrong?
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I'm not sure what's the 2190 pack is Andrew, but my Oricom pair charge easily in a few hours, and have lasted three full days when a workmate lost my charging cradle. Triple A's don't last as long as the little blister pack they came with, we found out soon after that. I'd be asking for my money back mate; there's something wrong with your units.Hi Andrewlodi, We are sorry that you are having this trouble. It sounds unusual, can you give us a call so we can determine the exact issue and help you out? Phone 1300 889 785 and quote your reference: HL64392. Cheers, Oricom UHF CB

My rechargeable battery on one has died and they haven't been used more than 4 times. Can I just get any rechargeable batteries?
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I don't know. Check with Oricom and/or complain re battery lifeHi Chris, That's disappointing. You can use any other 600-800mA batteries but they can't be recharged through the unit. If you would like to talk to someone about this further, please call our Customer Support Team on 1300 889 785. Best regards, Oicom UHF CB RadiosYou should be covered under warrantee Chris. Mine have lasted well, with no issues. I just took the back off one of mine, and their three AA's in a heat-shrink pack, and it looks as if any three rechargeable AA's would fit in, according to the stamping behind the fitted battery pack. Try three disposables, and if that works; get three rechargeable ones. Enloops are the best. Try the warrantee route first though. Regards.

Hi, is there a car charger available for these?
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The short answer is no. However, my set came with a 2 unit recharging cradle powered by a 240V to 9V DC transformer with a cord that plugs into the cradle. I would think that it would be quite possible to use an appropriate 12V to 9V car transformer to charge the units in the cradle .. maybe the Aldi one is ok?thanks, yeah me too with the cradle, was hoping that there was prethought that these would be used remotely. good idea with the 12-9 converter, - that'll work cheers

Where can I buy the earphone/microphone/charger from?????
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Hi John, Give our Customer Support Team a call on 1300 889 785 or 02 4574 8888 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm EST). cheer, Oricom UHF CB Radio

Purchased PMR1280 from Repco 13/6/13 Ser.:OR101316064330 There are no instructions how to operate this device. Can you help please.? Regards John.
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Hi John, There should be a user manual covering operation instructions included in the box. Please provide your email or postal address to marketing@oricom.com.au and we will send you a copy, or phone our Customer Support Team on Phone: 1300 889 785 or (02) 4574 8888 (AUS) or 0800 674 266 (NZ).

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