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HX8211/06 (AirFloss 1.5), HX8221/02, HX8111/02 (Original) and HX8240
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How do you tell that the unit is charging And how to tell that it’s done charging?
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My HX8340A Philips Sonicare water and air flosser has stopped pumping water. I only get air. I've cleaned the water reservoir and door but it still doesn't spray water. What should I do?
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Hi, I just bought this product, and I've plugged it into charge as told to do in the little booklet. It said that it would flash green as it's charging, but after a quick flash of a green light when I turned it on.. there's just no light on at all. I pulled it off the charger and pressed the power button which did nothing.. then put it back on the charger and it lit up solid green for a few minutes, but after that it's back to no light again. I'm just confused if it's actually charging or if there's something wrong with it. Any thoughts..?
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Hi there, Thanks for submitting your question about your brand new Airfloss. Congrats on the new product, first of all. Let's try to fix this together! We're curious for how long you've tried charging the unit already. We would recommend charging it for a full 24 hours before giving it a go. This is to ensure that the battery is completely full. Would you mind trying that for us? You know where to find us if this doesn't work. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

Our Sonicare Air Flosser has stopped pumping air. The charger seems to be working because I hear a low hum from the unit and the lights for three pulses are still lighting. We're happy with the product and would appreciate any suggestions on how to get it going again; or is a new unit the only way to go? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Sincerely, Phyllis Goldstein EMail:[email removed]
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Hi Phyllis. Thank you for getting in contact with us regarding your AirFloss. What a pity it has stopped working. Usually, there's an easy fix for this, which is cleaning out the vent. More information about this can be found here: https://bit.ly/2x7imX8. If this doesn't do the trick, please feel free to contact our support so that we can find an alternative solution with you. You can reach us via any of the following options: https://bit.ly/2wukcTf (AU) or https://bit.ly/2wjPbkE (NZ). Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

how do I get replacement flosser tips?.
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We're interested in getting an air Glosser, or dentist recommended them. No one in any sites locally have been able to help and I've had no reply from Phillips help page. Reading information on this site is making me concerned that they do there job well then break, at a couple of hundred bucks it is seeming like a harsh deal. Does it come better than that? Or is there another way, maybe a reason why they keep breaking.
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That many Philips AirFloss units fail is established. Why? They are complicated instruments and do what they claim to while they work. They are expensive. I have bought a total of 6. Only one still works the other five failed six months or thereabout after guarantee expired. I decided not to reinforce failure so bought a Panasonic EW-Dj10 water irrigator. Reading reports they are slightly ahead of the Air Flosser at cleaning. They are marginally as easy to use. However they are cheaper less than 30% the cost of an Air Flosser. There are no reports of early failure that I can find on the web. They have a very simple mechanism with a lot less to fail. I like that unlike the AirFlosser they are not easy to knock over. I do not have it long & only one visit to my dental hygienist gave it an OK. Early yet but I am very satisfied that it is doing what it should do. Its not as hi tec I am comfortable that I made a good decision by buying it rather than an air flosser.This is our 2nd air flosser and the first one only came with a year's guarantee. This particular model HX8211/06 comes with 2 years and luckily was still under warranty when the unit failed (won't power up). another gripe I have with this including the first one I had is that over time the nozzle comes off the unit due to the pressure - so I had to hold the noozle while using the air flosser. I think as you keep using and changing the nozzle, the unit becomes loose. I'm hoping that Phillips have improved this now and the replacement unit seems to be working fine but it's still early days (about 3 weeks from receiving the replacement unit). I'm noticing it is more tight now - so hopefully the nozzle won't come off.Hello James, thank you for your question and for your interest in the AirFloss. We can appreciate your concerns and are glad you shared them here. We can imagine that the example of LeonDonSOD40 confirms your worries. Do keep in mind, though, that you will find mostly customers with negative experiences sharing their stories online. Having said that, the AirFloss uses advanced micro-droplet technology which indeed makes it a bit fragile. However, when maintained properly, the AirFloss should definitely last for a much longer time. By the way, did you know you get one more year of warranty when you register your AirFloss on our website? We hope this reassures you a bit. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I have a Phillips Sonicare Airfloss HX 8240 The yellow warning light is flashing but it will not recharge. Please advise I purchased it 21st October 2016 with a 2 year International Warranty
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Your symptom is different to that I experienced on the two failures. With both the battery was charging without apparent problem. When upper floss button was depressed a jet of air and water was ejected beginning with a short series of jets before the on light extinguished then a single jet and very low pressure until after about 36 hours both would fail to work. After my experiences with two I and seeing early life failure is being experienced by other users and mindful of its premium price compared to other similar products I opted to buy a cheaper croduct which has good reviews and early failure not an apparent problem. I have had good experience with Philips electric toothbrushes. I presume you have contacted the manufacturer. I can only rate Phillips costumer service for a similar problem with Garmin who agreed that the early failure was outside the guarantee period but as a gesture on return of the faulty item sent a replacement. Hope that helps you in your decision making.Best to call Phillips' customer service. You will be required to provide the serial number of your unit and when you purchased the item. I got a replacement unit and so far the replacement unit is working well (just under 2 weeks).Hi Ken, Thank you for reaching us here. Have you tried resetting the brush handle by pressing the power button for 5 seconds and then charging it for 24 hours? If this is of no help, please reach out to our customer service directly at 1300 363 391 for Australia or 0800 658 224 for New-Zealand. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

The battery on my HX8240 flosser does not hold it's charge. Is it possible to obtain a new battery? Also it has developed an odd taste, almost like a chemical. It has not been used with anything but water. Any ideas on that.
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Hello, John. Thank you for your question. We regret hearing you are experiencing some issues with your Airfloss. Unfortunately, the battery of the Airfloss cannot be replaced. It's also odd to hear that yours had a strange taste since you only use water. We would like to ask you to ring us to handle the issue further and to discuss your options with the failing battery. You can reach us at 1300 363 391. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

how long before I have to replace the nozzle?
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Good question, Bob. We recommend you to replace your nozzle after 3 months of normal use. At this point the nozzle will be less effective and ready to pass the task on to the next nozzle. We hope this answers your question. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

How do I get a full refund for HX8430 model?? I have the receipt. The product has an obvious design flaw and is not fit for purpose. 4 breakdowns in 5 months.. purchased on 3/3/17 now the 4 th unit has stopped working.. Phillips remove this product before anymore people purchase a very flawed product.
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Hi there. Thanks for reaching out here and we're very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing so many issues with your HX8430. Did you try to charge the toothbrush for 24 hours yet? Perhaps this can result in a properly working Sonicare again. If this doesn't work, we think you'll be helped fastly if you reach out to us via phone. If you reside in Australia, please call 1300 363 391, and if you are based in New Zealand please get in touch with the team via 0800 658 224. If you have been in contact with us before, please share the reference number with the team. Thank you! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

The customer service told me to buy a charger from the philips store online, so I dropped another $20-30 on that, when it arrived, it did not fix it. I contacted customer service about returning the charger, but they do not handle that so she won't help me. I have spent so much time and money on this product, a shame because it works so well I want to keep using it, but I can't afford to spend this kind regularly to replace it, it would be cheaper to just go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned. Currently searching for a new brand - any recommendations? I tried to Airpik but it's not very good pressure-wise. Thanks Glen
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Hello Glen, we're sorry to hear about the difficulties you have experienced. We like to have another look at this and see if we can help you. Could you please send us a message on Facebook/Twitter? Or contact our Sonicare team here: http://www.philips.com.au/content/B2C/en_AU/support-home/support-contact-page.html Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

i have lost my base charger unit. could anyone please help which are other devices using the same charger unit like this one. there is one product on ebay :"Phillips Sonicare Travel Charger, HX60000/01" im just wondering does it fit. Please give me an advice. I really appreciate it!!
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Hi there, thanks for asking. We advise you to call us on 1300 363 391 (if you are based in Australia). We like to get in touch and see if we can help you. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamOr you can order the charger here: http://www.parts.philips.com.au/personal-care/oral-healthcare/airfloss/sonicare-travel-charger-australia.html Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I have a Phillips Sonicare HX8240 and communicated with the Phillips website by chat that mine is working fine but I have misplaced the "hatch" that covers the liquid you use to floss and want a replacement hatch. They claim they cannot send that, don't sell it and only offered a 15% off coupon for a future purchase. Seriously, there are no "hatches" out there for purchase or to send to make a customer happy? My unit currently works fine as I had received for a gift about 2 years ago, but it took me awhile to start using it. I did like it when it was functional. Australia, can you mail me a hatch? USA customer service does not live up to this website. If the unit is so bad that they have made newer models, why is there no leftover hatch? And let's certainly hope they have made the Hatch as an attached unit on future models. The clear hatch blends in with any countertop!
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Hi Judy, good you've found us here and that you've already been in contact with the USA customer service team. We're sorry to hear that the hatch of your AirFloss is misplaced. As the Philips Australia Team, we're afraid we cannot do anything in this situation. As much as we'd like to help you, we're only able to help customers resided in Australia or New Zealand. We advise you to contact the USA customer service team again if you're not satisfied with the solution provided. We hope for your understanding. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Sonicare air floss er has stopped working not 1 but 2 units. Is there anyway of fixing? It just doesn't push air out after a couple of months. Very disappointed in the product.
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Hi Tracy, How unfortunate! Maybe there is something we can do to help though! We'd recommend to contact our call centre at 1300 363 391 for further assistance. If you still have warranty on the units, we feel confident that they will be able to help out. Kind regards, The Philips Australia team

I got this product as gift in early 2014, and then i used it for a while I got so depended to it and enjoyed it. I travelled to US from Europe, When I got to my Hotel I realised that the AirFloss does not work anymore. It sounded like it passed the airport security and something happened to it. I called Philips and I busy with life and never checked this with Philips, I just opened my bags to pack for another trip I found my forgotten HX8240. I tried to find out if I can repair and I landed on this website. It charges well but no action when I click to use :( I used it only couple months. So I am not sure whether it was the product of the airport security things. Any ideas?
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Hi there, Thank you for your review and sorry to hear that your Airfloss seems to be broken. Could you please check if this page is of any help? http://www.p4c.philips.com/cgi-bin/cpindex.pl?ctn=HX8341/01&dct=QAD&faqview=1&mid=Link_FAQs&refnr=0089032&scy=CZ&slg=ENG&view=aa12_view_partial.html If it's not, please contact us via Facebook or Twitter (@PhilipsCare) so we can see if we can assist you from here on out. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I purchased one of these appliances about 2 years ago ($180). My husband hardly ever used it. I have tried to charge it to use it myself, but have had no success in doing so, therefore the appliance is useless now. Please advise if my appliance is worth servicing so that I can at least gain use of it myself, or if I have to discard it without ever really ever using it.
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Hi Wen, Thank you for your query and sorry to hear about your malfunctioning Airfloss. If you're still covered under warranty, we can exchange the product for you. Please contact us at 1300 363 391 and we'll be happy to see what we can do. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThank you for your prompt reply. However, in view of the fact our Airfloss appliance is obviously no longer under any product guarantee, what next? Do I now just throw our rarely used appliance in the bin ? W.A.

I was recommended by my dental hygienist to use the Sonicare Ultra Air flosser. But reading through the reviews the product life seems to be ranging from only 2 days to 3 or 4 months. Though I would like to try it I am hesitant to invest in $179 (Shaver Shop on-line) for a product that I am not confident about. I was wondering if you carry out testing of the product for its lifespan prior to marketing it in large scale and fixing the price. I would like to test it prior to buying it. Could you also let me know what improvements have been made to the product since 16 January 2017? As I have not purchased the product yet, I'm not sure of the model!
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Hi Lily, thanks for asking and showing interest in our products. We advise you to call us on 1300 363 391 (if you are in Australia) for further assistance. Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamThat is a very disappointing response and what I consider poor customer service. Instead of asking me to contact Customer Service you should've taken responsibility of the query and forwarded it to the right team/person and notified me of this. I hate being transferred from one to another. I doubt if customer service can do any better, that is if you atern't a "Customer Service". Very disappointed. Not sure if I'll even bother buying your product, if this is the service you can provide!!!!!

Right about the time our 2-year warranty expired at the end of September 2016, this HX8240 started developing stress cracks around the seam on the body of the unit. Apparently, the impact of the internal pump is so jarring on the plastic body that the unit basically self-destructs. The hinge on the filler cap cracked and now the cap won't stay shut, and the water in reservoir leaks out, making this HX8240 useless. I'm no engineer, but my guess this is a well known design flaw in the HX8240. Can we get a newer model replacement?
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Hello Kevin, thank you for sharing your concern about this. It does sound like an unusual problem and it is unfortunate to hear that this started happening so shortly after your warranty expired. We would still recommend to get in touch with us on 1300 363 391 or through http://philips.com/support/ to discuss this further and we'll be happy to see what is in our power to help you out further from here on. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

I got an air floss and while using it I noticed a sporadic grinding sound. After 2 weeks, it stopped working. I called support and they replaced it. On the first use of the new unit, it started making that noise again. It sounds like it is coming from the bottom of the reservoir. I called support, and they want to replace it again. Is this a normal problem? Is it something I am doing wrong? It works great other than the noise. Susan Thomas digitsgirl@aol.com
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Hi Susan, thank you for your question here. We're not sure because we didn't hear the sound, but this might be a solution: http://philips.to/2bsZCbJ. On the other hand, if our team suggests to replace the unit we believe this is the best option. :) Kind regards, the Philips Australia team.Mine lasted 2 weeks. Replacing it with a Sonicare toothbrush was a great decision.

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