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we live in coffs harbour and my wife received 12 roses for her birthday ,a shocking combination of red orange and yellow and they just lasted 5 days after all the necessary care and attention ,can you please advise the colour co Ordinator and the quality control as to what you are supposed to deliver? I am sorry but I couldn't rate any part of your service .I await your reply
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Hi Peter, I'm really sorry to hear you weren't happy with the flowers that you received. I would like to follow this up for you, can I please have your order reference? Thank you.

Can you confirm if the order# 1653 has been delivered to the right person? Just put the 1st name on it and the address has a missing zip code since the address where the flower will be delivered is overseas in Philippines.
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Good morning Cindy, I'm not sure if you've got the right company. Our order references are five capital letters and we only deliver within Australia. Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Have a lovely day!

Are you people in business of defrauding your customers - for non-delivery of premium products? Ref JXYOS. My niece made an order with you yesterday for her auntie's 51st birthday which she hasn't seen for years, that was supposed to be delivered by 21/03 5pm guaranteed according to your business website. 1. No delivery were made to her nor to the receptionist. 2. The guaranteed delivery by 5pm was never honoured. 3. She called you several times after 5pm and was told she will get a call back but never did. 4. No refund has been process 5. Not even a single communication back from you in regards to what happen to the order or the funds spent. When do you think there's a possible chance that you might take action to correct the problem since the delivery date was yesterday?
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Hi Joe, Thank you for your question. On occasion, a delivery can go wrong when our courier has trouble locating a person at an address or details of the delivery are unclear. Although we try our best to reach our customer or the intended recipient at the time of delivery, understandably they may be busy and are not contactable at that moment. We do however continue to follow up deliveries like this until we can come to a result that our customer is happy with. We of course live by our guarantees and take action accordingly if for some reason a guarantee is not met. Please be assured that the particular delivery you refer to is being actioned. We deliver many of products on time every day but take it very seriously when even one delivery doesn't meet our promise to our customer. If you'd like to discuss this topic further with us, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1300 767 376 and ask for James in Customer Service.Hi James, Thank you for the message. Your office were contacted numerous times after 5pm and each time were promises to call back my wife. Yet nothing eventuated from it, besides that she missed her trains twice and waited at the door from 5 to 5:45pm and almost missed her birthday dinner reservation. A simple call back would have been thought of as a courtesy considering she's already called your customer services numerous times. I hope this get sorted quickly and thank you for looking into the matter. Regards, JoeThank you James for fixing the issues with a refund and gesture of resending the flowers on Friday. I wish you well. Thanks again.

Can you please let me know when someone will contact me regarding the Wilted flowers I was delivered yesterday. It's so disappointing to be sent half dead flowers and more disappointing for them to not be replaced asap
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Hi there, the question above does not provide enough information for us to be able track down your order. Could you please contact service@rosesonly.com.au with your order number and we can look into this right away for you. Thanks.

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