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Rebecca M.
Rebecca M. · ECF01

My machine stops after delivering one cup(if not less) whether I choose one or two cups, I have descaled it, reset to factory settingsand tried holding down the button to set the amount per cup, but it stops before I release the button. Help!

Linda D.
Linda D. · ECF01WHAU (White)

Hi, my husband bought me this coffee machine as a gift, which I have had for only 2 weeks. I have mastered the grind and fill for the filter, my problem is every time I make coffee the milk wand drips water both through the process and afterwards for a while. I have had to put a cup under the wand to stop water pooling on the bench. Is this normal?

Lucy C.
Lucy C. · ECF01

Hi my coffee shots are running two short, whether I press the double or single cup. This has been happening for a few days no matter what I try. We just went away for a week and turned the machine off and have come home to the same problem. How do we get it to pour longer shots again? They are short even with no coffee head in. Thanks

Nuno F.
Nuno F. · ECF01

From time to time, the arm with coffee filter comes off due to vibration, spilling coffee everywhere. It doesn’t appear to be related to the force I use to twist it into position as, being aware of this issue, I apply the same pressure every time. It doesn’t happen always and is difficult to see what causes it. And even I try to hold the arm in place, if it starts to vibrate and coming off, it will eventually do so no matter if I try to hold it. I have wasted too much good coffee because of this issue and also an expensive cup that was broken by the arm falling off. Any ideas or help what I should do?

Loe G.
Loe G. · ECF01

I cannot get a decent strength using the double shot filter. I use finely ground organic Aldi coffee tamped down which has previously produced a strong brew using a stove top. What can I do to incease coffee strength using the Smeg machine with the heat reset? Do I need a richer coffee brand?

Chris · ECF01

Refilled the water now no water will come through the machine

Smeg   DM   

Hi Chris, Please check that the water tank is engaged correctly. If it is, place a jug under the steam spout and bring the lever down. This will prime the unit. Once water starts flowing from the spout, bring the lever back up and you should be able to make coffee.

apengelly · ECF01RDAU (Red)

I have enjoyed my fire-engine red espresso machine for 3+ years, my only problem is a few times I let the water tank run out, and the machine stops working. I have found that after a week or so it somehow fixes itself. However this time round it has been over 2 weeks, and I fear that my machine is dead. Any suggestions?

Bronwyn M.
Bronwyn M. · ECF01

Our steamer doesn’t seem to have the same power and takes a long time to heat the milk

jan · ECF01

cannot get the filter coffee lever in

Smeg   DM   

Hi Jan, Thanks for your enquiry. If you can't get the lever in, there could be too much coffee in the filter holder.

Jazz · ECF01

I can’t turn the handle on ECF01 any ideas how to fix it?

Jessica L.
Jessica L. · ECF01BLAU (Black)

Hi! My coffee machine seems to have lost pressure, so that when the basket fills with water it doesn’t come through. Rather the water just sits in the basket and flows back into the machine. I have cleaned, descaled and scrubbed to ensure there isn’t a blockage. Any ideas?

Ian · ECF01

My machine has hot water flowing from steam wand instead of steam. Noise, makes a low tone isolating sound. Lights. Once steam leaver is pulled downwards only single cup stays on and flashers. Pleas Help me as I am missing my coffee.
Kind regards Ian (Australia)

Helen S.
Helen S.  

Having the same issue and the water isn’t flowing to make coffee like it used to, with only a dribble of water coming through @smeg can you help?

Smeg   DM   

Dear Helen S., Are you experiencing this when using the double filter cup or the single filter cup?


Experiencing the same thing. A week ago it dramatically changed overnight with no changes to coffee grind or the coffee making process.

I’m experiencing it with both baskets. It can’t make two coffees back to back. We’ve tried so many ways to make it work, I’ve deeply descaled the machine and baskets multiple times. Scrubbed the baskets, used a pin to clean the filter holes.

Called many coffee repair places and they won’t fix it. Your repair hub in Brisbane said they can look at it for $120 but parts and further repair will cost in the hundreds. Your machine just isn’t worth fixing

Smeg   DM   

Hi FJHursts, Does the water flow without the filter holder in place? If so, there is a problem with your filters. We can send replacement ones for you.

Wade · ECF01

Hi randy ,

My speg machine is leaking from the group head could it be the seal or descaling would help ?As soon as I am making cup of coffee it’s leaking from the side walls ?

Please help ?

Shelly P.
Shelly P.  

I am having the same issue. I have descaled with no improvement

D Sticks
D Sticks · ECF01BLAU (Black)

The orange light appeared on my espresso maker so I ran a descale cycle and rinse successfully. The orange light was still on so I tried to run one more descale, but now when I do the final sequence in starting the descale nothing happens. Not sure what to do. Seems like it can still make a drink fine but I’m worried I won’t be able to get rid of the orange light or descale in the future :/

Ringo · ECF01BLAU (Black)

The descaler light keeps flashing despite running through the descaler program several times. Why is this happening? Thanks, Ringo

Smeg   DM   

Hi Ringo, At the end of the rinse cycle, press and hold the steam button to purge any remaining water in the system. The light will then switch off.

Astrid H.
Astrid H. · ECF01

I just decscaled and now the cup lights both flash three times, forever, won't let me make coffee.

I tried holding the steam button for ten seconds & it doesn't seem to do anything. Steam works though, isn't flashing orange anymore either.

Lisa B.
Lisa B. · ECF01

When I was cleaning the tank the plastic plug on the spring came out and I can’t get it back in. Is it broken?

Graham R
Graham R · ECF01

Once turned on the initial rinse cycle occurs, and then all lights go out other than the indicator light regarding descaling.! Pressing the button to convert from white to orange does not do anything.

Smeg   DM   

Dear Graham R, You will need to carry out a descaling program.

Graham R
Graham R  

But nothing works to allow me to run descaling programme!,

Richard B.
Richard B. · ECF01

My smeg coffee machine is only making a small cup whatever button you press? The long coffee button stops at same as small cup. The button bleeds have also stopped working so now silent?

Smeg   DM   

Dear Richard, Please find the instructions to set the water quantity for the respective buttons:
Setting the quantity of coffee
To modify the quantity of coffee dispensed
by the machine:
1. Position one or two cups under the filter
holder spouts.
2. Press the button for one cup or two
cups and hold it down.
3. The machine will start dispensing coffee.
4. Release the button as soon as the
required quantity of coffee is reached.
5. The light flashes to indicate that the
selected quantity has been stored.

Laura S.
Laura S. · ECF01

Hi I can’t get the orange light to stop flashing in order to start the descaling. Can you help? I’ve followed all the usual instructions.

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