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How much the MS-381 cost? How can I get a chain(blade) for this saw? Pliz help me
1 answer
Around $1895 nz dollars will get you a new one however you can pick up 381 second hand for $1200 and under. They come with chain and bar generally unless you only buy the powerhead. Chains can be picked up from your stihl dealer $64 nz dollars to fit a 20inch bar. Oregon make a good cheaper option in bars and chains and are just as good, hope this helps ☺

What size file would I use to sharpen the chain of a stihl 381?
1 answer
Mine has a 063 gauge 3/8 pitch chain so takes a 5.5 mm file

Is this run in petrol?
2 answers
i dont know. i run mine on used chip oilWarning to others who trust productreview.com.au - disregard this comment from Callum P. Use only what's recommended by the manufacturer in your Stihl chain saw.

On MS381 what are the sizes for a guidebar and chain length?
1 answer
The guide bar is a 20 inch bar on mine. I think you can get 18' and 25' as well. Chain length is ??? but it has 72 links and is 33RS72 according to the "Stihl chain selection and identification" pdf.

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