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White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Questions & Answers

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Can you use this product after I have spent thousands on replacing my top teeth?
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Is White Glo charcoal toothpast gluten free and Celiac disease friendly? Carina Rudman
1 answer
Sorry don't know. I had one bad experience with the brand, wasn't going to try anything else in the range.

Is white glo toothpaste suitable for 12 year old children?
4 answers
I wouldn't recommend the toothpaste for any one, it ruins your teeth, it's an inferior product. I don't think a 12 year old need whitening anyway, I'd check with your dentist.Definitely not ! Under no circumstances let a 12yr old use whiting toothpaste . Why would they need it in the first place ? IT RUINS TEETH ENAMEL!!!Not suitable for any age as it wrecks your teeth!!!!! Steer well clear of this stuff

Does the white glo anti stain toothbrush have end-rounded bristles?
3 answers
used ordinary brush ,You did not tell me if it had end rounded bristles even on Aldi brushes this is stated on back of packagingIs it only the models or professionals choice that has harsh abrasives what about coffee,tea drinkers Formula does brush have end rounded bristles

Is it ok for brushing the gums? Does it numb the tongue?
1 answer
You should brush your gums too, use a soft brush, Does it numb tongue - not at all

What is the content of white glo product that whitens teeth?
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Best reading the website: http://www.whiteglo.com/ I use it after drinking coffee and red wine or twice a day and it cleaned my teeth to a "dentist" white in 2 weeks and maintains it with 2 cleans per day. Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the active ingredients which if used sparingly will not affect the enamel.

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