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Arlec CSF120AO
2.3 from 36 reviews

Although Arlec advertises its CSF120AO as a heavy duty ‘quality bladed fan,’ the 2.4-star rating afforded to it by reviewers may imply otherwise.

Arlec Boston DCF5240 Ceiling Fan

Latest review: Bought a Arlec Smart Boston DCF5242HA fan/light from Bunnings. From bed we can now control how bright the light is, and in summer, having a very quiet fan is a godsend. Definitely one of the best

Arlec Black Smart Reverse Cycle With Grid Connect

Latest review: Early days but the device does cool a small room that I needed it for 25sqm. It is labelled 65 decibels, so I was expecting the noise. For a home office, I prefer comfort from the heat over humming

Arlec APDC7HA 40cm Smart Pedestal Fan

Latest review: As SteveC says below you can get rid of the blue wifi light.... which has been driving me nuts for months. Connect it to the wifi using the App, then "remove device" in the App, then unplug it and

Arlec Remote Control Power Outlet

Latest review: I have used mine for three years now, and they still work perfectly. I use them for all our Christmas lights around the house. They are so easy to use, and such a time saver - a couple of clicks,

Arlec Grid Connect Smart Plug In Socket

Latest review: I bought one to test and it worked well so I've bought 5 more. ok setup after a reset can be tricky, but straight out of the box is quite simple. You do need a wifi network and you do need a 2.4 Ghz

Arlec Grid Connect Smart Home Hub

Latest review: Had no problems except used AutoScan instead of add manually, funny how complainants also indulge in assumptions. These products are considered some of the best in the smart home market. Considered

Arlec Digital Timer PC800
1.9 from 10 reviews

Latest review: Purchased prior to Christmas 2020. Worked perfectly for controlling outside Xmas lights. Went to use it this Christmas and timer function no longer works even though it had been continuously plugged

Arlec 45cm White Pedestal Fan

Latest review: I bought my first Arlec 45cm, 5 blader fan from Bunnings at end of 2018, and on first switch on, was amazed at its airflow capacity even on low speed. The only downside if one can call it that is

Arlec PA1502 15000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Latest review: I bought this machine last spring and I have regretted it every day since. I couldnt connect it. I had to pay someone to do it. The white panel was too short for my window, we had to use masking tape

Arlec Movement Activated Sensor Security Light

Latest review: These are rubbish that Bunnings still sell- dont they read the reviews and figure out all the refunds-ACCC need to step in and tell them fix these faults or cease manufacturing them-always thought it

Arlec 50cm High Velocity Box Fan

Latest review: Bought this a Bunnings for $45 a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of blowing the air conditioned air from one end of our flat to the other......and does the job admirabley. The only down side is,

Arlec DCF2027
3.3 from 3 reviews

Latest review: These ceiling fans have a design flaw. I have read other people encountering this issue where a power outage results in the fan being damaged. We had an electrician turn our power off to upgrade our

Arlec PB89HA Grid Connect Smart 5 Outlet Powerboard

Latest review: After been used for few months all the outlets except the always on stopped working. Wifi power on switch is blinking like there is an internal short circuit. Such a waste of money. Not recommended

Arlec Solar LED Fence Light
2.6 from 16 reviews

Latest review: Purchased 2 boxes from Bunnings and not one worked. Unfortunately I tossed the boxes so couldn’t get my money back. According to the instructions you just make sure they get plenty of light which m

Arlec Rechargeable Torch and Spotlight

Latest review: Great torch with bright, wide beam. However, after fewer than 10 charging cycles, it no longer accepts charge. In fact, when plugged into a 4 USB outlet charger, it stops the charger from working

Arlec Wireless Door Chime DC163

Latest review: The door bell doesn't get a lot of use, but after a few months a visitor alerted us to the fact they got no response when they pushed it. Checked the battery and that was fully charged. LED lit up

Arlec Smart Home Wi-Fi Power Point Controller

Latest review: Purchased 4 of these products from Bunnings. They were OK to setup and the Grid Connect App was easy to use. After about 7 months, 3 of them the power light had failed, but they still worked After 9

Arlec Smart RGB+CCT Globe With Grid Connect

Latest review: Whilst these light bulbs aren't as good as the Phillips Hue versions, nor are they $100 each. These bulbs will produce 1050 lumens, so similar to the old school 100 Watt incandescent bulbs, but if

Arlec Grid Connect Smart Motion Sensor

Latest review: If this review is focused only on how this motion sensor works, then it would have a 5 Star rating. The detection range is about the same as everything else, the detection angle is about the same as

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